Debug requests served by Edgio.
This extension helps developers who deploy their web properties behind Edgio to debug the CDN's behavior. It adds an "Edgio" tab to the Chrome Devtools that allows you to see helpf..
有了基于GPT的人工智能内容总结和思维导图,让我们向冗长难懂的文章和视频说再见!甚至干脆让AI对内容发表一下自己的观点,从另一种视角给你一个新的解读。同时支持内容与字幕的超级快览与翻译,一切尽在弹指间~🫰🏻 🚀 易读·EasyRead,你的阅读提效助手,现已开放公测。注册即送免费使用额度!🚀 🔥 主要特色: - 一键获取文章总结、思维导图,快速掌握长文概要,..
Automagic is an auto-reloader for ChatGPT that auto-reloads ChatGPT whenever it is at capacity.
Automagic is an auto-reload & auto-refresh utility for ChatGPT, that does the magic whenever ChatGPT is at it's maximum capacity. It effectively leverages a tiny but useful aut..
Evaluate biases, quality and reliability of your last ChatGPT answer.
Use Skeptic AI to enhance your understanding and critical thinking in an AI-driven World. Skeptic AI is driven by two primary objectives that shape its purpose: 1. Unveiling AI’s Q..
Display pipline run tags in pipeline list view
This extension will enhance your Azure DevOps experience by displaying pipeline run tags in the pipeline list view. Without this extension, you have to use a filter with a known ta..
An AI-powered Chrome extension that groups your tabs intelligently based on a prompt.
This chrome extension lets you group tabs based on a simple prompt with the help of OpenAI’s GPT-3. Disclaimer: To use this extension you would need to add your own API key, for wh..
Manage pixiv Bookmark Tags Easily
Features ・Show bookmark tags that you have tagged in bookmark page. ・Submit new bookmark tags from any page. ・Image viewer (zoom in / out & fullscreen). On the bookmark page, t..
BuddyX, the ultimate tool for optimising your work, so you can focus on the important things.
For $39, you gain access to a comprehensive suite of analytics features and productivity tools, coupled with 5-star support, to make your daily operations exceptionally smooth and ..
Your AI helper with the latest ChatGPT models, inside any text-area! For Twitter, Linkedin, Gmail, Wordpress and many more.
Get ChatGPT response on any website by just typing simple command in any text area: “nova: (command)enter or ;” Not sure what to reply? No problem. Simply select the text you want ..
See your desired website in the browser side panel.
With the Page to Sidebar extension, you can easily see your desired website in the browser's sidebar or side-panel (in mobile or desktop views). Once the addon is installed, please..
Muse GPT Page
## 概述 一键通过OpenAI ChatGPT 获得当前浏览的网站包括Youtube、Bilibili视频的摘要、精彩时间点、用户评论并对这些内容完成自动分类。再通过一键,即可将这些摘要和网站信息保存到你自己的Notion表格中!方便有效的获取和组织互联网上有价值和有趣的内容! 现有功能永久免费,立即体验! 我知道你的时间和知识很宝贵,我希望创建一种更有效..
dark mode for snap.berkely.edu
Snap! burning your eyes to ashes? SnapFox has you covered! SnapFox provides a dark mode similar to the Snap! Forums but for the homepage! Now you can enjoy coding with ease!
AI Summarizer: text summarizer, ariticle summarizer, just like resoomer but free | AI Translator: Native American Word Translation
Feature Summary: ✅ AI Summarizer: text summarizer, ariticle summarizer, just like resoomer but free ✅ AI Translator: Native American Word Translation ✅ AI Search Engine For Develop..
Provides you the feature to upload files to ChatGPT and make it more user specific
UPDATE: 1. New UI 2. Now users can provide 100 word long custom prompt which can be written in the text box before submitting a file. Boost your interaction with ChatGPT using GPT-..
本插件基于OpenAI的API开发,功能是你打开任何豆瓣读书|微信读书的书籍页面时右边能弹出一个对话框给你这本书的基本总结,然后你可以跟这本书进行对话,比如询问了解关于书籍的任何信息,抑或是让它出题考察你对书的理解,帮助你复习;或者帮你✍️写书评等。 完全免费,但是你需要有OpenAI 的API key。 使用步骤: 1、安装本插件 2、前往https://..
Get more done while you browse
With You.com as your search assistant, get concise answers to your Google search queries, find answers on any page, summarize content, and dig deeper with follow-upsall in a single..
Text-loving friend for the average internet user
Browser addon to work on text selections. Quickly lookup, translate, search, open links and text links in background using a customizable overlay and or a configurable context menu..
Rayo is a Chrome Extension that summarizes any webpage for screen reader users with just one click using ChatGPT OpenAI
The Rayo Assistant is a powerful Chrome extension specifically designed to enhance the browsing experience for visually impaired individuals. With just one click, Rayo leverages th..
Bitso Google Chrome Extension. One Click torrent download.
Use our extension to simply add torrent to your Bitso pannel with single click. Enter any website and right click at the magnet or HTTP/HTTPS torrent link, and simply click 'Add to..
This extension adds a link from each ArXiv page to the corresponding HF Paper page Source code:…
This extension adds a link from each ArXiv page to the corresponding HF Paper page Source code: https://github.com/julien-c/arxiv-to-hf