Easily search, manage, and edit all your Google tasks from one simple interface.
Finally, you can search, manage, and edit all your Google Tasks using advanced features and functionalitysearch by keyword, task status, date range, and more! Do you use Google Tas..
Choose your own YouTube layout, and more!
What if you could just choose your YouTube layout? Well, now you can! CustomTube lets you choose between recreations of any YouTube layout from 2008-2021, all with a single click! ..
TwExportly 是一个适用于 Twitter 的 Chrome 插件,可以让你一键将任何用户的推文导出为 Excel 文件
🎉 While Twitter only permits downloading of your own tweet archive, TwExportly enables effortless exporting and downloading of tweets from any Twitter account. After downloading, y..
We’ll protect you and your children against pornographic and malicious websites
- We block pornographic & erotic web sites and pages in social networks - We block sites harmful for human body (drugs, smoking blends etc.) - We block malicious website (virus..
Best AI Writer, Content Generator & Writing Assistant.
Prepare to witness the next big transformation in your writing experience on your favorite Browser, using WriteMe.Ai Google Chrome Extension. WriteMe.Ai’s Google Chrome Extension F..
Convert video or audio, podcasts and more to text. Transcribe video/audio and follow along the subtitle/transcription in real time.
Revoldiv chrome browser extension converts (transcribes) audio or video in your browser to text. You can follow along with the audio and read the transcribed text while the audio i..
IG Comments to Excel Exporter & Random Pick
🚀 Introducing InsCExport Instagram Comments & Giveaway InsC is a powerful Chrome extension designed to enhance your Instagram experience by providing efficient tools for extrac..
Quickly preview the content of a link by just hovering it.
This extension will help you preview the content of a link by just hovering it. This will save you more time on browsing some sites when looking for something in the web. New Versi..
打開網頁的深色模式。 保護好您的眼睛,在夜間和日常瀏覽時使用深色主題。
Take care of your eyes day and night using dark mode or change screen brightness to special eye-protective color. Dark Theme extension enables night mode on nearly all websites and..
Easily capture, organize, and access all your online clips directly in Notion.
Here to assist you in remembering everything and keep track of your web clips by saving and organizing them into Notion. 💡 Features: ✅ Save to Notion pages and databases ✅ Easily c..
TinySnap 是为每个人,特别是创业者、开发者和营销者创建的屏幕截图软件,不需要任何的设计技巧就可以制作出精致优雅的屏幕截图用于社交媒体、产品介绍、帮助文档的发布。
TinySnap is a production-ready screenshot extension tool created for everyone, especially creators, developers, and marketers. If you are still taking traditional boring screen cap..
Control video speed of video's on any page with the simple chrome extension
Control video speed of video's on any page with the simple chrome extension
Automatically document your business processes right as you do them with easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions with screenshots.
The Trainual Capture Chrome extension automatically documents your business processes right as you do them, creating easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions (pictures included). ..
You have to serve food to your customers without making them wait in the hamburger shop by the beach.
How good are you at cooking! Cook your best meals and grow your business. Start a crazy restaurant adventure. How To Play Played with Mouse. Beach Restaurant Game Features ✓ Career..
Enables the user to set specific times to open a tab for a specific URL with options of closing automatically the tab when complete
Our chrome extension, "Automatic Tab Opener" allows you to automate the opening of multiple URLs based on a cron expression or predefined intervals (e.g., daily, hourly, every minu..
Analyze brand traffic and key metrics for any website, including competitors, social metrics, and Truspilot...in less than a minute.
Analyze brand traffic and key metrics for any website, including competitors, social metrics, and backlinksin less than a minute. Branalyzer Chrome Extension allows you to find rel..
Huge selection of emoticons. Insert emoticons in one click!
We would like to present you our new super product Your Emoji Keyboard. It lies in the fact that with it you can use a lot of cool emoticons. In our time, emoticons are simply indi..
Draw over webpages, capture and save full page screenshots
Blackboard helps you live annotate web pages and take full length screenshot of your work! 🚀Features: ✏️ Pencil tool 📷 Full page screenshot ✨ Textbox 🎚️ Size adjustor for drawing/w..
SteamPlus is an extension that will enhance your steam experience (Like Steam Inventory Helper, Csgofloat or Csgotrader.app)…
SteamPlus is an extension that will enhance your steam experience (Like Steam Inventory Helper, Csgofloat or Csgotrader.app) Enhance work with tradeoffers (Fast check summary of of..
Drop in Akita for instant API observability
This extension lets you run Akita on website traffic to automatically generate an OpenAPI v3 specification. This tool is for Akita beta users who want to try out Akita's ability to..
Surface unseen relationships between people and companies and find the strongest connection to anyone you want to reach..
Connect The Dots reveals unseen relationships and hidden connections that help sellers sell. As you browse LinkedIn, Gmail, or Salesforce, open the extension to see: - A relationsh..
read any language in any script
translit let's you read any language in (almost) any alphabet or script. For example, you could translit Korean text to Latin letters. Or English text to Korean letters, for what i..
Remove Google doodles from the new tab page.
This extension replaces the new tab page with a page that aims to remain visually similar to the new tab page but without any Google doodles. NOTE: Personalized and dynamic aspects..
轻松在线编辑、转换、拆分和压缩 PDF。
CocoDoc is a comprehensive online PDF editor that everyone can use to edit, compress, eSign, merge, split PDF documents without hassles. Get easy access to any PDF related tool you..
Grey-out your non-working hours in Google Calendar to quickly see when you are on the clock 💯
About: • This extension allows you to 'grey-out' your non-working hours in the day, week and '4 day' views of Google Calendar. • Use it to quickly see which hours of your day are b..
Adblock for Youtube, FB, Twitter, Twitch and all other websites. Protect privacy and stop tracking with Adblock
Adblocker for Web is a browser extension that blocks all advertisements from appearing on a website. It gives the user more control over the content they are exposed to, so that Ad..
Hydra Dash Avengers is an HTML5 action game where players control Marvel characters and defeat Hydra enemies.
Hydra Dash Avengers is an HTML5 action game where players control Marvel characters and defeat Hydra enemies. Hydra Dash Avengers is a fun and action-packed HTML5 game based on the..
Designed for Ideao document camera, IdeaoCam let you take snapshots and create amazing video with ease! Connect with your Goolgle account, and access your file anywhere, anytime. I..
为 ChatGPT 添加宽屏和全屏模式,提供增强的视觉体验和减少滚动操作
ChatGPT 宽屏模式(Product Hunt 本周排名第二的产品!)是一款免费的 Chrome 扩展,它向 ChatGPT 聊天栏添加了宽屏、全窗口、全屏常规视图切换,以便于访问。 额外查看模式的好处包括减少滚动,以及增强响应,特别是以下类型: 💻 编程代码——通过防止单行换行和混淆代码来提高可读性 📃 多步骤说明 — 在一页上保留更多步骤,以便于查看..
Easy & fast temp mail. Create a free temporary, secure, anonymous, disposable email.
Many forums, Wi-Fi owners, websites, and blogs ask visitors to register before viewing content, posting comments, or downloading something. Mail1.io — is the most advanced throwawa..
Quickly copy & paste accented letters and symbols from a variety of languages!
This extension allows you to easily and effortlessly copy and paste accented letters and symbols from a variety of languages (currently Spanish, French, German, Romanian, Dutch, an..
Download AliExpress Product Images & Videos with description. The most popular addon for AliExpress!
Introducing our AliFastAliExpress Image & Videos Downloader Browser Extension! This powerful tool is designed to make it easy and convenient for you to download product images ..
Graze is 1-click follow, favorite, boost, bookmark, and reply for Mastodon, no matter what instance you call home.
Graze makes it easy to follow, favorite, boost, bookmark, and reply on Mastodon. You don't need to copy & paste links or search for content from other instances. With Graze, yo..
Allows you to download podcasts.
Do you want to download your favorite podcasts on Google Podcasts but don't know how? Well, this extension can help you with this task. It simply creates a button that allows you t..
Create hotkeys for Google Docs
Docs Hotkey allows for complex hotkey setups with simple configuration. Hotkeys can be set up to do the following: - Highlight in any color - Bold - Underline - Italicize - Change ..
Readapt by Contentsquare Foundation
With Readapt, you can customise your reading preferences and adapt text on websites to suit your reading comfort. Designed for those with reading challenges like dyslexia and poor ..
Automatically extract business names, addresses, photos, coordinates, websites, emails, social media and more from Bing Maps.
With this tool, can effortlessly search for businesses and extract valuable information such as business names, addresses, photos, coordinates, websites, emails, and social media p..
Create a screenshot of your ChatGPT conversation or select specific messages. The image is also copied to clipboard for easy sharing
Welcome to ChatGPT Screenshotter, the ultimate extension for capturing and sharing your ChatGPT conversations! Are you tired of manually scrolling through long conversations to tak..
Timesheet allows to track your working hours with a push of a button. You need a subscription from timesheet.io to use permanently.
Timesheet allows you to record your working time with a simple push of a button. Add working hours, expenses and notes to projects. Regular breaks are no problemTimesheet does the ..
Quickly view high-yield details on any medical topic you're studying. Includes summaries, fact lists, and access to mnemonic videos.
Quickly view high-yield details on any medical topic as you study. Includes summary snapshots, high-yield fact lists, and quick access to 3-minute picture mnemonic (Picmonic) video..
ChatSider-OpenAI ChatGPT中文版助手是一款免费的AI写作、翻译及更多功能小助手,你将获得OpenAI官方ChatGPT3.5的多功能回答:优化论文文章、工作报告生成、智能翻译外文、占卜娱乐等等。
ChatSider-OpenAI ChatGPT中文版助手是一款免费使用的AI写作、翻译及更多功能小助手,能在Edge和Chrome浏览器侧边栏处随时显示并快速解答你的问题。你将获得OpenAI官方ChatGPT3.5的多功能回答:优化论文文章、工作报告生成、智能翻译外文、占卜娱乐等等。 ChatSider为您提供官方权威的OpenAI ChatGPT3.5..
Schedule meetings and sync with Google Calendar, Outlook, iCloud, or Fastmail.
SavvyCal is the thoughtful way to find a time to meet. SavvyCal for Chrome saves time with one-click access to your scheduling links. → See the list of all scheduling links you hav..
Helps YouTube creators better understand the market dynamics of YouTube.
YouTube Market Research Helper is an extension that identifies and marks true demand on YouTube. It identifies outlier videos, videos that perform exceptionally well compared to a ..
It's like DuoLingo & Apple News had a love child.
- Read in a foreign language like a PRO. - Right-click any word or sentence to lookup the meaning (Google Translate & WordReference in one easy popup window) - Save words to yo..
Language Learning powered by ChatGPT
Our small team consists of enthusiasts living in different countries and time zones. We started the Corgi project as a hobby to help people overcome language barriers and learn new..
The best screen recorder, screenshot capture and annotation tool
Capture your screen and camera at the same time or separately, annotate, edit, and share with speed and ease, for free! Any content you create is automatically uploaded to your Jum..
以全新的视角发现谷歌日历,或者更确切地说,在黑暗中,借助日历暗模式扩展。厌倦了你的日历应用的刺眼明亮?欢迎来到一个清新优雅的暗模式界面,旨在使事件和约会的管理成为一个舒适的体验。 ● 定制暗模式界面:与其他人不同,日历暗模式提供了一个独特定制的暗模式界面,由人类设计,具有独特的美感。 ● 无缝集成:轻松激活暗模式,即刻进行转换。 ● 速度优化:通过快速过渡体..
Access premium digital news content behind article paywalls.
Out of free articles this month? Zette provides access to paywalled articles across a network of digital news publications with just one affordable, monthly subscription. With just..
An extension that allows users to get explanations, proofread text, and create charts using ChatGPT.
Text Assistant is a powerful tool that makes it easy to understand, proofread, and respond to text in your browser. With a simple selection, you can access the power of OpenAI's cu..
Find your people on Mastodon
StreetPass is a browser extension that helps you find your people on Mastodon. Here's how it works: 1. Mastodon users verify themselves by adding a custom link to their personal si..