The RingCentral G Suite Add-on makes communicating with email and calendar easier. Quickly access Ri
Make the web faster, more private, and more secure. Visualize and block the otherwise invisible webs
Менеджер пользовательских скриптов для OK.ru (однокласссники) OkToolsМенеджер пользовательских скрип
Save and restore the state of windows and tabs. It also supports automatic saving and cloud sync. Sa
Speakd, save time reading on google docs, we have done the hard work for you. - Listen to your Googl
Convert Google Forms into a chatbot in one click Chat Forms Generate conversational chatbots for you
Schedule emails in Gmail and sent them later on a specific date and time. Send repetitive, recurring
Adventure unleashed! Explore the magical world of Arcane Legends with companions on desktop and mobile for FREE!
Play all day long, with 247 Mahjong!
Quickly create quizzes as slide decks Quickly create quizzes as Google Slides presentations. A quiz
To expand and manage Google Apps Service Complement the management feature for G Suite administrator
Project ManagerProjectManager.com ProjectManager.com is a simple yet powerful online project managem
Circuit for Calendar allows you to schedule Circuit meetings directly from your Google Calendar. The
Scrum for Trello为awesome Trello.com添加了用于Scrum项目的功能,2016年** -与最新Trello版本的固定兼容性 **更新2015年9月4日** -与最新Tr
The todo App for procrastinators ;) Why do today what you can put off till tomorrow? Do you love pro
Enhance your New Tab Page with ultimate customizability and power. Awesome, like you. [ANTP] Awesome
交互式模拟和数字时钟,可从全球400多个城市获取时间 *这是一个可脱机工作的打包应用程序,而不仅仅是指向网站的链接
Türkçe (TR) Language Pack..
This utility parses and displays EML(mail message), MHT files. Inline images are displayed both as a
Distribute, monitor and assess Collabrify Lessons all in one place! Using Dashboard, teachers can di
Desktop your Google Drive. Visually organized desktops for the important stuff in google drive and a
Send emails later, recurring emails, notes, follow up emails, templates, signatures, CRM & more
Jostle makes work simple again. Our intranet syncs with everything G Suite. Since 2009, We’ve helped
Make interactive, talking stories without coding. Play your story instantly on Google Home. Story Sp
Khan Academy助手通过允许直接打开Amara页面,根据Khan Academy门户中当前打开的视频进行字幕翻译,改进了翻译过程
Rich TextLaTeX fusion, Cross Referencing, Auto LaTeX code generation,citations and real time LaTeX P
Stel op eenvoudige wijze digitale onderwijsprogramma’s beschikbaar in de klas en realiseer een koppe
Solve an infinite number of word search puzzlesAll words used are legal for play in both Scrabble an
Slovak (SK) Language Pack..
Use messengers like WhatsApp, Telegram, Messenger, Skype and many more in one app! ⚠️ This Version o
GeForce Experience GameStream插件允许您以来宾身份玩从朋友的GeForce GTX计算机流式播放的PC游戏
Quickly import your Google Ads data into Google Sheets The Google Ads spreadsheet add-on helps you c
帮助海外华人一键回国访问和加速中国网站 极致好用的回国加速代理插件,海外生活从Malus开始,Malus加速器在海外看回国看视频的利器,一键解锁和加速国内主流网站和应用,帮助海外华人和留学生连接中国生
[UPDATEDtiling fixed] Classic scene from Totoro. Suits all screen resolutionFind more themes at We A
Track time, absence, bills, costs / Gain reports, insights, history / Control budgets, KPI’s, your b
Translate my sheet is (as its name implies) an add-on created to translate your spreadsheet cell by
保时捷在自己 60 多年的发展历史中开发了众多技术,不断提高汽车的性能和安全性,带动汽车工业推出一个又一个环保创新
Mailmeteor Dashboard gives an overview of your latest mail merge, right from Gmail. Mailmeteor Dashb
This keyboard machine is quite simple and user-friendly. It gives you the possibility to play the pi
Note BoardSticky Notes App Write notes like sticky notes. Save pages with a screenshot to read later
CloudAlly provides a secure cloud backup for G Suite backs up Gmail, Drive, Team Drive, Classic Site
Visualping Chrome Extension Visualping is a simple service for monitoring websites for changes. You'
Freshdesk Gmail Gadget lets you quickly check into ticket and requestor information right from your