Your personalized filter for the internet. Join us as we validate new models for how creators can work together to distribute and monetize specialized knowledge at scale. Overview ..
Return to old logo of Twitter
This extension lets you revert to the old Twitter logo, before it becomes X. It modifies the site's HTML page to change the logo. In collaboration with Yuuto Github: https://github..
Your AI assistant that helps you create Pin title effortlessly
Struggling to find the perfect title for your pins? Introducing our innovative AI assistant, designed to effortlessly generate captivating titles for you! With its advanced underst..
Context menu to translate Mediawiki-style links (as at Wikipedia) into corresponding edit links. Also open ISBN links into Amazon.
Context menu to translate Mediawiki-style links (as at Wikipedia) into corresponding edit links. Also open ISBN links into Amazon. A webextensions add-on to allow right-clicking on..
A chrome extension that translates helpshift messages using KantanAI
This chrome extension is use to translate Helpshift chat messages. This extension is very intuitive and will help users translate the Helpshift chat messages to/from the client tha..
Extension to make it easy to visit Lemmy communities from kbin.social
Find it annoying to copy paste `!memes@lemmy.world` to look at a Lemmy community? This extension is for you. This extension looks for Lemmy style communities and replaces them to d..
v2.5.1 特性: 1. 优化木鱼的默认位置 2. 优化工具条的默认位置 v2.5.0 特性: 1. 支持敲木鱼(默认),支持全局卡通形象 2. 卡通形象:shit+click 卡通形象进入配置页面 3. 全屏阅读:CTL+click 卡通形象 4. 部分网站调整为新代码架构 5. 优化配置页的显示 v2.4.6 特性: 1. 优化打印效果,默认保留代码背..
One-click anonymizer of tweets before sharing a screenshot.
Want to share a content from Twitter, but you don't want to risk the harassment of the user ? With Twitter Anonymizer, the solution is just a click away ! Right click anywhere on a..
Get out of calls by simulating a bad connection
The perfect excuse to off of video calls Stuck on a video call you want to get out and need a good excuse? The Bad Connection Simulator Chrome Extension simulates a bad connection ..
Extension to make it easy to interact with different Lemmy communities
Extension to make it easy to interact with different Lemmy communities. https://github.com/FackJox/lemmy-link
Feel refreshed in just 1 minute. Get guided breathing exercises directly in your browser before every meeting.
Approach meetings with renewed energy using MicroMove. Instantly feel more calm and focused. Over 70% of digital workers report feeling drained by virtual (often back-to-back) meet..
Simplify your Lemmy & Kbin experience with tools for your instance and communities
Features - Support for Lemmy and Kbin instances, as well as Alexandrite & Photon frontends. - Post to Lemmy/Kbin: Instance Assistant can generate a draft post with autofilled t..
直接从您的 Gmail 中轻松免费的在线投票和调查
🚀 使用Gmail的ChatGPT为您的电子邮件游戏增光添彩! 🚀 介绍一下Gmail的终极Edge扩展,它彻底改变了你写邮件的方式! 释放尖端AI技术的力量,提升你的沟通技巧,让每封邮件都有价值。 🌟 为你准备了什么?🌟 🔥 AI-Powered Email Composer: 使用突破性的ChatGPT人工智能生成整个电子邮件和信息,精心制作,与Gmai..
Adds useful features to the Twitch interface
As each Twitch community grows, it becomes increasingly difficult to manage. The chat in particular can become hard to follow, and important messages quickly get lost in the deluge..
This extension expands collapsed messages in Microsoft Teams Web.
Usage 1. Show the context menu (normally right click) on Microsoft Teams Web. 2. Select "Teams See More" from the context menu. 3. The collapsed messages will be expanded.
Add sounds to Teams PWA notifications.
This extension plays a sound each time a desktop notification is displayed. It is particularly intended for linux users that need to transition to the PWA once the desktop app will..
使用YouShare 🌌 发现YouTube内容的新维度 超越YouTube算法的限制,找到新的视频和频道。分享YouTube视频的最快方式。 ✨ 主要特点 ✨ 访问朋友的YouTube主页:发现超出你自己算法的内容。🔍 一键分享:在YouTube上直接与朋友分享视频,只需一个优雅的点击。👆 相互推广:与其他创作者合作并互相支持。🤝 公开点赞:为视频背书,并..
Show original comments and posts from before they were edited or removed
⚠️ WarningREAD THIS FIRST Unedit and Undelete for Reddit relies on Pushshift to work. At this time, Pushshift is only available to approved moderators as announced at https://redd...
Hides most YouTube spam comments
Detects spam comments and automatically hides them, protecting its users from spoofers, adult content pushers, and other annoyances. If the add-on hides a comment you want to see, ..
一款支持超过 100 种语言的 Telegram 消息自动翻译工具(非官方)
电报信息翻译 想象一下,当您与世界各地的朋友聊天时,不再担心语言障碍。此插件自动翻译Telegram消息并支持100多种语言,帮助您轻松与世界各地的朋友保持联系。 我们的插件界面直观易用,翻译过程自动完成,无需手动切换或操作,您可以放心交流,我们会在消息发送或接收时自动翻译。 此外,我们的插件功能强大、安全高效。它适用于大多数场景,无论是个人还是商务通信。 ..
Relieve tension, stress, and anxiety with the ultimate tool for mindfulness and productivity.
Enhance focus, boost productivity, and cultivate emotional intelligence while working at the computer. A range of mental and physical practices are available that can be seamlessly..
Free AdSpy tool for Twitter Ad Library. Search best ads examples. Find winning products.
Wondering what your competitors' social media ads look like? The Best Free AdSpy tool for Twitter Ad Library to spy on your competitor's ads by searching and filtering with free ch..
Quickly copy & paste accented letters and symbols from a variety of languages!
This extension allows you to easily and effortlessly copy and paste accented letters and symbols from a variety of languages (currently Spanish, French, German, Romanian, Dutch, an..
Graze is 1-click follow, favorite, boost, bookmark, and reply for Mastodon, no matter what instance you call home.
Graze makes it easy to follow, favorite, boost, bookmark, and reply on Mastodon. You don't need to copy & paste links or search for content from other instances. With Graze, yo..
Find your people on Mastodon
StreetPass is a browser extension that helps you find your people on Mastodon. Here's how it works: 1. Mastodon users verify themselves by adding a custom link to their personal si..
Save screenshots and other images to Pinterest, visually search pins and list pinnable images on a page.
For help/questions/suggestions contact @Vitaminiser on Twitter! A little addon for Pinterest™ lovers! Features include: ✔ save images on any web page to your boards; ✔ create scree..
View Facebook stories absolutely anonymously
View Facebook Stories and stay anonymous and private. Anonymous Stories for Facebook keeps you private and safe at any time. Use my extension to view Stories in Stealth Mode. This ..
Free AdSpy tool for Pinterest Ad Library. Search best ads examples. Find winning products.
The Best Free AdSpy tool for Pinterest Ad Library to find your next winning product! Spy on your competitor's ads by searching and filtering with free chrome extension. Key Feature..
Download Facebook friends list to Excel / CSV.
A smart tool for Facebook research or analysis, one click to export Facebook any user's friends list to CSV and Excel. #1 Download Facebook any user's friends list for leads genera..
Breakcold is a Social Selling CRM but also a Sales CRM with an easy to use sales pipeline management tool.
Breakcold is a social selling software and a modern sales CRM for LinkedIn & Twitter with sales engagement features. With this google chrome extension, you can: - engage with y..
Pinterest | Material design
A customizable dark theme for pinterest.com. Features: - Uses the original color palett. - Does not invert colors. - Supports settings menu. - The User can change: 1. Rounding of i..
Switch between Genius's redesign and old song page, without it resetting when you click on another page.
Note: You have to be signed in to Genius for this extension to work. Features: - Switching between the old song page and the redesign will persist the state between pages. - Remove..
Protect your privacy and uphold Islamic values by auto detecting & blurring images and videos of unwanted or impermissible content.
A free, open-source extension to help you avoid "Haram" and NSFW content and uphold the Islamic gaze protection principle by customizing your online experience. 😊. HaramBlur utiliz..
TikTok videos transcript and summary with Chat GPT Open AI.
TokGPT for TikTok takes any videos and gives it a brief summary. You can use our ChatGPT TikTok prompts or upload any custom prompts in 1 click! Giving you the AI magic you love di..
Add some empathy to your slacks with user-specific reminders.
Things move fast! Tools like slack help us keep up with deadlines and shifting priorities in remote work environments. But those tools can also help us forget about who we're talki..
An extension used to create a detailed rich presence for YouTube videos on Discord.
Show your friends and others what you're watching on YouTube and YouTube Music! In order for YouTubeDiscordPresence to work, a second desktop application needs to be installed on y..
A simple interface for formatting Letterboxd reviews, comments, and more.
Minimal, light-weight, open-source extension for implementing the somewhat "hidden" formatting options in Letterboxd, similar to those in the official mobile app. It also implement..
使用 SocialPrompt 更快地编写更好的社交媒体标题。
社交媒体已成为我们日常生活中不可或缺的一部分,对于有影响力的人和内容创作者来说,它是建立品牌和与观众互动的不可或缺的平台。 然而,制作引人入胜且引人注目的社交媒体帖子可能既耗时又具有挑战性,尤其是在处理写作瓶颈时。 介绍 SocialPrompt,终极社交媒体写作助手。 SocialPrompt 使用最先进的机器学习技术为您的社交媒体帐户生成相关且引人入胜的..
Bring YouTube comments to the side. Dive into the comments without scrolling past the video.
Features 1. Built for convenience with an eye for aesthetics. Unlike other similar options in the market, the sidebar comments don't feel out of place. They look nice and work well..
Write anything in seconds with Copylime's smart AI
1k+ words blog articles in ~60 seconds? Copylime can do it! Write anything with smart AI in seconds. Copylime will help you get your copywriting and content done fast. From blog ar..
這個擴展比Instagram的移動版更好! 在瀏覽器中查看和上傳IG Story和其他功能。
App Instagram 是一款簡單而強大的工具,具有許多功能,可讓您的社交用戶體驗更加出色。 在您的瀏覽器中單擊 Instagram Downloader,您將被帶到流行的社交網絡Instagram,您可以在其享照片和視頻、查看新聞提要以及與朋友聊天。 您想從 Instagram 下載視頻和圖片嗎? 現在很簡單! 使用此下載器,您可以快速保存來自 Ins..
A smart tool for download Facebook group memeber to Excel / CSV.
A smart tool for Facebook research or analysis, one click to export Facebook groups member list to CSV and Excel. #1 Download Facebook groups members list for leads generation. How..
Block distracting webs and stay focused on your work.
Block distracting websites and stay focused on your work. AppBlock is a powerful website blocker that helps you stay focused and on task by blocking distracting websites on your co..
A little helper to help you automatically delete Twitter
DeleteTweetsa powerful and user-friendly tool that allows you to automate tweet deletion based on customized filters with no limits! With our extension, you can easily delete as ma..
Blerp meme soundboards & channel points. Best sound effects, sound emotes, and sound alerts for your chat and streaming communities!
Play sound memes on streams with the Blerp X Universal Extension! The most fun Alert Emote Soundpacks for your chat and live streaming communities! As a viewer you can navigate to ..
The ultimate travel helper: the best hotel price in seconds, price drop alerts after booking & cashback on stays
同一家酒店。更便宜。 ⚡ 在几秒钟内将Ratepunk添加到你的浏览器,并确保你获得市场上最优惠的价格。我们革命性的工具会自动比较互联网上的酒店价格,并找到最优惠的价格。 适用于各大酒店预订网站 无论你是在找住宿,还是在看酒店,当你预订酒店房间时,我们会为你找到最优惠的价格。 为什么下载我们的扩展工具 ✨ Ratepunk的设计宗旨是,当你在最喜欢的预订网站..
从 tiktok.com 下载视频
TikTok Video Keeper 是下载 TikTok 视频的最佳下载器之一。我们的 TikTok 下载器是保存 Tiktok 任何视频的最简单方法。 我们简单快速的扩展程序不需要任何登录详细信息,并且可以直接与 tiktok 网站配合使用。 安装它并保存您喜欢的所有视频以便稍后或离线观看。 100% 免费,立即尝试! 扩展的特点: - 无需登录 - ..
Improve your viewing experience on Twitch & YouTube with new features, emotes, vanity and performance.
7TV is the ultimate platform for chat emotes. View chat emoticons for hundreds of thousands of channels across Twitch & YouTube and customize your experience. /!\ THIS IS THE N..
匿名查看 Instagram 和 Facebook 故事并保持私密。不留痕迹地下载故事。
匿名查看 Instagram 和 Facebook 故事并保持私密。不留痕迹地下载故事。 保护您的隐私并匿名查看故事。现在您可以观看故事,而作者永远不会知道您做到了。 安装故事空间 |匿名查看和下载 IG 和 FB 以保持隐身。 这是唯一允许您将照片和视频上传到故事的浏览器扩展。单击扩展程序图标,您将在新窗口中找到“上传”选项卡。 社交网络切换器提供社交网络..
Instagram 應用程序 - 從 Web 下載將照片、視頻、故事、短片發佈到 Instagram。 安排帖子,從 Instagram 發送 DM。
這個非常簡單的應用程序允許您訪問 Instagram™ 移動網站,就像在智能手機上一樣,但在您的計算機上! 全世界越來越多的人在日常生活中使用流行的社交媒體平台進行交流,例如我們的 Instagram 或 Facebook、娛樂甚至商務。 為了使這種使用更加方便,我們在您的瀏覽器中開發了一個完全相同的移動版 Instagram 網站。 當您在辦公室工作或晚上..