Quick Capture for Obsidian
# Obsidian Capture ToolChrome Extension Allows you to quickly capture notes from the Chrome browser and save them to your local as a .md file You can save this to your Obsidian Vau..
Help bypass CORS when making requests from Restfox
Restfox is web based HTTP client (similar to Postman & Insomnia) that allows you to test HTTP endpoints completely in-browser without using a backend or a desktop application. ..
matrixNote is a live-preview markdown note-taking app in side panel. matrixNotes sync notes with local disk and coud drive
📢 Markdown notes in side panel with live preview. 📌 Why you should consider this: ✪ live preview markdown ✪ Organize notes with colorful & Nested labels ✪ Fast Fuzzy search ✪ C..
## 解决了什么问题 当我们在浏览网页时看到一个数据表格,很想将它下载到本地的excel或者csv文件,以便进一步分析,这个小插件能让我们操作更简单。 ## 使用步骤 1. 点击插件图标,它会自动显示网页中有哪些表格。如果网页中有表格却没有检测到,可以点击面板中刷新按钮试试。 2. 鼠标悬浮在结果列表时,可以预览表格的内容。 3. 轻轻一点按钮,复制到剪贴板..
Enable a wider frequency and duration range for the audio trace function in Desmos.
This extension extends the range of the audio trace functionality in Desmos from ~E4-E5 to A0-C8, and the maximum trace time from 20 seconds to 320 seconds. To play correctly, ensu..
Allows to quickly find logs by some filter column (like traceId)
Quick Kibana Log extension is designed to speed up your workflow. With the simple button you can find logs based on provided filter value. It mostly used to find all related logs b..
ChandlerAi, your affordable personal AI assistant
ChandlerAi, a ChatGPT-powered Chrome extension, is your AI assistant capable of answering any question you might have, offering an experience akin to using ChatGPT directly. Chandl..
代码格式化工具--一体化扩展,为 CSS、JSON 和 JavaScript 提供复杂的语法高亮显示。
该扩展程序经过精心设计,简洁高效,可增强 CSS、JSON 和 JavaScript 的可读性和美观性,而不会带来不必要的复杂性。 🧑💻主要功能: ➡️ 语法高亮: 先进的 CSS、JSON 和 JavaScript 语法高亮功能。轻松识别并理解代码结构。 ➡️ 可读代码格式: 自动美化 CSS、JSON 和 JavaScript,以清晰易读的格式呈现。 ➡..
DXOS Composer Web Extension
Collaborate with your team on GitHub issues in real-time with DXOS Composer. This extension replaces the default GitHub issue editor with a real-time collaborative code-editor with..
This is an unofficial extension that allows You to make any video source fullscreen in a google meeting.
This extension basically enables a fullscreen button when a video source is added on a google meeting, so You can maximize it and pay attention to every detail is being shared with..
Web copilot for all, free & open-source!
Limmat is a fork of web pilot that supports free large language model inference service.
Clipsidian lets you capture in-browser selected content and send it directly to your Obsidian vault.
Copy selected web page content to your Obsidian notes: In your web browser, select the content you want to add to your Obsidian vault. Right-click on the highlighted content. From ..
Improve the Amazon Vine experience.
This extension allow users of Amazon Vine to: - Hide items - Fix the infinite loading wheel issue - Link to the (non-official) AmazonVine discord server - View some ETV fees from t..
Introducing CurateIt - the ultimate all-in-one Chrome extension for organizing and saving your favorites.
Introducing CurateItthe ultimate all-in-one Chrome extension for organizing and saving your favorite ideas, articles, and inspirations from across the web. With CurateIt, you can k..
Seamless EPUB阅读器插件, font customization, color themes, and more - PageTurn, Your Personalized Reader Extension
Introducing PageTurn Book ReaderYour Personalized Reader Extension 📖✨ Unlock the world of seamless EPUB reading with powerful customization features: 📚 Read EPUB books effortlessly..
A DevTools extension to interpret network requests in real time within a friendly way.
A DevTools extension to interpret network requests in real time within a friendly way. Main functions: 1. Network requests could be manually / automatically loaded into the extensi..
潜入流畅搜索和毫不费力的信息检索的世界,使用 Enhance Gemini,这是一款为希望与 Gemini 聊天机器人无缝集成的用户量身定制的尖端 Chrome 扩展。这款扩展旨在满足效率追求者和好奇心旺盛的人的需求,将 Gemini 的对话式搜索能力直接带入您的 Chrome 浏览器,允许丰富的浏览体验,既快速又直观。 主要特点: 从任何地方即时启动 Ge..
Refreshes NetSuite center portlets across all open NetSuite tabs.
The NetSuite Portlet Refresher targets the refresh button element on each portlet window within each NetSuite Center page. At user set intervals, the portlets will refresh across a..
Multiple changes to the roblox site for a better user experience.
Discord Server: https://discord.gg/wwbCgR2sZ5 The extension adds several features and fixes such as: Session DetectorSends you a notification of when a new login is detected Discor..
Preview discogs tracks easier.
Discogify is a small music video player for Discogs website that allows you to preview any item that contains YouTube videos in a easy and practical way without having to jump thro..
Detects Tailwind CSS use in a web page.
Important links: 1. GitHub: https://github.com/dankore/built-with-tailwind-css 2. Documentation: https://dankore.github.io/built-with-tailwind-css About: Detects Tailwind CSS use i..
使用 AIPrompter 您可轻松的在浏览器内将简单的提示转化为详细的提示,快速完成提示词的填写和翻译操作,适用于 Stable Difussion、Midjourney、ComfyUI、Fooocus、Leonardo.ai 等平台。 AIPrompter 致力于帮助用户快速添加、翻译提示词,为AI创作激发无限灵感。 ####主要功能#### 【提示词词..
【专属的AI伙伴】——可以在任何网页中帮助用户快速阅读,提供灵感,在聊天对话中为用户答疑解惑 - 🖌️ 划词伴随:选中要处理的文本,一键快捷解释、总结、翻译等,扩写、改写、续写能力辅助高效创作。 - 💬 聊天对话:和百度AI伙伴一起聊天,回答用户的一切问题,提供创意灵感。 - 智能摘要:点击内容摘要,帮用户快速总结归纳文章,生成全文要点,快速Get重点信息。..
The chrome extension for Increasing the videos per row.
The chrome extension for Increasing the videos per row on all pages. Source Code: https://github.com/sapondanaisriwan/youtube-row-fixer Bug Report: https://github.com/sapondanaisri..
gRPC-Web Developer Tools for debugging application's gRPC-Web network requests.
gRPC-Web Developer Tools is a Chrome DevTools extension for the official gRPC-Web library. It allows you to inspect the gRPC network log in the Chrome Developer Tools, and displaye..
domain-wise markdown notes in side panel. auto-sync notes with local disk and cloud. custom themes
📢 Website notes in side panel with live preview and local disk sync. 📌 Why you should consider this: ✪ live preview markdown ✪ Website specific(Domain-wise) notes ✪ No signup requi..
Augment your biomedical research with AI-powered literature analysis. Gain tools to streamline reading and uncover evidence faster.
Keeping up with the latest literature can be overwhelming in today's fast-paced scientific landscape. With over 3,000 new papers published daily on PubMed alone, it's nearly imposs..
Pause/Play Rewind/Forward video tutorials without using Alt+Tab or Command+Tab
Don't want to use Alt+Tab when you want to pause/play rewind/forward the video tutorial you are watching from YouTube (any video sites) while actively typing your code, editing a p..
Adds an "edit tags" button to every object on osm.org.
This is a WebExtension that adds an "Edit Tags" button to all node, way, and relation pages on the osm.org website. The button opens a text area for editing raw tags (in form key=v..