Calcul automatique du rendement brut sur les annonces des grand sites immobiliers. Affichez directem
Save images and videos from Instagram. Right click on images to save. To save videos, first play it
April 2020 Update: Theme has been updated to force the omnibox color to be dark grey. (A recent Chro
Easily share any link to Facebook, Groups, and MessengerClick on the Facebook button at any time whe
The Hacker's Browser. Vimium provides keyboard shortcuts for navigation and control in the spirit of
主题:“白砖” 让所有的坏的东西从你的生活去与白色主题为浏览器中Atavi.com 简约的背景,白色砖壁将帮助你开始用干净的石板
Tab Auto Refresh是一个浏览器加载项,可帮助您自动重新加载(刷新)所选的选项卡
Zoho Calendar 是一个基于 Web 的在线日历应用程序,可让您安排、管理和跟踪您的约会、会议、生日及其他重要日期
Easily download and save desired images for instagram web with just one click. Image Downloader for
Synology Note Station 可通过 Synology NAS 上的 Note Station 与您联系
这个官方的Unsplash for Chrome扩展使您能够从任何网页快速搜索和插入漂亮的照片
Python shell for your browser. A Python shell for Chrome. You can use Python Shell to test Python co
One tool to research accounts, build prospect lists and find email addresses. Integrates with CRM an
Compress PDF Files Online in Seconds! Compress PDF Files Easy and secure way to Compress PDF Files O
A WebGL digital sculpting app. SculptGL is a web sculpting application, powered by WebGL and JavaScr
Convert any webpage into an e-book dotEPUB allows you to convert any webpage into an EPUB or Kindle
ReadCube Papers & Anywhere Access Extension Designed for ReadCube Papers, Enterprise and Anywher
Access Secret Server managed credentials directly from your browser. The Thycotic Web Password Fille
Extension for Google Drive which creates PDF and converts PDF to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Images and
什么是Word Replacer
Secure vault for storing and managing shared sensitive information such as passwords, documents &
Play web videos directly in VLC automatically and maintains a playlist Other extension for Chromecas
UK Radio in one place. Live, catch-up and podcasts from 500 stations: news, sport, and music from po
MakeMyTrip's Official browser extension. Get the best deals on Flights, Hotels and Holidays! Our ext
Extension that converts Web Novels (and other web pages) into an EPUB for offline reading. Works with many sites, including: 1.…
Open the current tab as a popup window. Visit https://ht0.de/open-as-popup.html for more details abo
Know when your emails are opened in real-time Now you can find out when your emails are read! With t
Use this app to transfer your Google Drive files / documents from one account to another or to make
Adds context menu items to open a frame (or iframe) in the current tab, a new tab, new window, or in
管理浏览器请求,包括修改请求头和响应头、重定向请求、取消请求 修改请求头、响应头、重定向请求、取消请求 如果此扩展名没有包含您想要的语言,您可以在Transifex上帮助我们将其翻译成其他语言: ht
Real fast and simple one-click full-page screenshots with drag and drop. Blipshot allows you to take
A theme designed to seamlessly blend into macOS Mojave's Dark Mode. Drawing from the design of the b
Open videos and audios in IINA. This add-on only supports IINA 1.0.0 beta 4 or later versions. In 2.
From the same developer of “bookmark favicon changer” for Firefox and Seamonkey. Important!You can c
CyberGhost Cookie Cleaner is a plugin designed to give you control of your online preferences, perso
This application provides you 'MySQL GUI Admin console' windows. Chrome MySQL Admin provides you the
Mandarin Chinese flashcards that adapt to your learning speed. Chinese Tutor Flashcards helps you re
Play tic tac toe in two modes, either against a tough artificial intelligence or against a friend wh
Protect your digital privacy and enjoy safe browsing experience WebSecurerr protects you from visiti
主题:“气球” 爬上以上的浏览器天体主题山由Atavi.com 两个气球在空中飞舞没有什么好说的屏幕更好
This extension is open-source! Contribute on https://github.com/sylouuu/chrome-tab-modifier Take con
主题:“狮子的解释” 沉浸在神秘与Atavi.com黑暗主题为浏览器 你看到了什么:灰色的图案在黑色背景上,或者更多的东西
Solflare is a full-featured crypto wallet, available both on web and as an extension, for Solana and
Stylus 是一个调整网页外观的用户样式管理器
Bubbly: By Olivia Fields