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Find Personal Contact Info For Social Profiles! Swordfish finds contact information for the social p
FlashTabs is a digital flashcard app in your new tab screen. Create decks, add some cards, then lear
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Mercury ReaderClear away the clutter from all of your articles. Instantly. The Mercury Reader extens
Team Liquid Stream Viewer (Fork) This is a fork of the original Team Liquid Streams extension as the
Neutron Drive允许您在本地计算机、Google Drive和远程计算机上编辑代码
Keep your system or display from going to sleep with just one click! Keep Awake (Display | System) i
Splash KID ZOMBIE : This theme was developed created by iThinkp.! Ⓒ Graphic Designer
Ensures that only one tab plays audio at the same time Smart Tab Mute ensures that only one tab is p
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快速切换同一网站的多个已登录账号,支持豆瓣、知乎、微博、Twitter、Facebook 等等 多个社交账号很难管理
(UPDATED) Totoro and Aurora Borealis (UPDATED) Totoro and Aurora Borealis
Download sheet/midi/mp3 from musescore.com for free Usage: - Visit a MuseScore webpage - Click the e
随时随地获取更多:浏览网页时轻松访问相关、及时的 Eikon 内容和功能
YouTube's Go To Channel alternative. A quick way to search for a Youtube Channel from a Live Stream.
Manage video and web conferencing for Zoom. Webinars, meetings and calls in this compact and mobile
View centralized contact data and all related records. Add contacts from Gmail messages. Solve works
Content Cop Idubbbztv Theme. Click the icon on the top and enjoy the intro Content theme. Have fun w
Free Translator helps you interpret or convert a text to a language of your choice.
Free online video chat Vanilla Show — group video chat and live broadcasting. Live webcams with stra
Smart. Simple. Beautiful Theme. The main concept of this theme is the Simplicity and Convenience. Th
Toolbar Button for Facebook™ lets you visit your favorite Facebook™ quickly and easily by adding a s
Watch YouTube and Vimeo videos with your friends, at the same time! This extension let you watch vid
NewsGuard's red/green ratings and labels help users know which news and information websites to trus
A theme for Chrome, inspired by Android™ 3.0 (a.k.a. Honeycomb). The original Android™-inspired Robo
A simple game featuring fish, where you must eat the smaller fish to become big and rule the pond. T
Block your Google Analytics™ activity for the websites you own, no more false stats. Block your Goog
设计https://qiandao.today/ 开源: https://github.com/acgotaku/GetCookies
Destroy all ennemies in your path ! Tank War is an arcade war game where you have to survive waves o
Google Data Centers Chrome Themes. Inspired by where the Internet lives detailing a look inside Goog
This extension keeps the YouTube video playing in the corner of the screen when scrolling down the p
Go full screen with one click on the full screen button. That includes also the full screen movies s
Send notifications about new responses via your own Telegram bot.
Burraco, il più famoso gioco di carte è ora disponibile on-line. Il gioco più tradizionale e amato d
➤字幕显示为可选择的文本,因此您可以复制+粘贴它们以制作闪存卡并在字典中查找单词(例如,使用Yomichan或Rikaikun扩展用于日语) ➤视频的完整字幕可以下载为SRT格式以供个人学习/查看 ➤
穿山甲插件使用功能说明扩展名称:穿山甲扩展作者:弄潮儿科技作者邮箱:[email protected]作者电话:18854455911扩展版本:v_1.2.7扩展介绍:穿山甲是面向淘宝网商品
Search N Safe Search N Safe扩展允许您选择搜索引擎并具有替换默认搜索的权限
Garena Free Fire: Kalahari is battle royale game, now available on chrome Play with the most famous
Sunset Lake Theme For ChromeThis Theme Is Free To Download & Comes With Free Lifetime Updates•CH