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1、扫一扫,把网页扫到好友圈 2、扫一扫,把网页发送给朋友 3、扫一扫,把网页收藏进微信 4、扫一扫,把图片传送到微信 5、实现精彩与好友共享,精彩与你同在 6、支持将页面及自定义链接转二维码供设备扫
100% free email tracking without any hidden signatures, logos or gimmicks. Free email tracker for Gm
Never Get Logged Out of any website due to idling! Many websites that require you to login has a ses
Spend less time tweaking your slidesPowerPack's sidebar includes useful features to improve position
Enhances the FACEIT experience and adds useful features. FACEIT Enhancer is a Chrome extension that
Ajoute un boutton sur Youtube pour inverser l'ordre des playlists. RYP est une application qui ajout
Automatically invite all your facebook friends to Events or Pages with just one click. App for Faceb
此扩展是一个功能强大的工具,可让您 *自动播放所有高清视频 *关闭批注 *更改视频播放器大小 *自动停止视频 *自动静音视频声音 *对其他外部网站上的所有其他YouTube视频提供高清支持
YouSendr é o melhor custo/benefício do mercado quando falamos de ferramenta automatização de disparo
Enables automatic replay of a YouTube™ video or a part of it Adds a Replay button to YouTube™, allow
Expands the YouTube Video to fill your entire web browser Window. The Window Expander for YouTube ma
帮助海外华人一键回国访问和加速中国网站 极致好用的回国加速代理插件,海外生活从Malus开始,Malus加速器在海外看回国看视频的利器,一键解锁和加速国内主流网站和应用,帮助海外华人和留学生连接中国生
A user community to improve your Roblox experience - Features include game codes, game reviews, and empty server finders
通过右键菜单或地址栏按钮将当前页面地址、选中的文本、链接、图片地址等文本内容生成二维码,也可以解析页面中的二维码图片,完全离线可用,不依赖任何远程文件和服务,内存占用小,界面简洁 :-)2019.3.
Keyword selection. Templates of annotations and cards and copying them from another videos. Extended
Creates download links on Tumblr audio posts. Makes download links for MP3s on the Tumblr dashboard.
A pet for your browser! Have a pet follow your cursor while you browse the web! v4.05/15/2020 -Added
Save Video As is a video downloader: You can save any online video as file. Help you to download vid
Hiver is a Gmail-centric customer service solution that helps teams collaborate on shared inboxes li
Integrates MyAnimeList/AniList/Kitsu/Simkl into various sites, with auto episode tracking. Works wit
Inverts page colors, showing white text on a dark background Inverts page colors, showing white text
Email and label sharing plus real-time team collaboration and chat without ever leaving Gmail™ FREE!
歌曲搜索试听 & 在线广播 SPSSearch to Play the Song 搜我听歌 目前只有虾米支持国外访问,其他接口都只支持国内访问,请知晓
Allows you to quickly add downloads to NDM from within the Chrome browser IMPORTANT You must have Ni
ShareThis offers the most innovative sharing platform for today's social audience. The ShareThis ext
Add a file tree to GitHub Pull Requests Make GitHub Pull Requests better with a file tree view and o
All of your SMS, chats, messages and notifications in one place on your Browser! Crono is a producti
The best, Ad Free, way to watch TV Series online. All you have to do is just search and play. Stream
Cloudypedia Admin Tools for G Suite( CAT GS). CATG are set of tools that are purpose built using Goo
A nice guitar riff or play can light up the dark or something symbolic like thatLove ithate it..eith
Disables autoplay of all HTML5 audio and video Disables autoplay of all HTML5 audio and video THIS E
一个全能的扩展管理和用户脚本管理扩展 一个拓展管理拓展,拓展更新通知并记录拓展历史,自动开启/关闭拓展,根据当前网站获取二管家社区推荐 拓展管理的最终利器,记录拓展历史,自动开启/关闭拓展,根据当前网
Block distracting websites. Just list the sites you want Impulse Blocker to pause or completely avoi
This is a theme about a Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat. This is a theme about a Dodge Challenger SRT H
Set "Playing", "Streaming", "Listening to" & "Watching" in Discord to whatever you want. It even
Discreetly surf the web! Control exactly how you want web pages to look like. Decreased Productivity
An easy, powerful no-code web scraping software by Agenty to extract data from websites using point-
Internet users feedback about the sites WebMoney Advisor is a web-browser add-on developed for users
Scrollbars that match Windows 7's native appearance. Newer versions of Chrome have replaced the syst
为了让你能有一个更轻松的购物方式而努力的插件. 本插件适配京东、宝天猫、苏宁、国美等购物平台
The best word game for all ages. Beat the computer at easier levels first and then get a go at the t
划词翻译、生词本、吐司弹词、与扇贝同步 > 警告
Turn your research into good deeds. YouCare, the search engine that transforms your searches into go
Intercept downloads for Internet Download Accelerator, download a file or a group of files from the