Map Decals for TagPro扩展 | Map Decals for TagPro⇩15 ♡3

Adds a bunch of "decals" (image overlays) on to maps in TagPro. Decal sets can be imported and configured from the server home page. 在TagPro中的地图上添加一组“贴花”(图像覆盖)。贴花集可以从服务器主页导入和配置。

Unsubtitle for Netflix扩展 | Unsubtitle for Netflix⇩3413 ♡77

Remove forced Netflix subtitles. 删除强制Netflix字幕。.. The problem: Some shows on Netflix can’t have their s...

AutoKnight扩展 | AutoKnight⇩5 ♡2

An automated assistant useful to any Knight of the Button 对任何一个按钮骑士都有用的自动助手.. Configurable companion to...

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