See whether the viewed vacation rental listing is available at different prices on other sites.
Your Digital Travel Agent 🚀 Transform your vacation rental search with our HiChee Chrome Extension! 🌟 Compare prices from Airbnb, Booking.com, Vrbo, and direct bookingsSide by side..
Search and Export your X/Twitter bookmarks with complete privacy.
Explore the power of BookmarkPilot – your all-in-one X/Twitter Bookmark tool. Conveniently view your X/Twitter Bookmarks. Search by Name, Handle, or Tweet Text with ease. Export se..
A simple but effective text annotator, which helps save annotations from the web.
Sifter is a browser extension that highlights web pages with different colors. These highlighted paragraphs are saved in a bookmark and can be queried by searching or revisiting th..
Moli AI是一款AIGC营销创作工具,用于批量、快速、高效地生成外贸相关的多媒体内容,例如:产品详情描述、通用产品文章、公司自我介绍、询盘回复建议、展会邀请涵等需要大量时间精力准备的建站资料和运营资料。 使用方式: Moli AI适用于所有网站,在页面右下角或文本框右侧,找到“Moli AI机器人”图标,点击即可唤醒使用。 AI能力: 1、对话创作模式,..
Browser extension to save images and upload them to Collecta.
Right click to save into your Collecta.
【有道灵动翻译】使用有道翻译大模型,沉浸式网页翻译的首选工具! 实时对照翻译:让任何网页变成对照。输入框即时翻译:输入中文轻松变英文。
🔥功能亮点🔥: 1. 实时对照翻译:使用有道翻译大模型,无论是外文网站、学术资料还是国际新闻,一键转换为中英对照,提高阅读效率! 2. 输入框即时翻译:无论是社交、邮件还是国际论坛,点击输入框旁图标,中文轻松变英文,跨文化交流从未如此简单! 3. 图片翻译:图片邮件即可开启 🌟为何选择【有道灵动翻译】?🌟 提高学习与工作效率:无论是学术研究、工作报告还是日常..
Easy Highlight是一款自动化的Chrome扩展程序,能够在任何网页上轻松地对关键词进行高亮显示!使用我们的扩展程序,您可以轻松地高亮您感兴趣的关键词,非常适合各种用户,包括人力资源专业人员、学者、学生以及任何想要改善在线阅读体验的人士。您也可以高亮自己公司的名称和业务名,以便随时注意到相关的信息。 ✔️功能: 1.轻松自动高亮:只需输入您想要高亮..
A Google Chrome extension that adds a convenient link to your GitHub profile in the existing navigation bar.
GitHub: My Profile Link is an extension that enhances your GitHub experience by seamlessly integrating a direct link to your personal profile. Accessible right from the navigation ..
Automatically summarize articles/videos/PDFs, answer complex questions, schedule repeating tasks, detect misinformation, and more!
Correkt AI is an all-in-one autonomous agent that integrates perfectly into your workflow. Broadly, Correkt helps you: 📖 Automatically summarize articles, PDFs, and YouTube videos ..
When viewing web page, click the Acronymus icon to expanded finance abbreviations and see tooltips for finance terms
Financial abbreviations and acronyms, along with finance terminology can be extremely daunting. It might take many hours to learn investing terminology and in order to get what is ..
Efficiently save and synchronize tabs across devices without the need for personal logins.
★ Free Forever & Open Source A passion project dedicated to better browsing, Tab Keeper will always remain free. - GitHub: https://github.com/justine-george/tab-keeper-react-ch..
Integrate third-party services with VOID platforms.
VOIDSync offers a seamless integration of your ChatGPT account with VOID Chat, enabling you create your own personalized and unrestricted AI agents using GPT models available from ..
Auto Translate captions with Deepl API on Udemy and Coursera.
💡Unlock the world of e-learning with DeBabel.💡 DeBabel is the ultimate tool for global e-learning. With our extension, you can easily translate Udemy captions into multiple languag..
More than just a study tool; an academic companion that makes learning interactive, efficient, and enjoyable.
🧠 Introducing SmartAzz: Your Ultimate AI-Powered Study Companion! 🌟 Unleash the power of AI to ace your studies with groundbreaking features. 🚀 AutoPlayer: Automatically helps with..
Unlock full potential of PDF: Summarize,chat and image recognition - your all-in-one AI extension for smarter document interaction
Transform your browsing experience with PopAi, the cutting-edge Chrome extension that brings the power of AI to your fingertips. Designed for professionals, educators and students,..
Beautifies Git and CVS code patches on the browser.
Updates - Add support for git patch Features - Code syntax highlighting - Light/ dark mode Usage 1. Open a code patch file on a Chrome browser 2. Click on the ecdiff extension icon..
Remembers and auto-fills your answers on Duolingo.
This extension was originally conceived with the intention of addressing the tediousness of some Legendary Challenges. For each Legendary Challenge (and inside a same unit), the ex..
Complete pull requests on GitHub more quickly, more collaboratively, and more Visibly.
Features: 1. Review Thread StatusAllows you to quickly set or check the status of each review comment thread. As a pull request author, statuses serve as a task list, reducing the ..
Minimalistic HTTP Client for API Development and Testing
Restfox is a minimalistic HTTP Client for API Development and Testing. Which gets out of your way and keeps things simple. Features: - Workspaces - Tabs - Nested Folders - Lots of ..
List down all countries from upwork jobs listing page , and filter/exclude listed projects from display based on selected countries
This extension runs only on upwork.com website, In this extension upwork filter feature is enhanced and add the capability to exclude listed projects from display based on selected..
Organize the saved posts from your Reddit account.
Looking for a convenient way to browse all those saved posts from your Reddit account? Well, look no further! Saved Post Organizer for Reddit automatically groups all of your saved..
Boost your productivity on Webflow with our tools, including AI-powered automatic Alt text generation.
Increase your productivity on Webflow with our extension that comes with features to streamline your workflow. Currently our key feature is the AI-powered alt text generator, a mus..
An extension which enables split pane functionality in NetSuite pages
Elevate your experience with the NetSuite SplitView extensionSeamlessly transform the way you navigate through NetSuite links by unlocking the power of split pane browsing. Revolut..