Convert any website into a source citation, with virtually no effort. Record a website as a source,
extensão do sistema kzom para facilitar a obtenção de pontos da nossa comunidade .
Zoom web pages (either per-site or per-tab) using full-page zoom, text-only zoom, automatic fit-to-w
Text, PDF, DOC, ODT comparison, Compare strings using Diff tools. This tools was designed to help co
Get Accurate Weather, Daredevil FULL HD Wallpapers, Clock, Time, Date And More With Daredevil New Ta
This extension adds a button to download every Facebook Video. The easy way to download Facebook vid
Good old Pacman game online to eat away all the ghost-monsters and never be caught. The game is supe
The fastest and easiest YouTube Downloader on the Internet! All major formats supported! Completely
Shows available seats, professor ratings, and gives you the ability to export your calendar! This ex
YouTube的Magic Actions™是一款轻便且有用的附加组件,旨在提供更舒适的观看体验
MaverickLogan Paul Wallpapers The Truly Stunning Gallery!! Mavericklogan paul tab with cool new tabs
Can you feel the sweet smell of flowers? Try to get inside Spring's spirit with this colorful wallpa
Republic of Gamers Theme for Google Chrome. Designed by TribalPlague. I had been looking for a theme
This addon helps you set your default search engine to Yahoo It provides a one click way for you to
Wizmage hides images in a way that minimizes the impact on the user's browsing experience. Ever want
Assemble and connect information. Are.na is a platform for connecting ideas and building knowledge.
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This is a collection of Freecell Solitaire card games. The main game has some modifications from traditional Freecell that…
CFCA Security Application Development Kit 使用该扩展可以用Edge浏览器在宁波银行个人网银官方网站进行交易、签名、CFCA下载及更新证书操作
以EML格式在Google Drive上存档和查看电子邮件 需要年费,试用请访问: http://emlmanager.injenia.it/TRIAL Eml Manager允许您域中的用户轻松地将
Capture and Download ScreenShot of Entire Webpage or Select the portion of the Website that you want
Free Kindle Books and Kindle Book Deals are directly in your browser FREE! Get Free Kindle Books. Ge
Previously known as Google™ Shortcuts. Display all Google services as buttons or as a space-saving d
使用 Eagle 扩充套件,快速将网路上的图片保存至图片库中,同时支援 Mac 与 Windows 系统
Vector, SVG Paint and Editor, Diagram EditorDraw using intuitive and easy tools to paint and to desi
Mobile App » https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.commentconjuguer.conjugaison Vous pou
Visual impairment simulation and auditing tools to develop for accessibility. ChromeLens is a Google
Keyboard shortcuts for Google, YouTube, Github, Amazon, Scholar, and Startpage. New in 0.4.8 * Schol
Clear your cache as simple and fast as possible. Clean up your browser in one click! Your browser st
Med denne udvidelse har du altid ordbogen.com lige ved hånden! Denne udvidelse til google chrome, gø
Phishing protection and easier trades on the LOOT.Farm trade bot. This extension makes your trades o
Use the fonts installed on your computer in Maestro Label Designer by OnlineLabels.com. Expand your
帮助你在chrome devtools里查找Xpath匹配元素
Speed Dial 3™取代了原生的新标签页,为您最喜爱的网页提供快速拨号,及让您快速访问你的应用程序,书签和浏览历史
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Study French with Authentic VideosPaid App with free demo. Yabla French is a web app that brings you
Tabs List & Bookmarks Sidebar Tidy Sidebar development stopped. There are more bad people than t
Set this online Countdown Timer for cooking or any purpose100% FREE to use online Simple and easy to
A simple, ultra-lightweight clock to replace your tab menu. Minimal clock, minimal settings, minimal
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Adds a combat simulator to Melvor Idle
Discover new websites and get paid with the eBesucher add-on This extension is specifically develope