ELL: Enjoy Learning Languages with Netflix and Youtube Enjoy Learning Languages with Youtube and Net
Adds 'Search using Google Search' to the context menu This extension adds 'Search using Google Searc
A grate way to improve your privacy and speed-up your browser Browser Purifier is the best cleaner f
bilibili小插件 哔哩哔哩扩展插件 1. 开启夜间模式 2. 选中网页中的文字,可以右键直接使用b站搜索 3. 在地址栏输入bs后按下tab,输入内容可以用b站搜索 4. 在b站视频播放页面可以
The Twitch Adblock extension helps you block Twitch ads. Adblocker blocks ads by automatically reduc
miBlocker ad blockEasy to setup and powerful ad block tool, best protection by default. We present y
Ublock tauBest in class protection with curated adblock filter lists. Tau ublock is a tool that bloc
pick新标签页扩展插件,提供高质量1080P高清壁纸,重新定义浏览器新标签页! 一键切换 高清壁纸,自定义调整搜索框大小、位置等; 我们是伙伴啊
拥有多款主题壁纸的新标签页插件,鼠标可以移动搜索框、时间、天气的位置 1、在pick壁纸网站,您可以选择喜欢的主题壁纸; 2、时间天气等小工具可以单独隐藏,同时鼠标可以移动它们到浏览器的任意位置
Overview The Aeroplan Shopping Button is the browser extension for Microsoft Edge that makes it easy
Unblock any website with hide.me Proxy! Use hide.me ѴРИ Proxy to bypass censorship and protect your
Returns ability to see dislikes 👎 👎 👎 Youtube Dislike 👎 👎 👎 👎 В начале ноября YouTube подвергся серь
Screence screen recorderfree and unlimited video screen recorder. Record desktop, single tab, or web
Super Agent fills out cookie consent forms based on your preferences, saving you time and letting yo
程序开发常用工具,哈希/加解密/编码转换/时间戳/二维码/拼音/IP查询/代码优化/Unicode/正则等 Ctool 程序开发常用工具 程序日常开发常用小工具集合,提供哈希/加解密/编码转换/时间戳
Capture awesome screenshot and edit full page using our screenshot tool Web Page Screen Capture Capt
TikMate:简单快速下载无水印抖音网页版视频 TikMate:Tik Tok 视频下载器可下载无水印的 Tik Tok抖音视频
Magnetar辅助工具 Magnetar提供便捷的磁力资源搜索服务,您可以用于资源搜索,内置聚合搜索功能,搜索相关网站的内容,提供代理功能查阅国外资料
A SaaS Security & Shadow IT Alerting Solution Built For The Modern MSP. A Next-Generation SaaS A
明日方舟新标签主页,更好用的浏览器新标签页和主页 可修改替浏览器默认的新标签页和主页; 一键选择高清壁纸,自定义搜索框位置、大小及样式,增删导航书签等功能;
Naruto Shippuden Wallpaper turn new tab to HD Naruto Shippuden background for Free. Naruto Shippuden
Automatically create beautiful step-by-step guides with screenshots, in seconds. ✨ It's really that
Track time from anywhere on the web and improve productivity. Track time from anywhere on the web wi
Measure page elements size in pixel with an easy-to-use ruler. Page Ruler is an add-on that lets you
在工具栏中测试Wi-Fi和宽带网速,以及检测当前浏览网页打开速度 在工具栏中测网速,30秒一键检测当前网络质量以及当前访问网页打开速度 ——特色功能—— 【一键测速】一键测试宽带、Wi-Fi网速,提供
Intercept & Modify HTTP(s) RequestsModify Headers, Mock APIs, Throttle APIs, Insert Scripts, Blo
My Rulermeasurement tool for web designers and web developers. My Ruler measures objects on the scre
哔哩哔哩弹幕网辅助扩展,拥有视频区和直播区的人性化功能 这是开源版本的哔哩哔哩辅助工具,可以替换播放器、推送通知并进行一些快捷操作
View MOBI documents right in your browser in a stand-alone popup window. MOBI Reader is a simple and
uBlocker is a fast, efficient & most effective adblocker utility for browser uBlockerremove ads
Genshin Impact Wallpaper turn new tab to custom Genshin Impact background for Free. Genshin Impact w
Nullblock Ad blocker: Nullify ads! Effortless and effective ad blocker. It is time to Nullify ads! T
Discover Vue.js Websites Vue Telescope is a utility that uncovers the Vue.js plugins and technology
Up to 600% volume boost The simplest and most reliable volume booster 🚀 Features ⭐️ Up to 600 % volu
Turn Confluence into a seamless Wiki experience with a smart glossary and a powerfull definition eng
Microsoft Edge extension to convert and download Youtube all videos for free in MP3/mp4 format. Down
速度快,资源占用少,无广告,划词翻译, 英汉互译 1纯净无广告,资源占用少 2按Ctrl+Alt键开启关闭功能 3选定文本自动翻译,英汉互译有疑问请联系QQ9435707
Refresh all tabs at once. Bypass local and server caches with one click. Mass Refreshrefresh all you
鬼灭之刃主题新标签主页,更好的浏览器新标签页和主页 鬼灭之刃主题新标签主页,可以修改和替换浏览器主页,让浏览器更自定义化
Jujutsu Kaisen wallpaper turn new tab to custom HD Jujutsu Kaisen anime background. Jujutsu Kaisen w
S3.翻译this extension for browser make much easy visit of websites on foreign language. 在任意语言之间翻译选中的单词
Minecraft Wallpaper change new tab to custom HD Minecraft background for Free. Minecraft wallpaper b