Any website can be customised to your colour scheme in a single click with thousands of user styles’ gorgeous themes
Make your variant of the web with Stylish: ★ Browse countless topics for probably the most famous sites, including: Google, Youtube, Facebook, Tiktok, Twitter and then some! ★ Modi..
TalkGuidance is a screen reader powered by GPT, which designed to make web browsing more accessible for visually impaired users.
Introducing TalkGuidance GPT: A Revolutionary Screen Reader for the Visually Impaired TalkGuidance GPT is a Chrome extension designed to enhance web accessibility for visually impa..
Needyu.ai - 你的智能助手
🌟 概览: 通过Needyu,您的AI驱动助手,管理Google Meet、Zoom和Microsoft Teams会议,体验提升的生产力。不再为记笔记或错过关键信息而狼狈不堪——Needyu为您捕捉并整理一切! 从团队会议到销售电话,从在线课程到医疗咨询,Needyu确保不遗漏任何细节。利用我们最先进的AI技术,使每次会议更加富有成效和洞察力。🔍 🚀 功能..
Take back the controls on YouTube Shorts with playback, volume, progress bar and more!
⏭️ Control your YouTube Shorts just like a normal YouTube video! Features include progress bar, seeking, playback speed, auto skip and more. You can also customize the keybinds to ..
Disable the hover sidebar in Notion.
The sidebar in Notion is a great way to navigate between pages, but it can be distracting when you're working between windows. This Chrome extension prevents the sidebar from appea..
Telegram Web is a web version of Telegram messenger on desktop browser. telegram for web apply to windows and Mac Pc.
Telegram Web is a web-based version of messenger on any desktop browser. it apply to windows and Mac Pc. The extension feature allows us to send and receive online message on Deskt..
The extension will display the tech stack of the Repo when the user visits a GitHub Public Repo.
When a user visits a Github public repository, the extension will display that repository's tech stack alongside the page. Users can more easily get more information about reposito..
Suno Downloader Suno 下载器。适用于 Chrome 的 Suno AI 下载器 Suno 音乐下载
从 Suno AI 免费下载歌曲。 Suno Downloader 在 Suno AI 网站上添加了热门歌曲和新歌的下载按钮。 Suno AI Audio MP3 Downloader 允许您从 Suno.ai 和 Suno.com 网站无缝下载音频文件。 安装 Suno Downloader 扩展后,Suno 网站上的探索中的热门歌曲下将出现一个下载按钮,..
A tool that visualizes (2.5D) the stacking contexts of web pages.
Due to the stacking context concept of CSS, in certain situations, no matter how high the z-index value is, the desired result may not be achieved. By visualizing the stacking cont..
Replix AI maximizes your online presence to create efficiently by leveraging the power of GPT4. Say less to say more!
Replix AI enables contextual content generation blazingly fast. No more mental block, start replying to that email right away! With Replix AI, users can create high-quality content..
Extension for Capture My tweet (https://cmt.itsvg.in)
The best Twitter tool you were looking for! THIS IS AN EXCLUSIVE EXTENSION FOR CAPTURE MY TWEET (cmt.itsvg.in) How to use it? Step 1: Just install this extension. Step 2: Whenever ..
Automatically saves the pages you visit to the Wayback Machine.
This extension automatically archives all the pages you visit to the Wayback Machine, minimizing dead links for you and other people. It uses minimal data and bandwith, as it sends..
AI commenter for commenting on All social media platform like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
Introducing our revolutionary Chrome extension designed to supercharge your social media engagement! With the combined power of cutting-edge AI models such as ChatGPT and Gemini, o..
Guide the buyer from outreach to close with personal video messages they will never forget!
📹 MailVideoElevate Your Communication with Video Messages 🚀 Looking for a game-changer in your email and messaging communication? Meet MailVideo, the ultimate video messaging Chrom..
A web extension to save, manage and restore sessions, windows and tabs.
Features: ●Save and manage sessions ●Import and export sessions ●Save sessions automatically on an interval ●Filter URL list to track using match patterns ●Modern UI with Light and..
ChartIQ AI: Transform your trading experience with AI-powered insights
Transform your trading experience with the ChartIQ AI Chrome Extension, designed to provide AI-powered insights and advanced trading tools right at your fingertips. Whether you're ..
A very powerful devtool for any Mendix application.
Bizzomate Dev Tools, created to make your life easier! Get insights into any Mendix application by the press of a button. Browse your data, client state, check your security and mu..
AI bookmarking assistant that enables you to instantly save, highlight, annotate, retrieve web content
Simplify your tabs and bookmarks with PlutoAI, your personalized AI bookmark manager. Organize, manage, and access your saved content from the web effortlessly. Say goodbye to endl..
Alerts you when you've been scrolling your feed for too long.
Owing to the massive amounts of information present in our social media feeds, we end up wasting a lot of time scrolling through random information. This extension alerts users whe..
An unofficel extension to enhance Google Earth Engine, and Open Earth Engine experience.
This extension adds some useful feature to the browser code editor of Google Earth Engine Features: - a night mode - add a cache for the OEEL (Open Earth Engine Library) - open the..
使用 AI 技术从文本描述中在线创建专业徽标。
在几秒钟内制作出令人惊叹的徽标 我们将帮助您为您的个人或企业徽标找到正确的徽标样式、字体、图标和颜色组合。 人工智能技术让标志创作变得简单 为什么使用我们的徽标创建器绝对简单? 因为您只需要文字描述即可获得徽标。 聪明的 我们的人工智能引擎了解徽标数据和设计最佳实践,以便为您的品牌制作精美的设计。 专业的 就像专业的人类设计师一样,我们提供多种徽标格式和品牌..
微信公众号图文创作利器:Markdown 编辑器 + 多平台图片托管 借助我们创新的浏览器插件,轻松创作引人入胜的微信公众号图文内容。该插件集成了功能强大的 Markdown…
微信公众号图文创作利器:Markdown 编辑器多平台图片托管 借助我们创新的浏览器插件,轻松创作引人入胜的微信公众号图文内容。该插件集成了功能强大的 Markdown 编辑器和主流图片托管平台,并支持使用官方微信公众号图片托管服务,让您免费存储图片,助您高效创作图文内容。 核心功能: - 简易 Markdown 编辑:使用我们直观的 Markdown 编辑..
加入知识星球社群之后,如果很长时间不看,就会有很多消息堆积,通过选定时间范围,提取标签和生成标签,通过标签筛选可以快速定位关注的内容。 同时,对于长文,使用AI进行摘要,可以帮忙快速阅读
Grid with any sized or any color for body
Why is Vertical Rhythm an Important Typography Practice? You probably heard of the term Vertical Rhythm if you researched a little about typography on the web. It’s one of the most..
Browsebook allows you to save URLs directly from your browser tab or manually input them.
BrowseBook is the perfect companion for managing your favorite websites, saving important links, and keeping your digital life organized. With BrowseBook, you can easily save, sear..
Add Free Text to Speech - Speechit extension in Chrome and read text out loud from news, articles, websites and many other sources
Introducing Speechit: The Ultimate Text to Speech Extension Speechit revolutionizes the way you interact with online content by seamlessly converting webpage text into high-quality..
Scriptionary acts as a repository for various ServiceNow client and server side code snippets. Users can quickly save and paste…
Scriptionary acts as a repository for various ServiceNow client and server side code snippets. Users can quickly save and paste code on the fly using the built in context menu or a..
Add button to GitLab files/diffs to open them in your local editor. Currently supports VSCode, Emacs, and Rider.
Adding this extension creates icons in Gitlab next to the built-in "Copy File Path" icon that, when clicked, will open that file in your editor. For any project in Gitlab, you spec..
The Cerby extension allows you to quickly and easily manage your accounts.
The Cerby Chrome extension allows you to quickly and easily manage your accounts. Cerby extends the reach of existing Identity solutions like Okta, enabling Security and IT teams t..
ColorCraft is a must-have extension for every developer's toolkit. It's the ultimate time-saver in your web design process. With…
ColorCraft is a must-have extension for every developer's toolkit. It's the ultimate time-saver in your web design process. With effortless color identification, real-time modifica..
Singapore's cityscape at night is a stunning blend of modernity and tradition. The skyline sparkles with illuminated skyscrapers,…
Singapore's cityscape at night is a stunning blend of modernity and tradition. The skyline sparkles with illuminated skyscrapers, while the Marina Bay Sands stands majestically, re..
Unlock the true power of ChatGPT with 2900 ready-to-use prompt templates & features to automate all your writing & research tasks.
Promptmatic is the ultimate time saver for ChatGPT users. Works perfectly with both ChatGPT free and paid accounts. With Promptmatic installed in your browser, you can: 🟢 Prepare a..
Craft Perfect Tweet Replies & DM with GPT-4 AI
A chrome extension that could change everything about how you engage on X! TweeFeed uses GPT 4 EngineDataPrompt Engineering to craft personalized responses in just seconds. Whether..
Make websites more accessible for people with colour vision deficiencies.
Color Vision Deficiency Assistant is one of the first web extensions created by color blind people to help other color blind people navigate the web. It is designed to be able to p..
Shinkai supercharges AI to better handle your daily tasks and helps the AI to stay up-to-date with global information.
Shinkai Visor: Supercharged AI to Perform Daily Tasks & Access Up-to-Date Knowledge Shinkai Visor is not just a Chrome extension; it's a leap towards a smarter, privacy-focused..
Search, Sort, Filter, Read YouTube Comments in spreadsheet format. Navigate through Comments & Responses with arrow keys.
New in version 1.0.17 + Shortcut key now is Ctrl+Shift+Y (for extension popup)which can be changed in extension settings + Any short video can quickly be opened in a regular video ..
Show the first byte of the HTTP response from the active URL
Open the popup to show the first byte of the HTTP response from the active URL
Reload an unpacked extension with one click, hotkey or automatically.
Documentation: https://github.com/loftyshaky/advanced-extension-reloader/blob/master/README.md#content Advanced Extension Reloader is a browser extension that reloads unpacked exte..
Enhances your GitLab experience.
Maximize productivity and streamline your workflow on GitLab with this Google Chrome extension! This powerful extension introduces a suite of features specifically designed to opti..
The game is a typical tower building game. But you can play alone or with a friend, competing for dexterity.
When playing single player, the goal is to build as many blocks as possible. When playing for two, the goal is to place the last block Controls on computer: hold down the left mous..
Add a simple grid to any page with adjustable size, and color.
Page Grid is an extension that enables you to draw an adjustable grid layout on any page. To work with this addon, please navigate to a webpage and then press the toolbar button on..
Blur parts of a web page, before taking screenshots or screen recordings
Do you often need to mask confidential or sensitive details on a web page? Why spend many hours blurring parts of your videos, when you can blur them before recording? Save time in..
Pull request management for OpenText Octane developers
This Chrome extension assists OpenText Octane developers in managing their pull requests. It establishes a connection to a dedicated server to fetch information about pull requests..
智译医学翻译采用限定性神经网络技术,中英、英中方向采用基于海量优质医学语料训练的医学模型,医学术语翻译更准确,表述更规范,帮助您更好地阅读医学资料。 同时也支持多种语言,包括常见语种、小语种和民族语言与中文的互译。 主要功能: 网页翻译:浏览网页时,可自动检测页面语言,快速翻译为您设置的目标语言。支持双语对照,可设置个性化译文样式。 划词翻译:在页面上划选需..
See the relative popularity of pages on Wikipedia.
This is a simple extension that displays a meter that shows how popular a page is on Wikipedia. I made this extension because I personally find it useful to know how popular a page..
Shows OpenAPI (swagger) yaml/json rendered by redoc. This extension previews github or url
openapi yaml/json file shows in the github.com or file tab of your browser to swagger-ui external rendering site(https://redoc-viewer.vercel.app/) in a new tab. For file views on t..
Snake Land is the best game for Chrome!. Now you can play right on Chrome™ Browser! Offline and Popup Version. Have fun!
Description Build a fortified tower, install the most powerful crossbows and cannons and fight back the enemy troops! - All battles take place with other players. - Defend your tow..
Blur or gray images and videos in your browser to gain control over how you are exposed to content
The Blurrify extension lets you set the intensity of an image blur, make all images grayscale, and gives you an option to unblur content on hover. Who is this for? - Anyone browsin..
Heyboard is a workflow manager from the future. It keeps tabs on your work and surfaces what needs your attention.
With one click, stash any workflow from anywhere, and purge it from your mental space. Heyboard transforms it all into one actionable daily feed, ranked by your priorities. Feature..