Doing what a spiderman can, Spiderman: Masked Missions is a game made from the Movie Into the Spiderverse.
Doing what a spiderman can, Spiderman: Masked Missions is a game made from the Movie Into the Spiderverse. Play a collection of mini-games that take place in Spiderman World. Choos..
ParagraphAI is an AI-powered writing tool that crafts perfectly curated content for all your writing needs.
ParagraphAI is a world-class writing and knowledge assistant for students and professionals, with a free forever personal plan. ParagraphAI is guaranteed to increase your productiv..
In challenging levels, you have to make the right moves and get the ball to the finish line.
Do you like puzzle games! Solve challenging puzzles and let the crazy ball find its way. How To Play Played with Mouse. Rolling Ball Puzzle Game Features ✓ Little particle ✓ 10+ Le..
Do you like Soccer games? Goalkeeper Challenge is a browser football game made for you.
Goalkeeper Challenge is a browser football game made for you. We have 10 different levels of increasing difficulty at our disposal. Start the game to test your reflexes, and defend..
Create spaced repetition flashcards linked to text and images on webpages and remember everything that you learn.
iDoRecall helps you remember everything you learn. Upload most file types into your iDoRecall library, consume your content and create linked flashcards. But what about the enormou..
Quiz Solver with Chat GPT is a powerful Chrome plugin that uses AI technology to help you solve quizzes quickly and easily
Quiz Solver with Chat GPT is a powerful Chrome plugin that uses state-of-the-art AI technology to help you solve quizzes quickly and easily. With Quiz Solver, you can simply scan t..
用'帮我'在任何地方搜索 Bard AI
介绍Bard的全站搜索,这是一个Chrome扩展程序,它将Google的新ChatBot LLM的功能带到您的指尖。只需一次点击,您就可以访问当今可用的最先进的AI驱动搜索语言模型,而无需离开您所在的页面。 Bard的全站搜索设计简单直观。扩展程序在任何页面上都会打开一个搜索框,让您向Bard提交查询,并为您的搜索获得最准确和最相关的结果。无需复杂的设置,使..
You have to destroy all the zombies that come in front of you on the road with the car and get points.
The zombie apocalypse is approaching! Get in your car now, collect fuel pickup objects on the road and escape from crazy zombies. In the Zombie Drive game, three different vehicles..
Flappy Bird but purple. Fly skillfully. Fly in pop-up!
Purple Flappy Bird 是一款街机风格的游戏,玩家控制向右移动的紫色小鸟。玩家的任务是通过放置在随机高度的管道导航鸟。 Purple Flappy Bird 自动下降。 只有当玩家按下向上箭头或空格键时它才会上升。每次成功通过管道都会奖励玩家一分。如果你撞到管道,你的鸟就会掉下来,然后你重新开始游戏。 Purple Flappy Bird 对某..
We give you loads of skillfully crafted engineered prompts at your fingertips that you can use with ChatGPT, Google Bard and Claude.
We give you loads of free skillfully crafted engineered prompts at your fingertips that you can use with ChatGPT, Google Bard, and Anthropic's Claude. A simple-to-use free Google C..
Complete the missions in the city and enjoy the motorcycle game simulation.
With a motorcycle, you have to complete the tasks waiting for you in a big city and enjoy the bike game. Today, there are as many motorcycle fans as car usage and car fans. No matt..
AI Lead-Gen Assistant: Monitor and outreach leads, create and schedule posts on Facebook groups, Twitter, LinkedIn and Reddit
Devi AI Lead Generation Assistant automatically monitor Facebook groups, LinkedIn, Twitter and Reddit Global posts to find ready to buy leads and relevant post, ChatGPT generated o..
Conveniently download picture&photo on any page, quickly save images to local
Photo download & Save image is a utility. It can easily download any image on the page It's a utility. It can easily download any image on the page. You can drag and drop the i..
Little Alchemy 2 is live current version! Start with four basic items and use them to find items.
Little Alchemy Unblockedstart with four basic items and use them to find dinosaurs, unicorns and spaceships! Relish Little Alchemy Unblocked at work and at school by installing thi..
Search for any product in one click on alibaba.
Search by Image on Alibaba is an innovative browser extension designed to make your online shopping experience on the Alibaba platform as simple and streamlined as possible. With o..
This Twitch™ adblock extension blocks all the ads on twitch.tv. Adblocker for Twitch™ works very well and blocks the pre and mid-roll ads while watching live streams or videos. How..
Unsubscribe, delete, and organize your email in one click. Simple & powerful Gmail add-on
Need to organize your inbox? Baxter is at your service. As your personal digital assistant, Baxter makes your Gmail inbox neat and tidy, without extra work from you. Useful for bot..
You have to reach the finish line by jumping from one hook to the other hook at the right time with the stickman.
Get ready for crazy fun with a stickman hero. Pass the challenging levels and experience the adventure. How To Play Played with Mouse. Stickman Ball Hook Game Features ✓ Little par..
Take control of your browsing experience with Web AdBlocker, the ultimate ad blocker. Remove annoying pop-ups and video ads on your favorite sites, including Google and YouTube and..
PERRLA - Reference & Citation Generator
PERRLA is the industry-leading software for writing APA & MLA papers. We’ve helped countless students reduce their anxiety and get their best grade on papers since 1998. When y..
Do you like Car Games? then this driving game is for you. Start playing!
Do you like Car Games? then this driving game is for you. Start playing! Race on the roads with your chosen car and collect coins without crashing into other cars on the road. Be c..
AI Copilot 可以回答截图查询并协助写作、总结、翻译和语法检查。
Your QuestionAI, powered by GPT, is capable of providing answer to complex questions and handling any task. It's available everywhere in your browser. Your AI assistant, the ChatGP..
AI-powered video effects like blur or replace background, auto framing (center stage), beautification for your video calls.
Discover a Wide Range of Features and Effects: - Blur Video Background - Change Background to Picture - Change Background to Video - Change Background to Screen Capture - Picture-i..
Adds more filters to the Search.
AdvancedSearch adds a few more options to the "Filters" menu when searching on YouTube. For example, you can filter videos by exact length, by their upload date, by how many views ..
Create macros, use variables, and access pre-made prompts. Streamline your ChatGPT workflow now!
GPT Macros allows you to easily create custom macros from your frequently used prompts and rearrange them in any order you like. Use variables inside the prompts to supercharge you..
ChatGPT Sidebar & File Uploader helps you to use ChatGPT-3.5 and GPT-4 in every tab and chat with PDF or any other file easily.
ChatGPT Sidebar & File Uploader is always with you as a clever AI assistant when you are browsing any web page, reading and writing any articles, blog posts, YouTube videos and..
Do even more in Gmail. Export emails, follow up until you get a response, and more features to bring your inbox to the next level.
Mailmeteor for Gmail helps you do more with your emails. Export, send automated follow-ups right in Gmail and more powerful features to ensure your inbox takes full advantage of au..
AI writer for those who take long-form content seriously. Rephrase. Summarize. Customize tone. Insert text without losing context.
Bring AI writing to ANY webpage Powered by our advanced AI technology with a deep understanding of context and semantics, LongShot AI goes far beyond the regular writing assistants..
The Jasper browser extension provides access to Jasper everywhere you write.
Tired of having to log in to AI tools, engineer a perfect prompt, then copy & paste your answers into FB, Twitter, Webflow, etc? Jasper Everywhere is a new extension experience..
Pixel Combat 2: Play with Friends and Fans Anytime with Chrome Extension
Pixel Combat 2 feel like you're in the middle of a real-life warzone. Pixel Combat 2 game offers a wide variety of weapons to choose from, ranging from pistols to machine guns to r..
With your archery skills, you have to hit all the targets and complete the levels in challenging levels.
Start a legendary arrow game in beautiful 3d scenes. Shoot all the targets from 12 and witness the adventure. How To Play Played with Mouse. Archery Blast Shooting Game Features ✓ ..
使用 Ruffle 运行任何 Flash 内容(SWF 文件)的 Flash Player 模拟器。在线玩最喜欢的 Flash 游戏!游戏模拟器。
Flash Player for Web 是一種模擬器,它利用 Ruffle 在瀏覽器中運行 Flash 內容。 這包括 flash 遊戲、視頻和其他被轉換為與 Web 瀏覽器兼容的替代格式的文件。 使用 Chrome 擴展程序,您可以輕鬆地將任何 SWF 文件添加到應用程序的播放列表中,只需單擊一下即可訪問它。 現在瀏覽器中禁用了原始的 Flash 播放器..
Floating Player - watching your videos on floating player mode! Floating video for Youtube, Facebook, Twitch, Instagram
什麼是畫中畫 (PiP) 模式,它對您有何用處? 此模式可讓您以畫中畫 (PiP) 模式播放任何視頻,並且適用於所有平台。 畫中畫是一種彈出式、始終在頂部的視頻播放器,它漂浮在其他窗口的頂部。 您還可以在繼續上網時沿屏幕邊框重新定位它。 畫中畫 -(浮動播放器)- 允許您在浮動窗口中觀看視頻(始終位於其他窗口之上),這樣您就可以在與其他網站或應用程序交互時跟..
Take control of web-based video calls with MuteMe
"Introducing the MuteMe Chrome Extensionthe ultimate solution for muting and unmuting your web based video conferences with ease! With this extension, you'll have level three integ..
Free and unlimited video screen recorder. Record desktop, single tab, or webcam. Narriate with microphone
The Screen Recorder Chrome extension is a powerful tool that allows you to capture high-quality videos from your browser. With this extension, you can record your entire screen, a ..
MySYS is one of the Amazon Product Research tool for Online Arbitrage, Retail Arbitrage, Private Label or wholesale Amazon sellers.
MySYS, Amazon product search tool is used by Amazon Sellers to find products both for FBA or FBM. Mysys is one of the Amazon Product Research tool for Online Arbitrage, Retail Arbi..
A browser extension that displays the git graph for any GitHub repository.
Calling all GitHub enthusiasts! Elevate your coding prowess with our exceptional browser extension, "Le Git Graph" – the ultimate tool that transforms your GitHub journey into a ca..
Night Search new tab page with weather widget and dark wallpapers
Night Search helps people who care about their new tab search experience. Say goodbye to the boring, white, and uninspiring new tab page. By clicking "add to Chrome", I accept and ..
AI-based adaptive video speed, skip silence, auto speed increase and voice normalizer in one extension.
Whether you are studying to get a better-paid job, or just watching interesting videos, this extension will let you use your time in the most productive way. Personalize your video..
Built for teachers - show students' history of edits in a Google Doc
Revision History helps teachers see students' process when they write essays in Google Docs. It is meant to help teachers guide their students through revisions as well as to ensur..
使用 ActionScript 3 上的 Ruffle 運行 flash 文件的 Flash Player。在 Web 上玩最喜歡的 flash 遊戲。 Flash播放列表
Flash Player 是一款使用 Ruffle 仿真引擎運行您最喜愛的閃光燈的仿真器。 所有 Flash 遊戲、視頻和其他文件都將轉換為另一種格式,以便在瀏覽器中打開它們。 一個易於使用的擴展,允許用戶使用 JS 模擬器運行任何 Flash 遊戲或其他 SWF 文件,並且現有的 Flash 內容將簡單地工作,無需額外的設置或應用程序。 Flash Pla..
使用智能OCR技术,圈选网页中图像、视频或PDF扫描文件,可免费提取圈选内容文本,轻松破解网页禁止限制。 同时,提供传图OCR提取文字功能: 1. 支持将电脑任意位置,任意软件中的图片OCR识别; 2.支持通过复制粘贴OCR识别; 3.支持截图粘贴OCR识别; 4.支持拖拽图片OCR识别; 5.批量OCR识别,支持一次最多批量提取500张图片文字,批量校对,..
Take YouTube notes directly to Notion, generate AI flashcards, capture screenshots, and sync learning courses with Notion
Snipo is the best way to take video notes directly to the Notion pages in click This extension enables you to: ★ take clickable timestamped YouTube notes ★ capture screenshots on v..
Blaze through your inbox with ChatGPT 1-click replies written in your voice.
Reply to emails in 1-click, powered by ChatGPT. Superflows offers multiple 1-click replies to choose between. These are written in your voice and can include information specific t..
揭开全面屏幕截图和屏幕录制工具的神秘面纱 浏览屏幕截图和屏幕录制世界变得更加简单。这款多功能工具是满足你所有屏幕截图和屏幕录制需求的一站式解决方案,具有为当今数字时代量身定制的大量功能。 **屏幕截图功能** 屏幕截图功能可让你轻松截取整个网页、指定部分或仅截取当前可见区域。 截屏后,您可以立即进行编辑,然后以 PDF、JPEG 和 PNG 等格式保存。 快..
All-in-one tool to track opens & clicks right in your Gmail and look up email addresses in one click.
Saleshandy Connect Saleshandy Connect allows prospecting your leads and tracking their emails for better and faster conversion. Enabling prospecting and tracking together is the mo..
Automated Google Analytics Annotations directly from your ad accounts, project management platforms, newsletters and more..
Discover the power of automated annotations for Google Analytics, directly from your ad accounts, project management platforms, newsletters, and more. The extension is free to inst..
Choose your suitable vehicle and drift along the road with the car.
Get ready for a realistic car game. Choose the car you want, start the fun in the scene you want. Drift boss players can customize by choosing one of six different racing cars. As ..
PPSPY provides store analytics, shopify store sales tracker, shopify dropshipping, shopify theme & app detector and more.
PPSPY 是一款 Shopify 店铺分析工具,可帮助您快速了解竞争对手的店铺及其畅销产品。 您可以使用ppspy了解shopify直销店及其销售产品,并通过研究您的竞争对手来找到您的业务方向和产品。 直销和电子商务业务的必备品。 - 如何使用PPSPY? 当访问任何shopify网站时,PPSPY都会出现在页面底部,您可以开始分析。无需点击浏览器右上角。..
Closely Surfer is an extension that helps you find and scrape information from LI profiles. Find Email Address.
❓ WHAT IS CLOSELY SURFER & EMAIL FINDER? Closely Surfer is a free extension for LI designed to simplify LI lead generation by providing smart tech shortcuts for different kinds..