CoCo Text Adventures游戏 | CoCo Text Adventures⇩66 ♡3

The classic text adventure games Bedlam, Raaka-Tu, and Pyramid 2000 ported to Android (and now Chrome). The Tandy Color Computer… 经典的文本冒险游戏Bedlam、Raaka Tu和Pyramid 2000移植到了Android(现在是Chrome)。坦迪彩色电脑…

The Legend of Knil游戏 | The Legend of Knil⇩672 ♡15

Take on enemies to try and save the Princess! 带上敌人去救公主!.. Take on enemies to save the Princes!! Create...

Duckmageddon游戏 | Duckmageddon⇩2712 ♡3

Classical Duck Hunt revival with modern pace and humor, Duckmageddon will help you relax your mind shooting down hordes of ducks. 经典的鸭子狩猎复兴与现代的步伐和幽默,Duckmageddon将帮助您放松您的思想,击落成群的鸭子。

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