Generate barcodes directly from your browser
Easily generate barcode images from selected text with the Barcode Generator Chrome Extension. Transform any text into a barcode in just a few clicks, supporting various popular ba..
Brick Out is a HTML5 Arcade Game - Destroy all the bricks and collect any falling power-ups to move to the next level.
INTRODUCTION Play Brick Out on your Google Chrome Browser with our simple & lightweight extensionNo Internet required, no ADS, and 100% Free! HOW TO INSTALL? 1. Click "Add to C..
跟踪速卖通 3 或 6 个月内的价格历史记录
主要特点: 1. 速卖通价格历史,可以查看3个月或6个月的价格历史。速卖通历史最低价 2. 跟踪速卖通产品,加入收藏,在价格下降或上涨时收到通知。速卖通调整价格 3. 找同款产品,在产品图片上方点击鼠标右键,您可以搜索更多同款产品。速卖通发展概况 4. 产品评论,查看来自其他买家的晒图。速卖通发展历史和现状 6. 查快递,跟踪包裹。 7. 复制产品链接并分享..
A casual cookie clicker game where you gather cookies by clicking cookies. The more you click, the greater your cookie empire.
Tired of clicking? Buy upgrades that will make cookies for you! Buy as many items from the shop as you can to increase your cookie production! Features: - Play offline (no internet..
Save screenshots and other images to Pinterest, visually search pins and list pinnable images on a page.
For help/questions/suggestions contact @Vitaminiser on Twitter! A little addon for Pinterest™ lovers! Features include: ✔ save images on any web page to your boards; ✔ create scree..
View Facebook stories absolutely anonymously
View Facebook Stories and stay anonymous and private. Anonymous Stories for Facebook keeps you private and safe at any time. Use my extension to view Stories in Stealth Mode. This ..
Take full page screenshot of any website on Chrome browser. 在 Chrome 浏览器上对任何网站进行整页截图。
只需单击一个按钮,即可轻松截取网站的完整屏幕截图。该扩展程序将自动滚动网站并捕获整页屏幕截图。 然后您就可以将其作为单个图像进行复制或下载。 ❤️ 它是如何运作的? 按着这些次序。 - 下载扩展并将扩展固定在右上角。 - 进入你想截屏的页面,然后点击右上角的扩展图标。 ❤️ 隐私和兼容性? - 截图仅用于此处提及的目的。您可以复制并与您选择的任何人共享。我们..
Free AdSpy tool for Pinterest Ad Library. Search best ads examples. Find winning products.
The Best Free AdSpy tool for Pinterest Ad Library to find your next winning product! Spy on your competitor's ads by searching and filtering with free chrome extension. Key Feature..
主要特点: 1. 在任意网站以图搜同款,可搜到速卖通、淘宝、阿里巴巴、1688等网站上的同款产品。 2. 对比同款产品并将结果导出到Excel 3. 截图翻译,点鼠标右键选截图并翻译上面的文字 4. 下载1688和淘宝等网站上的产品图片,在AliPrice网站翻译和编辑图片 5. 从速卖通和亚马逊下载评论图片,导出评论到Excel 6. 将1688、淘宝的购..
Download Facebook friends list to Excel / CSV.
A smart tool for Facebook research or analysis, one click to export Facebook any user's friends list to CSV and Excel. #1 Download Facebook any user's friends list for leads genera..
Transform your writing with the power of AI. Say hello to effortless content creation with WriteMateAI.
Introducing WorkMate AI, the perfect writing companion that will help you effortlessly create articles and emails with the power of artificial intelligence! Are you tired of spendi..
Mi Home For PC, Windows, Mac - Free Download
Mi Home For PC, Windows, MacFree Download" is a handy Chrome extension that provides users with valuable battery statistics right from their desktop or laptop. Designed specificall..
Use the InBalance Tab themed extension to search directly from a new tab.
An ideal extension for personal and work usage would be a versatile task management tool that combines the functionality of a to-do list with features specifically designed to cate..
Multi sessions!
Manage multiple accounts on your favourite website from single browser. Log into multiple accounts on the same site simultaneously. No more need for secondary browsers and incognit..
Breakcold is a Social Selling CRM but also a Sales CRM with an easy to use sales pipeline management tool.
Breakcold is a social selling software and a modern sales CRM for LinkedIn & Twitter with sales engagement features. With this google chrome extension, you can: - engage with y..
Screenshot ChatGPT, Full Page, or Selected Area
Gemoo Snap is an easy-to-use screenshot tool. Capture screenshots of ChatGPT conversations, add annotations, and instantly share them with anyone. Choose from capture options like ..
主要特点: 1. 价格历史图表,显示3/6个月的价格历史。 2. 收藏夹,将商品添加到收藏列表,价格下降时收到推送提醒。 3. 阿里巴巴快捷方式和搜索框。 4. 复制链接,添加了复制链接按钮,方便你分享产品。 如果您有任何疑问或建议,请随时联系我们: https://www.aliprice.com/information/index?page=contac..
On the way, recruit people to your team, become a community and beat your opponents.
Get ready for a trendy adventure game. Gather all the helpers around and become the champion of the city. How To Play Played with Mouse. Crowd City Arcade Game Features ✓ Little pa..
iHomepage 新一代浏览器主页
iHomepage 定制你的浏览器主页(新标签页),让你的浏览器主页既好看又好用,怎么看都看不腻。 功能介绍 - 设计和交互: 我们极度重视艺术设计和交互体验,狠扣细节,让产品不仅好看还很好用。 - 壁纸: 我们精选优质壁纸,怎么换怎么好看,怎么看都看不腻。 - 网站: 我们精选海量优质网站,分组归类,让你添加网站轻轻松松。 - 自定义网站: 支持添加自定义..
Add ranked-choice voting to your surveys, polls, and spreadsheets.
RankedVote for Google Forms and Sheets calculates, explains, and visualizes any ranked-choice data you collect. It’s optimized for the specific response format that Google Sheets u..
Chat GPT Davinci model. Input your API key, enter a question, then Ask Ben. Copy the response or clear the text box.
This is a fast to access way to get hold of Chat GPT, without need to go to the webpage and sign in. Ask Ben (chat gpt) anything. All you need to do is get an OpenAI API key and en..
Learn sign language passively as you surf the web.
As you browse the internet normally, Sign Learner will highlight words on each webpage randomly. Simply hover over the highlighted word and a video with the corresponding sign will..
View real-time crypto prices by hovering over Twitter $Cashtags and #Hashtags in anyones Tweets
Instantly access live cryptocurrency prices by simply hovering over Twitter $Cashtags and #Hashtags within any tweet. Track price fluctuations of crypto assets since the time a twe..
You must defend your castle against incoming enemies and you have to complete the levels.
Get ready to defend your castle with a crazy archer! Join this challenging adventure with challenging enemies. Archery Castle Defense has three different archer skins and levels. A..
Fast, efficient, privacy-focused ad blocker. Experience ad-free browsing with 1Block.
Surf the internet free of interruptions with 1Blocka fast, efficient, and powerful ad-blocking extension. Designed to work seamlessly with the latest Manifest V3 architecture, 1Blo..
Using AI Assistant for Search (formerly Bard for Google Pro), access Bard AI and ChatGPT results alongside google search results
AI Assistant for Search Introducing "AI Assistant for Search" (formerly "Bard for Google Pro" or "Bard extension for Search"). Get AI-driven results seamlessly integrated with your..
Slope Unblocked Game is a superb 3D browser game to play online and offline! Enjoy our slope game unlimited.
Install this extension if you want to play the Slope Unblocked Game. This is a challenging game in which you have to roll a ball and not fall off. You can play our Slope even with ..
该翻译器是您翻译未知外来词、句子或整篇文章的日常帮手。 这是一种在不中断工作的情况下将文本翻译成另一种语言的简单快捷的方法。 使用世界上最准确的翻译器 Web Translate 在阅读和写作时进行翻译。 使用此翻译器,您无需离开浏览器即可享受 Google 翻译无与伦比的翻译质量。 您将能够毫不费力地即时翻译您在 Chrome 中阅读或书写的任何内容。 选..
Quick launch Depth & Complexity Icons
The Depth & Complexity Framework's Icons in one easy-to-use Chrome Extension! J Taylor Education and The Center for Depth & Complexity is excited to bring you this versatil..
Integration Module for internet download manager chrome extension. You can download with internet download manager