A popup dictionary for quick dictionary lookups in various languages.
26/10/2020 As of now the development of the app has stalled. Please send me emails about ideas how to improve the app, until then, I will focus my efforts on other projects. 02/10/..
Auto web scraper powered by AI or template, and exports it as Excel or CSV files
Target Audience Supinfor Scraper is suitable for all users who need to collect web data, especially those who lack programming skills and for various scenarios such as market resea..
Download your translations as a text file.
Effortlessly download all of your translations produced by nicetranslator.com. 1. After installation, open the Polyglot Translator extension and click 'Launch.' This will open the ..
Providing the best GPT extension experience, empowering your productivity with your own prompts
Powerful plugin that reside in your browser's sidepanel. Answers questions, analysis product, summarize articles, polish emailsYou can do anything within one click. 🥳Quick Start 1️..
This is a Chrome extension that allows you to easily call the chatGPT API and start a conversation through drag and drop. You can set your desired prompts in advance and replace th..
Elevate sales outreach with AI-powered personalization and streamline customer engagement and sales success.
Introducing "PotionPitch AI," a special tool for your sales team that works right in your Chrome browser. It's like magic for making your sales messages super personal and organize..
从台湾华文电子书库下载 PDF 电子书
支持华文电子书库(https://taiwanebook.ncl.edu.tw). 扩展安装后书库页面将自动显示电子书下载按钮, 点击即可下载.
Quick access to any productivity tools for every digital worker.
Introducing Nugget by automix.ai: 🚀 Your Ultimate Productivity Companion! 📝🔗🎉 Tired of juggling multiple apps and tabs for your productivity needs? Look no further! With Nugget, th..
A universal reading assistant for research papers
Pare is a universal reading assistant for research papers. This Chrome Extension brings interactive AI to any publicly available PDF, without interrupting your flow. No uploads req..
Adjust HTTP Referrer (Referer) Headers to eg. assist debugging
Allows you to set the HTTP Referer. Filters are provided to operate on a per-site basis. A very useful tool for debugging.
Block most activity on YouTube apart from the channels and videos you are happy for your kids to watch
YouTube Kids Safe makes YouTube a safe place for kids! This extension allows parents to pre-approve individual YouTube channels that they are happy for their kids to have access to..
Adds hotkeys for Webflow.
Enhance your Webflow experience and boost your productivity with 'Hotkeys for Webflow'. Our extension integrates seamlessly into your Webflow workflow, providing useful keyboard sh..
Save, Organize & Share Your Favorite Bookmarks
TabWise is a versatile application that helps you effortlessly manage your bookmarks, enabling you to save and access all your web links faster. With a clean and intuitive user int..
Bring your peso Workspace into Chrome
Unlock the power of PesoX, the Chrome extension designed to seamlessly connect you to your Peso workspace across the web, from Zoho Books to QuickBooks and beyond. Here's a simple ..
v2.5.1 特性: 1. 优化木鱼的默认位置 2. 优化工具条的默认位置 v2.5.0 特性: 1. 支持敲木鱼(默认),支持全局卡通形象 2. 卡通形象:shit+click 卡通形象进入配置页面 3. 全屏阅读:CTL+click 卡通形象 4. 部分网站调整为新代码架构 5. 优化配置页的显示 v2.4.6 特性: 1. 优化打印效果,默认保留代码背..
Download ChatGPT conversations as text files.
Introducing Scribe GPT, a convenient Chrome extension that makes saving, sharing, and exporting your ChatGPT conversations a breeze! With Scribe GPT, you can easily download your A..
You can use New Page shortcut of Notion in web browser.
This chrome extension makes it possible to use new-page shortcut for Notion in web browser. ## Feature ### Open Source Software The source code is publicly available and MIT licens..
Talk to any website with AI.
Supercharge your learning by talking to any document or website. Sidekick is the ultimate research companion: Ask questions, get summaries and extract knowledge from any website or..
One-click anonymizer of tweets before sharing a screenshot.
Want to share a content from Twitter, but you don't want to risk the harassment of the user ? With Twitter Anonymizer, the solution is just a click away ! Right click anywhere on a..
Get out of calls by simulating a bad connection
The perfect excuse to off of video calls Stuck on a video call you want to get out and need a good excuse? The Bad Connection Simulator Chrome Extension simulates a bad connection ..
在 React 应用中可视化展示 Fiber 数据结构
在 React 应用中可视化展示 Fiber 数据结构。 在Chrome DevTools 面板中出现新的Fiber 标签, 点击"刷新"按钮,在Fiber标签面板下展示 Fiber数据结构。 目前需要依赖React Developer Tools, 所以确保您已经安装了React Developer Tools。 并且目前只对[email protected]做了测..
Access AI-powered writing assistant right on your browser for a seamless and intuitive writing experience.
Unleash the Power of Words with OscarAI: Your Personal Writing Wizard! 🌟 Elevate every piece of text you write with a touch of AI brilliance. OscarAI is not just another tool; it’s..
View webpage layout bounds for developer purpose
This tool help developer to toggle layout bounds view for the active tab. - Click on action to enable "layout bounds view". - Click again on action to disable "layout bounds view" ..
MeaVana G Suite Sidebar:
Pin all your favorite Apps in a super-neat sidebar that you can access quickly on all tabs. A super helpful tool for: - Productivity enthusiasts - Busy students, working profession..
Keystroke Biometrics Logger is a Chrome extension designed to assist researchers collect keystoke data.
Keystroke Biometrics Logger is a Chrome extension designed to assist researchers collect keystoke data. It simplifies the process of collecting keystroke data during web browsing, ..
您的终极 NFL 伴侣就在您的浏览器中! 主要特征: 1. 实时记分板:随时了解每场 NFL 比赛的实时比分。 我们的动态记分板为您带来现场最新动态,确保您不错过任何一场比赛。 2. 游戏预览和回顾:深入了解全面的游戏预览,并附有专家分析和预测。 比赛结束后,通过我们详细的回顾视频重温比赛过程。 3. 深入统计:获得的不仅仅是分数。 深入研究玩家统计数据、团..
Extension to make it easy to interact with different Lemmy communities
Extension to make it easy to interact with different Lemmy communities. https://github.com/FackJox/lemmy-link
Listen to audio summaries of articles you read online.
Who has the time to read everything? AudioSum breaks up your web articles into bit sized audio chunks. Just click the play button in the bookmark bar and listen to the short audio ..
Follow creators, see their posts in a separate feed. Block the default feed. Choose scrolling time & get reports on scrolled time.
——————————————————————— Sift completely transforms the way you consume content from LinkedIn, allowing you to save time, grow your audience, and build meaningful relations. We curr..
一款适用于 ChromeOS 和 FydeOS 系统的输入法,由 FydeOS 团队基于 RIME 引擎定制。
由于 chrome.input.ime 接口的失效(https://chromeos.dev/en/posts/chrome-input-ime-deprecation),真文韵输入法仅能支持 chromeOS r118 及更早版本。从 chromeOS r119 开始,真文韵输入法可能失效。 真文韵输入法在 FydeOS 和 openFyde 上不受影响。..
Just Read
Just ReadAI-Powered Article Analysis for Chrome 🌐 Revolutionize your content analysis with "Just Read" 🚀the Chrome extension that utilizes the cutting-edge AI capabilities of ChatG..
Desktop experience in your browser - inspired by the Google™ Image Viewer
❓ Do you want to inspect an image quickly in your browser? 🤩 Then Say Hello To PixViewer! ⭐A full-fledged image viewer with many features, while remaining easy-to-use! 🔥 It is ligh..
Generate word cloud based on the current web page.
Wordify empowers data analysts, bloggers, and content creators to unlock valuable insights from text data. Whether you're analyzing customer feedback, blog comments, or lengthy art..
中文拼音输入法离线解析器 无法单独使用,需要与输入法ui扩展一起使用。 支持chrome 102之后的版本 ### 新功能说明 ### - 添加了新的字库支持(40万+)和用户选词自学习功能。 - 添加了`智能ABC`方案的支持 - 预留了可以控制台使用`userDiy()`API来批量更新用户词库的接口 > 格式:userDiy("wei'dong'..
Write Better Now!
基于 Open AI 的 Grammify 是一款强大的语法检查工具,当您在写作时,Grammify 能够为您提供高效、准确和实时的语法检查,帮助您消除拼写错误、语法错误和风格问题。使用我们的工具,让您的写作变得更加清晰、精确和自信。立即提高您的写作水平!同时,我们的浏览器插件简单易用,让您在任何时候都能轻松使用 Grammify。 Grammify is ..
Instant AI-Powered Explanations.
Explainy is a pioneering Chrome extension designed to simplify and enhance the learning experience for users by offering concise and comprehensive explanations of words or phrases...
Cisco Network Setup Assistant is used to connect devices securely to networks utilizing Cisco Identity Services Engine.
A simple new tab extension meant to stay out of your way while still making for great eye-candy.
A very simple new tab page extension meant to stay out of your way while still being a pleasant distraction for those who need something to look at while they think.
一键同步 ChatGPT/文心一言 对话记录到语雀文档
支持的功能: ChatGPT: 1. 导出 PDF 2. 导出 PNG 3. 导出 JSON 4. 导出 Markdown 5. 复制内容到剪切板 6. 同步至语雀文档 文心一言: 1. 同步至语雀文档 2. 导出 PDF 3. 导出 PNG 注意:该插件只能在以下网站中使用 1. https://chat.openai.com/* 2. https://y..
BrainBuddy is an All-in-one AI-powered Sidebar Assistant, with ChatGPT, Bard, & more! ⚡
Introducing BrainBuddy, the ultimate AI-powered Sidebar Assistant that revolutionizes the way you browse. KEY CAPABILITIES: 🚀Seamlessly maintain your efficiency & flow by lever..
A bridge between vscode marketplace and open-vsx.
This extension adds a button next to an extension on https://marketplace.visualstudio.com/ that will either send the user to open-vsx.org, if the extension is available there, or d..
Vertical tabs for chrome in side panel
What's new:- * New Settings: Compact Vs Detailed View Change Shortcut Change Sides Key Features:- * Vertical Tab Layout in SidePanel * Tab Group Support * Intuitive Drag and Drop *..
One-stop solution for Venture Capital and the Investment Ecosystem
The Web Clipper for Taghash simplifies the process of adding deals to your CRM. With just a few clicks, you can instantly capture vital information from any webpage. It automagical..
Feel refreshed in just 1 minute. Get guided breathing exercises directly in your browser before every meeting.
Approach meetings with renewed energy using MicroMove. Instantly feel more calm and focused. Over 70% of digital workers report feeling drained by virtual (often back-to-back) meet..
Simplify your Lemmy & Kbin experience with tools for your instance and communities
Features - Support for Lemmy and Kbin instances, as well as Alexandrite & Photon frontends. - Post to Lemmy/Kbin: Instance Assistant can generate a draft post with autofilled t..
Removes round corners from YouTube thumbnails.
This extension removes all round corners from thumbnails on YouTube.
- 适用于chromeos系统的中文双拼输入法。 - 支持实时在线解析器。 - 支持拼音加加,小鹤双拼等常用双拼解决方案。 - 支持中文繁体输出控制。 - 支持快捷键控制 `中英文输入` 模式。 - 支持快捷键控制 `中英文标点符号输出` 模式。 ### 安装说明 ### 此IME安装后,需要再安装`IME Decoder`扩展 --- chrome 102..
Show precise search volume, CPC, and competition data for any keyword. The data is sourced from Google Keyword Planner. Google…
Show precise search volume, CPC, and competition data for any keyword. The data is sourced from Google Keyword Planner. Google Keyword Planner has always been a free and powerful t..
Automatically redirects to the new interface of Google Books. This extension is not an official product.
This extension redirects your Google Books requests to the newer version with better UI, citations, book information etc. * This extension is unofficial and is not authorised by, e..
Clean up your screen by dismissing overdue Schoology assignments.
Bothered by the clutter that is unnecessary overdues on Schoology? This extension can fix that. LICENSE This project is open source under the MIT License. See the https://github.co..