This app is a FREE text logo maker for web pages. and you can create images from text, email address
-使用此应用程序通过语音识别(语音对文本、语音对文本、语音对文本、语音对文本)进行语音听写,不用手指打字-通过在设置中使用高级单词替换技术节省时间… -使用此应用程序对网络讲话而不是键入 -语音听写比
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Shows a rock hand cursor instead of the normal hand cursor on links. PS: The rock hand cursor extens
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Effortless appointment scheduling for the health and beauty service industry. Timely is beautiful an
A form filler that fills all form inputs (textboxes, textareas, radio buttons, dropdowns, etc.) with
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Enables 'Guests can modify event' setting for google calendar by default, when creating a new event.
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Meteor DevTools是Chrome开发工具的扩展,它使开发Meteor应用程序的过程更加愉快
Download thumbnail images of youtube/vimeo Please note that this is not a youtube video downloader**
This extension sends a notification each time a friend deletes you from Facebook. When you install t
Brings back the old Twitter layout, that Twitter has slowly started phasing out. No more mobile-like
JobSeer is an AI-powered tool designed to help job seekers lessen the job search process time by det
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DESCRIPTION The Xerox Mobile Print Portal requires one of our Xerox Mobile Print Solutions currently
Reader is the ultimate Reader tool for Firefox. Reader is the ultimate Reader tool for your Firefox
Open current page, link, or all tabs in the Microsoft Edge™ browser This extension opens the current
Play the best version of Snake. In Snake you control a line (snake) that grows in length. The snake
View photo EXIF and GPS Data in ur Chrome. You may know about EXIF Reader, but now you can use it on
Turn your email conversations into online meetings with audio, video, screen sharing, and recording.
在分离的 Microsoft Edge 浏览窗口中查看不受信任的网站,以帮助保护你的设备免受高级威胁
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轻松实时管理您的Redbooth任务 Redbooth的Chrome扩展简化了整个团队的任务和项目管理
Chrome time tracker with screenshots, online timesheets, task management, url monitoring & emplo
Instantly listen to any web page in the web browser or using a podcast player. Send As Podcast turns
Press on the toolbar button to see the magnifying glass on the current page. Magnifying Glass (Hover
Blocks unwanted popups and ads on sites you visit. You will see a notification when any popup/ads is
Appalachian Mountains by sunset, taken in the mountains of North Carolina along the Tennessee border
全球特价机票和酒店搜索比价. 在全球数千家航空公司和在线预订网站的报价中找到最优惠的机票和航线组合. 航班搜索搜索在扩展全球旅行,这很容易让你的航班和旅行比较价格
A theme inspired by the Sesto Elemento, a supercar produced by Lamborghini A theme inspired by the S
Search, annotate and organize what you've read online. An open-source and privacy focused extension