Learnics Classroom Pro integrates Google Classroom with the Learnics platform for teachers.
Learnics Claoom Pro provides teachers with functionality to simplify the process of creating a Learnics assignment within Google Claoom.
It is now easy to identify any font on the page.
If you are a creative person, then you will love our new extension. WhatFont. WhatFont will give you the opportunity to creatively work with texts and design them beautifullyAll th..
Stop wasting time on irrelevant information, get to the point using the power of AI.
BLUF: Your AI-Powered Web Assistant for Efficient Browsing! Introducing BLUF (Bottom Line Up Front), the ultimate tool for efficient web browsing. With just one click, BLUF summari..
使用 ChitChat 浏览器扩展,探索传统搜索结果与人工智能聊天回复的新颖结合,它将为您的搜索引擎功能增添新的活力。该扩展由 ChatGPT 提供支持,可与 Google、Bing、Yahoo 和 DuckDuckGo 完美配合,在标准搜索结果旁边显示人工智能生成的回复。 有兴趣在获得答案后立即与人工智能展开对话吗?有了 ChatGPT 的智能支持,Chi..
使用简单的右键单击或键盘快捷键突出显示网站上的文本。高亮选中的文本会被保存在设备上。 使用这个工具是在任何网页上突出显示文本的最简单方法!只需选择文本,然后右键单击它以选择“突出显示”选项,或者,使用默认的键盘快捷键“Alt+H”。 您可以自定义荧光灯的颜色,并且可以通过快捷键切换这些颜色。 您可以自定义快捷键并在不使用鼠标的情况下使用所有功能。 保存所有突..
Web Browsing on a new level - 3D Tree with amazing animation on new page.
By selecting "Add to Chrome", I accept and agree to install the 3D Tree Chrome extension and set Chrome New Tab to the service's default, as well as the Terms of Service and Privac..
Download lazada product images in one click.
👏🏻 Lazada Downloader helps you easily save and download various images of Lazada products with one click. # Features ✓ Download main, variant, description images. ✓ Save all images..
Take control of your taxes with Tax Estimator - the Chrome extension to effortlessly track your taxes.
Introducing the Tax Estimator Chrome Extension: Your Ultimate Tax Estimation Solution! 🚀 ❗By clicking “Add to Chrome”, I accept and agree to installing the Tax Estimator extension ..
This extension providing new, unique and elegant elements into your SQSP admin panel. Compatible with both 7.0 and 7.1 versions.
💢 Ninja Kit Extension to build No-Code SQSP elements. 👉 Doesn't require a single line of coding knowledge! And it contains many super features like ✅ Access to Over 100+ Elements! ..
You will never again miss a market shift with Trade Econ.
By clicking "Add to Chrome", I accept and agree to installing the Trade Econ Extension and setting Chrome New Tab Search provider to Microsoft Bing as described by the service in T..
Easily helps convert text to image by creating detailed prompts, fast and effective!
AI Art Prompt Lucky DiceBest Extension for AI Art Generator AI Art Prompt Lucky Dice is a web tool that helps you create accurate and detailed prompts for AI art generator from tex..
Adding funny effects whenever you move your mouse. This extension make your mouse moving create fun effects.
This extension decorates your web browser on the screen with objects trailing from the mouse cursor whichever you move while surfing web. This extension embellish browser screen wi..
Keep your search private.
A simple chrome extension that makes it faster to search text using the Brave search engine. I built this extension because it's time consuming to open a new tab, go to search.brav..
Cluster Rush Unblocked Game in Chrome
🚀 Get ready to experience the adrenaline-pumping action of Cluster Rush Unblocked, the ultimate first-person platform game with a crazy and exhilarating premise! 💥 Your mission, sh..
Connect Ultimate Guitar to your Spotify or YouTube to instantly find tabs for the song you’re listening to
Listen to a song, love it, play it. 🎸 Connect your Ultimate Guitar with Spotify, YouTube or YouTube Music and instantly find chords and tabs of your Now Playing songs. It's like a ..
Block distracting Youtube Channels
Add Youtube Channels to a list by channel id or by channel handleAdd as many as you like! Choose how you want to block: - Blacklist mode blocks videos from channels on the list - W..
LoadFocus | Free Apache JMeter Cloud Load Testing extension for recording and running JMeter load tests for website and APIs.
Automatically generate JMeter test script files by navigating to your website pages, while recording the workflow in a JMX test file. Run the tests in the cloud from multiple world..
Utorrent 集成模块、Chrome 版 Utorrent
如您所知,Utorrent 是最受欢迎的 torrent 程序。 该插件与 utorrent 程序集成工作。 您可以轻松添加 Utorrent 程序的链接并开始下载。 该程序不会下载网站上的所有内容,而是可以通过 torrent 下载链接下载图像、视频等。 您的计算机上必须安装 utorrent 程序。 如果尚未安装,您可以从 Utorrent 站点下载当前..
Tidy up your Youtube subscription list with tab organization features
Say no more to enormous and cumbersome lists of subscriptions. Group your subscriptions just how you want them quickly and easily directly from the sidebar! The Youtube Tabs extens..
Collect nails and paint nails from paint areas as you progress through the track.
Get ready for Nail Stack fun! Color your nails on the platform and join the fun. How To Play Played with Mouse. Nail Stack Girls Game Features ✓ 3D graphics ✓ Realistic physics ✓ B..
A chrome extension to unsubscribe emails in gmail
Looking for a more efficient way to unsubscribe to emails? With this extension you can stop them with a single keyboard shortcut! Press Command+U (macOS) or Alt+U (Windows/Linux) w..
Enable dark mode on Google Docs to reduce eye strain while working on your documents.
If you're someone who spends a lot of time working on Google Docs, you may have experienced eye strain or discomfort while staring at the bright white background for hours on end. ..
Ask HotBot A.I. a question, set Yahoo as your default search engine.
Backed by artificial intelligence, you will receive an instant answer to any question you have, coupled with exceptional search capabilities. Simply click "Add to Chrome" to instal..
Do you like arcade games? With this game, you will be able to exercise your brain and your reflexes will be strengthened.
Do you like arcade games? With this game, you will be able to exercise your brain and your reflexes will be strengthened. The game consists of an uncomplicated four-colored ring wi..
Conveniently get live updates of UFC events and view previous/upcoming events with one click.
🔥 GET LIVE UPDATES 🔥 See upcoming events, real-time results, and detailed stats for every fight with one click. You'll never miss a beat of the action and excitement. 🔒 HIDE RESULT..
使用YouShare 🌌 发现YouTube内容的新维度 超越YouTube算法的限制,找到新的视频和频道。分享YouTube视频的最快方式。 ✨ 主要特点 ✨ 访问朋友的YouTube主页:发现超出你自己算法的内容。🔍 一键分享:在YouTube上直接与朋友分享视频,只需一个优雅的点击。👆 相互推广:与其他创作者合作并互相支持。🤝 公开点赞:为视频背书,并..
ChatGPT Prompt Manager let's you Save, Edit, and Copy prompt templates in 1-Click. Unlimited & Private!
The ChatGPT Prompt Manager is a powerful tool that allows you to 💾 save, ✏️ edit, and 🔃 copy your prompts in just one click. You can create unlimited private prompts making it easy..
Incognito mode for Chrome extension opens current tab in an incognito mode
Incognito mode for Chrome browser extension will help you to open the current tab in an incognito mode and remove it from your browsing history. The Incognito Mode for Chrome brows..
Easy and superhuman shortcuts for Gmail. Be faster at email with supercharged shortcuts and command center right inside Gmail.
Simplehuman sits inside Gmail and supercharges keyboard shortcuts to make you faster at email. Use simpler keyboard shortcuts to navigate through email, archive, delete, switch bet..
Football league tables, fixtures and results
The perfect free extension for any football fan. Features: - View league tables (Premier League, Chamionship, League 1 and 2, National League and top European Leagues) - View cup c..
UserWay's powerful screen reader gives users the ability to have web pages read to them on-demand.
UserWay’s powerful screen reader gives users the ability to have web pages read to them on-demand. Ideal for anyone from visually impaired users to front-end and QA engineers check..
Weeve - Learn Languages Through Context.
🌐Turn Your Tabs into Language Lessons🌐 Let’s face it, after a busy day working, studying or scrolling through twitterThe last thing we want to do is to muster up the motivation to ..
Write with purpose. Write with Wordsmith.
Wordsmith is a GPT-3 powered AI writing assistant. While writing emails or essays, simply highlight any amount of text and Wordsmith's popup will show up. You can select between se..
Expand the power of Actioner to your browser. Share your bookmarks on Slack and more!
Expand the power of Actioner to your browser. Share your bookmarks on Slack and more! While browsing on the web, share or save the pages that you want without any interruption. Act..
View metadata of the current website inside Devtools.
The Metadata Viewer allows you to view the metadata of the website you are currently viewing in a visually appealing way. Additionally it will display additional information to spe..
Noise reducer for video and audio
Introducing the ultimate solution for a better listening experience: Our new Chrome extension! Say goodbye to annoying background noises and say hello to crystal clear audio. Our e..
Effortlessly create, edit, and share quality documentation with Archbee. Generate step-by-step guides, how-tos, tutorials or SOPs.
Simplify the documentation process and boost productivity with Archbee. Archbee is a powerful Chrome extension that is part of the Archbee.com documentation platform. Take advantag..
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立即使用Irfanview打开图像文件。 是否想使用您喜欢的桌面照片编辑器软件Irfanview打开设计文件?安装我们的软件扩展后,您现在就可以这样做。 要开始使用我们的软件扩展,请执行以下步骤。 确保您的计算机上安装了Irfanview。 安装我们的软件扩展“使用Irfanview打开” 安装我们的软件后,请刷新所有现有的Chrome浏览器标签/关闭Chr..
Search in ChatGPT for Web Search, see both Google results and find out in 2 seconds what ChatGPT will tell you about it.
This extension for Web Searchuses the search engine from www.google.com and is designed as an innovative chrome extension integrated with ChatGPT. By using this app you will benefi..
AI 书签管理器帮助您立即保存、突出显示网络内容并检索它们,总结YouTube视频和文章
SaveDay是一个AI书签管理器扩展。使用SaveDay,您可以书签不仅仅是网页链接和文章,使其更容易以后阅读并在需要时找到它们。 特点: ★ 以任何格式保存内容:网页链接、图片、视频、照片、播客、音频轻松保存内容,同时保持内容的机密性。 ★ 轻松搜索:通过关键词或您的思考方式检索内容,支持任何语言。 ★ 突出显示并分享引语截图:轻松突出显示任何网页链接、..
The classic Flappy Bird game offline version on your Google Chrome! Free online Flappy Bird plat on Desktop. Flappy for Chrome.
Play flappy bird game here online for free. It is an iconic side-scrolling game where you click to avoid obstacles. It was originally released as a mobile game then discontinued by..
Home page with a new photo each day, by Scott Sheppeard.
When you open a new tab, it will have the time displayed on a different image each day, featuring photography by Scott Sheppeard.
Ask HotBot A.I. a question, set HotBot as your default search engine.
Backed by artificial intelligence, you will receive an instant answer to any question you have, coupled with exceptional search capabilities. Simply click "Add to Chrome" to instal..
Convert Mouse Pointer to Custom cursor with our chrome extension. Different colors, Super heroes and much more
A custom cursor chrome extension improves the readability and draws the attention of the user to a particular part of the webpage. Custom mouse pointer also enhances your Chrome br..
With Rex, you must overcome the obstacles on the track and score as high as you can.
Are you ready for dinosaur game fun with 2 different modes! Make the highest score and show your talent. Two Rex is a fun dinosaur jumping simulator that can be played in single an..
Gets Tags from Etsy and generates Titles so you can list your Etsy products faster.
Want to show up at the top of Etsy? It's easy. You just need the right tags. Copytasker for Etsy copies all the top tags for any Etsy keyword search. Plus as a bonus, it also Gener..
Only way for you to record your precious meetings on google meet.
Meet Assistant is the only free screen recording tool on google meet, providing you with the option of capturing unlimited videos and saving them on your system and drive side by s..
Stay well connected no matter where you work, live, learn, or play. To learn more about HubbleIQ for remote organizations, visit…
Stay well connected no matter where you work, live, learn, or play. To learn more about HubbleIQ for remote organizations, visit HubbleIQ.com
This script replaces the "handle" in the YouTube comments section to user name
"Return YouTube Comment Username" returns the comment username to its traditional username format. With YouTube's update, "handle" (user IDs starting with @) are now displayed in t..