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Easy Loop是一个简单的Schoolloop扩展,它增加了计算成绩的能力,并具有实时的成绩更新和漂亮的用户界面
来自马德里的博亚·密斯特拉是由 5 位涂鸦艺术家组成的多专业设计团队,他们的教育背景迥异,涉及土木工程、美术、建筑设计和新闻传播等专业领域
主题:“模糊” 忘记通过Atavi.com与模糊主题为浏览器的一切 在天上的背景下,许多阳光将有助于幻想一阵子世界下沉
Le Reddit Armie is here to hand out fedoras and MLG pwn sum cheeky scrubs-m80s A chrome extension th
This is a vocabulary addon to help study Duolingo words The default vocabulary tracking on Duolingo
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Checks Craigslist every 5 min for your saved searches. Checks Craigslist every 5min for your saved q
帮助你提高生产力的小工具 这个应用借助于一个衍生版本的番茄计时工作法来帮助你最大化地提升生产力
Change your cursor to any picture you like! Change your mouse cursor to ANYTHING you want! This chro
Think you are the master at shooting down targets? Time to step up and prove it!
重新启用Microsoft Edge的右键单击 重新启用右键 是否曾经为您禁用过网站上的右键单击按钮
Play Battle Royale game in your browser. At the beginning of the game, you pick your character, name
下载视频中的视频,点击视频下载器,用于边缘下载来自在线视频平台的视频 任何视频下载者都是可以下载在线视频内容的工具
Color Blast by ChromeThemeR.comColor your browser! This theme for Chrome is free to download & c
A chrome extension creates an overlay to show Youtube live chat when in full screen If you have any
Choose a Virus, Bacteria or Parasite then upgrade and spread your disease across the world in an att
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a strip of bacon leaping from frying pan to fryin
Anonymous Hacker New Tab Wallpapers & Games, Replaces your new tab with an epic anonymous hacker
Easy access to accented letters and other special characters. Typing in accented letters or special
Browser Clipboard makes copy/paste easy by providing a panel that can hold multiple items. 1. Select
Analyse any SERP (Search Engine Result Page) in any Google™ top level domain. Instructions: Just hea
Click the extension icon when you are on a YouTube™ page to open the current video in VLC (or just h
紫色花儿的非Aero主题 visit: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/apifmdobolibbidmcdlofnnenabonodd
(Shazify was previously named Shazam2Spotify) Easily sync your Shazam tracks with a Spotify playlist
Photo Editor offers a variety of effects for your photos including Webcam Capture, Save to Drive, Ro
求職小幫手會在你瀏覽一些求職網站時,告訴你一些求職網站不會主動告訴你的事情 例如:這家公司最近是否有因為違反勞基法被罰錢
Measurement tools, rulers and grids [v2.0 fixes a bug where Tape will not install. Also adds nudging
A Dark and Smooth Theme for YouTube Dark Theme for YouTube™ extension makes YouTube website look muc
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Share and present your SketchUp projects in 3D on the cloud. Works with Google Drive. IMPORTANT: THI
[ニコニコ生放送] 自動枠移動 / ニコ生アラート / 自動入場 / 放送中の番組を一覧表示 / デスクトップ通知 / 延長通知 / 番組の残り時間を表示 をサポートします. ニコ生アラート,およびニ
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Assign more than one containing folder for each of your files and folders. Tags don’t work anymore i
Enhances the Mixer experience with custom emotes, new features, and tons of options. The most full f
Photo Paint Instant is a fast drawing app with image, photo. Supports paint, drawing, webcam capture
支持公开及私人代码仓库 统计以下项目的代码行数: - 项目详细页面 - 个人用户页面 - 搜索结果页面 - 趋势页面 支持公开及私人代码仓库 Gives you approximate count o
一个下载音乐的工具 音乐下载器 music download
Tools that make life as a Slack emoji addict a little easier. Ever wanted to upload 100 emoji to sla
Sudoku for puzzle lovers. Billions of accurately rated puzzles, gentle hints, save files, colors, no
Theme for the whole family that will please even your kids, photo made in the USA thanks