A tool that will enhance your experience in the Course Offering page. Plan your schedules with this
One-click SEO extension. Quick access to SEO analysis. Features: website indexed pages, backlinks, A
,货币转换器 轻松转换外币(美元、欧元、英镑、日元等)
Simple Notepad with Auto-Save feature for storing general information A simple light weight notepad
The best dictionary available for English language learners! A free site designed especially for stu
Application for connect and configure Ritm devices Программа для подключения и настройки приборов фи
Extension making 'The Settlers Online' collectibles easy to find! Pinky gently replaces 'The Settler
This extension reminds you to take a break from work. Scientists have found that sitting for long ho
Photo Filters是一款免费的在线应用程序,您可以在其中为照片添加不同的效果
A minimal light theme with White and black colors. #Modern #Material #Clean Color codes #e0e0e0 , #3
A mod of Google Tasks Panel extension that displays all lists with a larger default sized panel. Upd
A front-end performance heatmap of resources loaded in the browser using the Resource Timing API. Th
解码 QRCode(二维码),无需网络连接 无需网络连接即可扫描QR码
Provides file access for untamed now playing
A browser theme that blends in with Win10's dark theme. Incognito mode uses a blue title bar to dist
以新的方式呈现书签 卡片书签是为 PC 浏览器开发的书签工具,原生的书签栏会占用网页空间,而卡片书签则是以弹出的方式来显示,用完即消失,同时提供更大的空间来显示经常用到的书签,为了能更加易用,后面又陆
Limits the number of items the browser will keep in history by days. A personal edit of nschneirov's
Free online YouTube video downloader, download online video from YouTube for free just with one clic
A simple extension that allows you to stream your desktop into meetings with Jitsi Meet and Jitsi Vi
更新新的标签页,快速访问您的web office库存和天气预报
Add your bookmarks in your contextual menu. Add an entry in your contextual menu, allowing you to ac
ポイントサイトでお小遣い稼ぎならげん玉 簡単にポイントが貯められるげん玉ツールバー登場
Track days until or since life events like Birthdays easily. Day Counter allows you to easily create
Agorapulse lets you schedule and publish content to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram from a
NO ADS Plus adblocker刪除所有網站的所有廣告和彈出窗口
Quick access to create documents and save in Drive.
IRIS Invigilation (IRIS) helps provide educators assurance of assessment integrity during online and
轻松地从Chrome保存国内外文献到CNKI E-Study
An awesome physics-based puzzle game. Now, Let's go into the magical mystery tour. The story was beg
Adds two functions that both output a 2D array of data from JotForm. Return user, form, submission,
Search and filter images in the public domain and under Creative Commons licenses. Unlock the full p
Doplněk Vás včas automaticky upozorní na cashback neboli vrácení peněz a slevové kupony ve vybraných
A theme that adds the dark night theme to the normal mode of Chrome. A theme that adds the night mod
NetsaleGiải pháp dropshipping toàn diện Netsale is a completely FREE platform that lets you find pro
A helpful tool to solve that tricky wordle!
Reset the browser to a single tab pointing at the home page when idle. Designed for use withkiosk mo
Simply the best proxy interface for chrome. Toggle your proxy settingsEasy to use, simple interfaceS
轻松地使所有人参加Google Meet,并将他们与列表进行比较,创建群组等 Google Meet的分组讨论室 是否想在参加Google Meet会议时创建小组
云收藏是一款高速下载神器,无需安装迅雷和百度网盘客户端就可以下载迅雷和百度网盘资源 《云收藏》是一款高速下载神器,它不但可以在线检测网页的迅雷和百度云盘地址,还能将迅雷资源直接保存到百度云盘内直接在浏
Sorftime Save 辅助亚马逊卖家产品调研及运营
Airo Web Security protects you from malicious websites and scripts. Airo keeps your browsing safe, a
Product design.tips是来自用户体验和产品设计领域的新鲜文章的集合,完美地混合了来自dribble和Behance的镜头