ZenHub – Project Management Inside GitHub ZenHub is the only project management tool that integrates
Display PHP errors & vars dumps in Google Chrome console and notification popups, execute PHP co
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Milky Way Stars over Pine Valley, Utah Night Photography of our Milky Way over Pine Valley, Utah res
Full Cloud Browser from your Chrome browser ! (works on Mac / ChromeBook; Runs Java / Silverlight /
The world’s most intelligent autofill. Fillr is so good, it will change the way you shop and fill fo
Turn new tab to custom anime themes with cool features & hd anime wallpaper backgrounds. Sync, r
Вводите запросы в адресную строку и получайте ответы от Яндекса Расширение делает Яндекс поиском по
Dirt-Bikes New Tab Wallpapers & Games, designed for dirt-bikes lovers. Changes your tab to an aw
Яндекс.Перепустка, покращує роботу в інтернеті. Встановлюючи програму, ви приймаєте умови Ліцензійно
Powerful periodic table and chemistry reference tool. ChemReference is a detailed and powerful perio
PDF Mage lets you save the page you are currently viewing as a high quality PDF file. Features: - Sa
Vivacious and fruity, Banana adds sunshine to your day
An indicator button for HTTP/2, SPDY and QUIC support by each website. HTTP/2 (based on Google's SPD
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牢牢抓住的弓和箭,试着打的 figurant 头上的苹果
用于chrome浏览器的酷色选择器扩展允许您使用所谓的 “滴眼液工具” 在任何网站上快速选择任何颜色
Guru (getguru.com) 是一种实时知识管理解决方案,它知道何时,如何,以及在哪里向您传递知识,而无需您寻找它
Ford New Tab Wallpapers & Games, designed specifically for ford fans. Changes your new tab to an
Reload All tabs using keyboard shortcut(altshiftr), context menu, or browser action button. If you w
Generates a navigable page outline with heading and sectioning elements This extension is using the
帮助保持您的停用选择,使参与数字广告联盟 (DAA) 自律计划的公司尊重您的意愿停止根据您的兴趣投放广告
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Kpop Blackpink Is The Best!! With Tons Of Tabs!! This extension overrides your new tab, upon install
Nba Basketball Tabs The Seriously Awesome Collection. Nba basketball new tab extension is a beautifu
Replaces the standard mouse cursor with custom one in the browser. Tired of boring default mouse cur
Cool Mustang Car Backgrounds For You To Explore Get the most of your chrome with the truly awesome w
This extension creates a new Google Slides Presentation in one click Are you tired of clicking throu
FasterChrome uses just-in-time preloading; it preloads a page right before you click on it. FasterCh
MusixHub Start is a new Chrome extension for a quick music click-and-visit experience, for free. Thi
America's most useful and respected dictionary! Merriam-Webster.com is a free, top-ranking site deli
Kindle Cloud ReaderRead Kindle books in your browser and shop on Amazon.in. Kindle Cloud Reader is a
Participate by Lookback. A super easy way to record and upload your experience and help organization
#1 add-on for BigQuery analysts. Brand new version just released! Over 70,000 users and still counti
来自Hashim Mansoor的原始自动刷新增强版是一个非常强大且易于使用的Chromium Base扩展,它可以自动刷新当前选项卡,而无需任何用户输入 自动刷新增强版对任何需要在特定时间轻松执行自
Record audio, and then save as a wav file. This is an (almost) exact replica of AudioRecorder: http:
原名:Gestures for Chrome(TM)汉化版.方便,快捷,充分发掘鼠标的所有操作.功能包括:鼠标手势,超级拖曳,滚轮手势,摇杆手势,平滑滚动,标签页列表等. 本版本是基于crxMouse
Talking keyboard • High-quality speech synthesis • Word prediction • OCR Oribi Speak effectively sup
"想与朋友和家人一起欣赏您最喜爱的 Netflix 系列或电影吗
Block access to certain websites with access codes and a schedule. 智能网站拦截器允许您设置了PIN码的网站
An interface for Google Calendar that makes it more straightforward and enjoyable to use. The code i
ShowMyHomework ensures that homework is set effectively across the school, with statistics available