What it does: ClearPlay enables families to skip and mute content in streaming movies so you can enjoy the show with your family…
Moosti is a simple time tracker to use withThe Pomodoro Technique®This is the old pomodoro.me Moosti
Personal finance service that keeps track of your spendings, incomes and savings. Easier to use then
Расширение позволяет просмотр видео в разрешении 1080p без каких-либо ограничений. Расширение позвол
Scraper extracts data out of web pages and into Microsoft Excel spreadsheets Scraper by Data-Miner.i
This extension allow to download free files from z3x-team.com support This extension allow you downl
The Millennium Falcon at sunset The iconic ship from Star Wars used by smugglers Han Solo and Chewba
Get to your favorite Papa Louie games at the click of a button! Launch any Papa Louie game! Simply c
The objective is easy: Score as many baskets as you can in the 90 seconds the game lasts. More than 15,000,000 downloads worldwide.
Want to view cached pages and cached websites? Right-click on any link or page to view the Wayback M
FastAccess SSO manages all your website logins. FastAccess Face Recognition Web Login for Chrome Thi
A Gmail Plug-in that warns you when you write emails using words which undermine your message We're
Prints to JavaScript console what data is sent to Adobe Analytics. To see what data is being sent in
O Coupert te avisa sempre que existir Cupons ou Cashback para a loja que estiver comprando. Com a ex
Free Amazon keyword ranking & indexation check tool by AMZDataStudioThe most accurate Amazon sel
A simple proxy management tool Simply manage Chrome's proxy settings and support http, https, socks4
We're the stress-free conference call. Never need a PIN. Never ask "who joined" or "who said that?"
广告拦截在右边的屏幕在使用雅虎邮件, Hotmail和Gmail的从而扩大您的邮件空间
Show Twitch Streamming Server Location 트위치 스트리밍 서버의 정보를 보여줍니다.
Simple and free JavaScript Editor for Google Drive. Create new JavaScript files right from the Googl
Wirelessly Send & Receive Photos & Videos between iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Android & Co
Supply Chain Controlling, Design & Optimization, all aspects of logistics 3D-Simulation and Opti
Play music directly from Google Drive. To use the player, just log in from your Google account witho
每小时更新汇率的基础上用一个简单的方法换算您的货币 Convert My Money是一款可以免费帮您换算161种外国货币的货币换算器
A forest waterfall theme by Ruben Holthuijsen A theme of a forest waterfall. Photo by Ruben Holthuij
Displays your IP. You can also view physical map of IP. This apps shows your current IP address. It
毫不费力的画图板与实时同步合作共享UML,随意画,小备注和思维导图 创建软件设计图应当简单地,毫不费力地实现其目标,解决抽象问题,并进行团队内的互相沟通
Tool for formatting json data, into a pretty human readable format. The JSON Formatter & Validat
Useful tools for Showroom viewers. Main Features: Hide Avatar Enable Fullscreen Function Throw 10 St
A full-window version of the game of Snake, written for the browser. A version of the classic Snake
Watch UK, United Kingdom TV Live. Enjoy a variety of channels!! Watch the best TV show for United Ki
Launch Salesforce1 in a mobile simulator. << NOT BEING ACTIVELY DEVELOPED >> Click on th
Advanced Admin for G Suite by CLOUDPILOTS Advanced Admin for G Suite An application by CLOUDPILOTS T
The most advanced processor for your Drive documents ONLYOFFICE allows you for editing Office docume
RSSHub Radar 是 RSSHub 的衍生项目,她可以帮助你快速发现和订阅当前网站的 RSS 和 RSSHub - 快速发现和订阅当前页面自带的 RSS - 快速发现和订阅当前页面支持的 RS
DollarEighty is the Instagram growth strategy famously invented by world-renowned social media marke
ChongLuaDao là một dự án phi lợi nhuận. Bắt nguồn từ một buổi cafe trò chuyện giữa những người yêu c
Curated images from Artstation in your new tabs. ArtStation Discover enables art lovers to discover
Join over 15m members worldwide and earn money back when you shop online with the TopCashback browse
Easily create your own FREE business cards in seconds, using high quality professional designs. Busi
Encontre as melhores ofertas e cupons de descontos. Com esta extensão você sempre vai ter acesso aos
A handy and neat notebook for you to take notes, memo, blogs or diaries, with label support and much
Cloud Scanner!! Convert image to text, and Translate it. It also allows you to convert PDF, Image, D
Learn to read sheet music by using this application. Treble and bass clef are supported. Notation Tr
Speak It app converts text into speech. Select text > Speak it Speak It app converts text into sp
Download the your current tab's files as possible with one click.