Notifier for Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL and so on X-notifier checks your webmail accounts and notifi
Dead simple note taking. With offline access and notifications. If you have a habit of saving .txt f
Pricy is your best friend when buying online. It tracks over 1.5 million products and gets you the b
Nectar Notifier provides reminders to collect Nectar points when you are shopping online A helpful e
Browser Based Internet TV. Clickplayer is a Easy to Use App That Links You to Loads of UK on Demand
BeeLine的简单阅读技术最近获得了联合国的荣誉,我们的应用程序已在NPR (http://bit.ly/1Tl3tpp) 和大西洋 (http://theatln.tc/24LsoX8) 上亮相
Zapier是一个自动化平台,支持数千种最受欢迎的应用程序,如Google Sheet、Slack、Shopify、Trello和Airtable
Access to WhatsApp official Web messenger in a standalone sandboxed window Web Messenger extension a
Extension for display the current time, date and day of the week like seven-segment clock faces. You
"Legends speak of a Colossal Cave that extends deep underground, so twisted by time that its passage
Sales CRM for small teams with big ambitions Pipedrive Sales CRM is designed to help you see the big
Too many tabs? Do you have a tab addiction? Tab Wrangler closes tabs that haven't been used recently
Chrome web Store中有许多 “Web拦截器”,但WasteNoTime是唯一需要最小权限 (仅访问浏览器导航历史记录) 才能完成其工作的唯一扩展
Map a run, walk, or ride and save in Google DriveView elevation profiles, share with friends, embed
Тема оформления: "Поле"
Global hotkeys for online music players including support for media keys. If the hotkeys are not wor
Become a basketball manager and challenge your friends online. Basketball Manager is a multi-player
Get free text of research papers as you browse, using Unpaywall's index of ten million legal, open-a
The draw and guessing game more popular at the time with more than 2 million players per month. More
Simple watercolour theme using greens, blues, greys, and white.
Flappy Bird Multiplayer is a free to play game where you can compete with your friends to get as far
Just a simple Material theme for google chrome! If you liked it, feel free to buy me a coffee! https
Run Pixie, RUN! Speed through the lush jungle snagging as many pickups as you can along the way. Run
Unofficial Discord App for Chrome
Make your web pages load faster! Boost browser speed! This extension applies clever caching techniqu
iTab 组件式图标自定义您的浏览器的标签页,精美日历、炫酷天气、每日头条、海量壁纸、常用网址随心订制 iTab是一个好看好用的自定义卡片式浏览器新标签页扩展
有关教程,说明如何使用 WhatsApp Web 应用程序
Online password manager for teams to securely store, share and manage passwords and other sensitive
Manage your finances online and offline with your family or co-workers: home, at work and on the go.
大概是最优雅好用的网盘助手了;插件主要功能有:[1]百度网盘、腾讯微云、蓝奏云、天翼云盘万能钥匙 [2]百度网盘、腾讯微云、天翼网盘生成并展示下载链接 [3]百度网盘分享时自定义提取码
Open online resources with Google Drive Viewer. Supports various formats including DOC, XLS, PDF, PP
You can generate an image of a mathematical formula using the TeX. Paste the TeX equation, QR Code,
Online, free, graphing and spreadsheet tool You can use Plotly for scientific-quality graphing - Lin
A flat blue/green theme with a nebula as a background, engulfing the icons and search fieldV2:higher
shortfuts augments the FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) web app, primarily using keybinds to make common tasks easier to accomplish.
Accurate employee time tracking software for reporting, invoicing and payroll. Everhour integrates w
● Save and restore windows and tabs ● Manage sessions with name and tags ● Auto save when window is
SEO-плагин, значительно ускоряющий сбор слов с помощью сервиса wordstat.yandex.ru Расширение предста
I'm not robot captcha clicker This extension will simply click on the "I'm not robot" checkbox as so
Transform any TV into a Picture Frame Slideshow with Music (MP3) by Streaming Local Photo Albums fro
Removes all cookies for current site. Click the broken cookie and all cookies for the current site w
By using the advanced quick find you can get your code few clicks shorter. Also, you can search any
Bulk URL Opener Extension just lets you open multiple URLs at once (in new tabs or windows). Usage:
iCloud launchpad can help you easily access to iCloud Web Apps, and it's very simple to use!
Save, organize and share content from across the web! Bookmark anything! Save your favorite content
开发助手,http接口调试,post调试,post模拟. PostWoman是一个完全开源免费的接口调试插件,该插件可独立使用,数据支持本地存储也可同步至云端