Text to speech Extension
Text to speech app. Reads text using Google voices, or default system voice when offline. Features - Ability to replace any word so you are not stuck with default pronunciations or..
ChatGPT Text to Speech Reader
ChatGPT Reader is a text to speech application that allows you to easily convert written replies into spoken words. With a simple click of the "Auto Read" button, you can effortles..
Download your translations as a text file.
Effortlessly download all of your translations produced by nicetranslator.com. 1. After installation, open the Polyglot Translator extension and click 'Launch.' This will open the ..
Cisco Network Setup Assistant is used to connect devices securely to networks utilizing Cisco Identity Services Engine.
Removes round corners from YouTube thumbnails.
This extension removes all round corners from thumbnails on YouTube.
Tenses is an extension that provides verb tenses while browsing the web.
Tenses is an extension that provides verb tenses while browsing the web. Is recommended to install Google Translate extension to have a better translation experience. All donations..
Restores the twitter logo/favicon to X (twitter) & restores tweet button.
🐦 FreebirdX (Twitter) Logo Restorer 🔄 Freebird is a Chrome extension designed to bring back the classic Twitter logo and favicon. This extension restores the classic Twitter logo, ..
Highlight Email Rows in Gmail
Color code email rows in Gmail to visually organize them. ✅ Select from a choice of calming or bright colors. ✅ Adjust background color based on email status, such as read/unread o..
Makes webpage text better for reading.
NEW CHANGES In Dark mode, if both "Underline links" and "Input border" are enabled, brightness and contrast apply to more elements and images (but distort colors of some images). S..
从 YouTube 中删除所有烦人的广告和横幅!
用于 YouTube™ 的 MyTube 带有彩色加发光 Youtube 扩展的 Youtube。 从 YouTube 中删除所有烦人的广告和横幅! 特征: ✔️ 美丽的色彩套装。 您自己的夜间主题。 ✔️ 广告屏蔽和深色主题。 ✔️ 多彩加发光 Youtube。 ✔️ 背景颜色、文字颜色、悬停文字颜色。 ✔️ 我们选择了最适合色盲的颜色。 ✔️ 改变 Yo..
A slim extension that removes Youtube Shorts from the Youtube subscriptions feed
Even though YouTube Shorts can be entertaining, they tend to flood the subscription section. This can make discovering new interesting videos more than tedious. Youtube Subscriptio..
Protect your children from unwanted content and your PC from malware.
New Parental Control extension is designed to provide safe and secure browsing. Now you can customize browsing restrictions, create white and black lists in order to keep your chil..
Utorrent 集成模块、Chrome 版 Utorrent
如您所知,Utorrent 是最受欢迎的 torrent 程序。 该插件与 utorrent 程序集成工作。 您可以轻松添加 Utorrent 程序的链接并开始下载。 该程序不会下载网站上的所有内容,而是可以通过 torrent 下载链接下载图像、视频等。 您的计算机上必须安装 utorrent 程序。 如果尚未安装,您可以从 Utorrent 站点下载当前..
UserWay's powerful screen reader gives users the ability to have web pages read to them on-demand.
UserWay’s powerful screen reader gives users the ability to have web pages read to them on-demand. Ideal for anyone from visually impaired users to front-end and QA engineers check..
This script replaces the "handle" in the YouTube comments section to user name
"Return YouTube Comment Username" returns the comment username to its traditional username format. With YouTube's update, "handle" (user IDs starting with @) are now displayed in t..
A tool for editing text spacing properties on web pages. WCAG conformance information included.
This extension allows you to set custom values for the following text spacing properties: Line height, letter spacing, word spacing, and paragraph spacing. You can use it also as a..
OneOptimize AdBlock blocks ads, makes your browsing in Chrome more comfortable
OneOptimize AdBlock: The Ultimate Adblocker for Chrome Introducing OneOptimize AdBlock Enhance your browsing experience with OneOptimize AdBlock, a high-performance adblocker exten..
打開網頁的深色模式。 保護好您的眼睛,在夜間和日常瀏覽時使用深色主題。
Take care of your eyes day and night using dark mode or change screen brightness to special eye-protective color. Dark Theme extension enables night mode on nearly all websites and..
read any language in any script
translit let's you read any language in (almost) any alphabet or script. For example, you could translit Korean text to Latin letters. Or English text to Korean letters, for what i..
Readapt by Contentsquare Foundation
With Readapt, you can customise your reading preferences and adapt text on websites to suit your reading comfort. Designed for those with reading challenges like dyslexia and poor ..
Using AI Assistant for Search (formerly Bard for Google Pro), access Bard AI and ChatGPT results alongside google search results
AI Assistant for Search Introducing "AI Assistant for Search" (formerly "Bard for Google Pro" or "Bard extension for Search"). Get AI-driven results seamlessly integrated with your..
该翻译器是您翻译未知外来词、句子或整篇文章的日常帮手。 这是一种在不中断工作的情况下将文本翻译成另一种语言的简单快捷的方法。 使用世界上最准确的翻译器 Web Translate 在阅读和写作时进行翻译。 使用此翻译器,您无需离开浏览器即可享受 Google 翻译无与伦比的翻译质量。 您将能够毫不费力地即时翻译您在 Chrome 中阅读或书写的任何内容。 选..
For those who rely on Google Chrome for their browsing needs, the "Unlock Right-Click & Text Tools" extension emerges as a game-changer. It swiftly restores the right-click fun..
Experimental tools for people with reading differences
Summerbell helps you read and write with confidence anywhere on the web. Instantly access the Summerbell tools from any site. Use Reader to simplify a long social media post. Use W..
A native virtual keyboard based on the simple-keyboard package
This is a virtual keyboard extension for chromium based browsers. The extension uses native keyboard events and is therefore compatible with modern JavaScript frameworks such as Vu..
Adds 'git clone' before HTTPS and SSH clone URLs on GitHub.
🚀 Welcome to GitHub Clone Helper! Are you a developer, engineer, or tech enthusiast who frequently clones repositories from GitHub? If so, you know the drill. You need to prepend '..
Enable dark mode for web pages and PDFs.
DarkX PDF is the must-have browser extension that enhances your online experience with dark mode, and the best partit's completely free! What Does DarkX PDF Do? - Universal Dark Mo..
Better File Explorer for Chrome
Improves chrome's file explorer when browsing local files. ATTENTION: Enable "ALLOW ACCESS TO FILE URLS" in the extension settings for it to work properly.
Turns any selected text into a pleasant voice. Listen instead of reading!
Discover TextSpeecher, a handy tool that transforms webpage text into audio using text-to-speech (TTS) technology. It's compatible with a wide range of websites, including news pla..
Increase the chat size to match the screen size in ChatGPT, instead of the default narrow chat bubbles.
If you are using ChatGPT and got tired of the criminally narrow chat bubbles especially when using for coding, you can add this extension to make the chat fill the available space...
带有音量控制的易于使用的声音增强器。 将音量放大高达 600%。
如果歌曲或视频太安静,音量放大器可以帮助您,即使是最大音量。 使用我们的音量助推器,您可以将音量提高到 +600%。 此外,现代网站充斥着视频、音乐、流媒体视频、音频和广告等媒体内容。 要控制所有这些声音,您需要一个音量控制工具,该工具能够为每个选项卡设置单独的音量设置。 使用全新且令人惊叹的声音增强器,感受真正的不同。 您会注意到 PC 上的声音有了显着改..
谷歌浏览器的简单黑暗模式。 根据需要将所有网站切换到暗模式。 以夜间主题呵护您的眼睛。
Chrome 的黑暗模式可以在任何网站上打开黑暗主题。 现在上网更舒服了,因为你的眼睛会感觉好多了! 除此之外,您的浏览体验将更加时尚。 扩展的特点: - 完全免费,无应用内购买。 - 您可以为任何网站开启深色模式。 - 您可以一键安装插件。 - 插件很小,不会让你的电脑变慢。 我们的眼睛在夜间或光线不足的室内能更好地感知深色主题。 它看起来也很酷。 这种设..
使用 ActionScript 3 上的 Ruffle 運行 flash 文件的 Flash Player。在 Web 上玩最喜歡的 flash 遊戲。 Flash播放列表
Flash Player 是一款使用 Ruffle 仿真引擎運行您最喜愛的閃光燈的仿真器。 所有 Flash 遊戲、視頻和其他文件都將轉換為另一種格式,以便在瀏覽器中打開它們。 一個易於使用的擴展,允許用戶使用 JS 模擬器運行任何 Flash 遊戲或其他 SWF 文件,並且現有的 Flash 內容將簡單地工作,無需額外的設置或應用程序。 Flash Pla..
使用智能OCR技术,圈选网页中图像、视频或PDF扫描文件,可免费提取圈选内容文本,轻松破解网页禁止限制。 同时,提供传图OCR提取文字功能: 1. 支持将电脑任意位置,任意软件中的图片OCR识别; 2.支持通过复制粘贴OCR识别; 3.支持截图粘贴OCR识别; 4.支持拖拽图片OCR识别; 5.批量OCR识别,支持一次最多批量提取500张图片文字,批量校对,..
The Sound Amplifier helps to increase volume levels on any tab. With the sound booster, you will have a louder volume instantly.
Sound Booster is an extension that will allow you to increase the sound of your system. It can raise volume level up to 600%. Improve the sound quality in the Chrome browser to get..
Apply color filters to your web pages. Multiple dark mode themes. Ajust the brightness, contrast, saturation, etc.
# Note : After installing the extension, reload any open tabs or restart the chrome browser for the extension to work. ∘More than 30 filters to apply. ∘Turn any website to dark mod..
Easily remove friends on Roblox with RoFriender! Select individuals or remove all at once with this convenient extension.
This Roblox extension is a convenient and efficient tool for users who want to clean up their friend list and remove any unnecessary or unwanted friends. It is easy to use and can ..
黑暗主題是每個網站的經典黑暗模式。 深色主題將網站切換為深色閱讀器、夜班模式、夜間和日常瀏覽。 夜班模式
深色模式和深色閱讀器使您瀏覽的所有網站都變成深色/夜間模式,以便您可以在不疲勞的情況下瀏覽互聯網。 對於那些特別是在晚上使用互聯網的人來說,這是一個非常有用的 Chrome 擴展。 黑暗主題擴展。 適用於所有網站! 您需要刷新在安裝深色閱讀器之前打開的所有選項卡。 您還可以重新啟動 Chrome 以立即刷新所有選項卡。 否則,深色模式和夜班模式將僅適用於新打..
Zoom in and out of shared screens and cameras on Google Meet
You know when someone share their screen on Google Meet and it is barely readable because their screen is too big, so the letters are too small to read? Well, now you can just zoom..
Block ads and popunders on social websites. Makes websites work faster. Adblock for youtube to block pre-roll, banners and other ads
This extension is essential in your browser as it will let all the sites you enjoy browsing without advertisements and unwanted ads. Install now and watch the magic happen :) Block..
Watch video in floating window using Picture-in-Picture
This extension allows you to watch any video in a floating window (Picture-in-Picture View) outside the browser window. One of the best floating window extensions that enable the P..
提升您的 Roblox 体验! 它结合了许多功能,如 Ro Pro、BTR roblox 等
Add new features to the Roblox website. The powerful and easy-to-use tool that allows Roblox players to quickly and easily access the Roblox website and all of the features it has ..
为 Chrome 开启深色模式。 保护好您的眼睛,在夜间和日常浏览时使用深色主题。
深色阅读器Chrome 的深色模式是一种快速、精简且简单的扩展程序,可自动将浏览器内容的颜色变暖或变暗。 这个护眼扩展通过为网站动态创建深色主题来启用夜间模式。 深色阅读器会反转明亮的颜色,使它们具有高对比度并且在夜间易于阅读。 您将从暗模式扩展中获得什么: 1) 在每个网站上创建黑暗模式的简单方法。 此外,您可以从亮度、对比度到饱和度自定义深色主题视觉效果..
What Font allows you to know the font name, its family, color, style, size, position. Such a great tool to create designed web pages fastly. Now you can simply identify a liked fon..
Enhanced font rendering in Chrome!
Chrome Font Super Enhancer is an add-on to increase the readability of texts in Chrome, especially in those websites which use thin fonts. For many users, the Chrome browser render..
Converts PST and XBA Trophy Lists into printer-friendly text
If you want to print out trophy lists from PlaystationTrophies.org or XboxAchievements.com, this is for you!
Capture a screenshot of the entire ChatGPT page or selectively capture specific conversations.
ChatGPT 聊天内容截图插件&自定义更灵活 Selectable chat history screenshot extension 支持功能: * 一键生成完整的聊天记录截图&导出 自定义选择聊天记录生成截图&导出 FAQ: 1.What is ChatGPT Screen Capture ? ChatGPT Screen Ca..
Adds a variety of useful features to improve Roblox
Currently, this extension adds a total of 8 features to the Roblox website, including: - Appear Offline - All Time transactions - Profile Vanity URLs (https://roblox.com/users/user..
Displays AWS Account Labels in the AWS Console header (works with AWS SSO).
This plugin shows an AWS account name in the header of the AWS console based on a JSON configuration. After installation, please open extension options via the extensions menu and ..
用于在 Patreon 上应用自定义色彩主题的扩展
更改Patreon的主题颜色! 此扩展允许您更改Patreon的颜色主题。 可选择多种受支持的主题,例如: • 亮 • 温暖亮 • 暗 • 暗淡 • 暗高对比度 • 温暖暗 • 凉爽暗