FreshBooks is the fastest way to invoice your clients, organize expenses and track time on the go. J
Mail2Cloud by mxHero | A Revolutionary Email Productivity Solution. Mail2Cloud seems to be an upgrad
This extension provides integration with GNOME Shell and the corresponding extensions repository htt
Extension Interact For Microsoft Edge Browser Interact 4 Edge is an “APP” dedicate to the measuremen
Electronic circuit simulator that runs in the browser. This app lets you simulate the behavior of ar
使Chrome用户对HTML5页面播放H.264编码的视频(又名MP4)需win7环境&小于Chrome69核才能运行许可协议    许可协议副本面向开发人员的发
AutoProctor adds a Timer to a Google Forms Quiz. In addition, you can enable Automated Proctoring (I
FireShot 创建完整的网页截图
““匹兹堡钢人壁纸定制新标签”扩展功能: ✔定制新标签页,采用高清质量匹兹堡钢人壁纸
Use this add-on to make copies of Google Drive files. Works from within Forms but can be used to mak
Open-source Drive add-on that converts a Google Doc to simple, readable Markdown or HTML. Docs to Ma
This app allows you to upload Dropbox, MS OneDrive, Google Drive video files to YouTube directly. Yo
GIFT Quiz Editor helps instructors create quizzes with the GIFT language (started in Moodle). GIFT Q
在几秒钟内在Google日历中添加活动 Fast123.ca 大卫·波切斯内(David Beauchesne) Add events in Google Calendar in few second
List all your Google Sites in a spreadsheet The add-on Sites Catalog will list all the Google Sites
Conduct online Assessments, Quiz & Exams with Time, Audience, Action and Presentation Controls o
Use Drive Mechanic to create order among permissions, folders and files in your Google Drive. One of
Create Forms and quizzes in seconds: Import questions from a Google Sheet question bank FormMaker Qu
Zoho Vault is an online password manager that helps businesses securely store, share and manage pass
Browse 1800+ icons from Font Awesome and Google Material Design, available in every colors and inser
Use this add-on to make copies of Google Drive files. Works from within Slides but can be used to ma
Search-B extension allows you to fast find and view search queries direct from your new tab. Enjoy a
Online scheduling for small businesses: Offer clients to instantly schedule appointments, always in
Svenska (SE) Language Pack..
Manage email signatures, analytics and user synchronization for Google Apps. Manage all your users e
→ Price History charts → Price Drop & Availability Alerts → Over 1 billion tracked products → Su
享受 -250家以上顶级餐厅的餐厅优惠券 -5000家以上门店的每周广告通知 -50000家以上门店的优惠券和交易提醒 -5000家以上门店的最高40%现金返还 beforgal.com附加组件是一个
Start shopping smarter with Cash Back and coupons. By clicking Add to Firefox you agree to the Rakut
Magyar nyelvi csomag..
Cisco WebEx 扩展程序的替代方案让您直接从 Chrome 浏览器快速加入具备基本功能的 WebEx 会议
Display camera and snapshot to insert images. List image files in Google Drive folders. Use OKIOCAM
Colour your slides at the click of a button! Inspiring colour palettes to save and edit or create yo
### New features ### - Synchronize with Google Drive or Dropbox - Publish directly on GitHub, Gist,
Play Flash anytime, even in 2022 and beyond, using an emulator. Want to fix "This plug-in isn't supp
A global dark theme for the web. Dark Mode is an add-on that helps you quickly turn the screen (brow