Join the dark side. Turn on the dark mode for Instagram with our extension. To enable dark mode, go
Your own personal mini journal and mood tracker tucked into your Edge browser. Coffeelings Edge exte
Among Us Wallpaper change new tab to custom Among Us game background for Free. Among Us wallpaper ba
Allow selecting, copying, pasting and right clicking in some restricted pages. Is it a headache to c
Perfect New tab to organize bookmarks with lots of features. Give a clean and modern look to your de
Safe Search App is a quick launcher for easy access to kid's safe search engines. Safe Search is a f
Provides simple ways to open any YouTube video or playlist in a configurable popout window This brow
Cursor-A custom cursorChoose your own cursor. Customize your cursor and freshen your experience. Cur
宫崎骏动漫壁纸 新标签主页,更好的浏览器新标签页和主页; 宫崎骏动漫壁纸 新标签主页,可以修改和替换浏览器主页,让浏览器更自定义化
在dblp、Google学术、Connected Papers和WoS的搜索结果中显示中国计算机学会推荐的会议和期刊排名
Save your favorite text phrases (LULW, KEKW, etc.) directly into the standard Twitch Emotes panel an
A lite, free & flexible Markdown editor app for your browser. Markdown Editor is an editor for m
Return Youtube dislikes as you sow them before. It's an opportunity to filter good videos based on u
Browse Ecosia in dark modesave the planet, and your eyes. A dark theme built for the Ecosia search e
Responsive Web Design Tester is a quick and easy way to test your responsive website. Test your mobi
你的名字主题新标签主页,更好的浏览器新标签页和主页 你的名字主题新标签主页,可以修改和替换浏览器主页,让浏览器更自定义化
SAY GOODBYE TO ADS! Browse Safely. Optimize Surfing. StopAll Ads is a fork of Adblock Plus extension
让你上网效率提升10倍!功能:OCR、鼠标手势、拖曳手势、万能下载、限制解除、油猴脚本反馈QQ:399134261 标签关闭后切换至最近浏览标签,拖拽携带cookie和referer头,支持ocr 办
Blackpink Wallpaper turn new tab to custom Blackpink Kpop background for Free. Blackpink Kpop wallpa
Your pocket links in a popup, Inspired from the old pocket extension which was discontinued Pocket L
Pushbullet connects your devices, making them feel like one. Bringing together your devices, friends
火影忍者 高清壁纸主页,更好用的浏览器新标签页和主页 火影忍者 高清壁纸主页,可以修改和替换浏览器主页,让浏览器更自定义化
针对百度和360优化,更纯净 1.去除推广广告 2.阻止百度cookie追踪 3.支持居中显示 4.支持百度关键字搜索屏蔽 使用更纯净的百度 1.屏蔽百度广告推广 2.阻止百度追踪 3.支持居中显示治
Get Anime Cat Girl new tab theme and enjoy HD wallpapers of Tsumiki Miniwa, Laura Bodewig, and many
How to download a video or story from Facebook? Use our story saver and video downloader! Have you e
Simple and easy way to download any video from YouTube. Including embedded ones Best tool for downlo
Feel sound at the new level and enjoy it with the most powerful volume booster! Sound Boosterextensi
Extreme bass booster app for Microsoft Edge. Use it for headphones and speakers with presets and cus
Unofficial enhacement for WhatsApp™ Web notifications. Get WhatsApp™ notifications directly on Googl
初音未来主题新标签主页,更好的浏览器新标签页和主页 初音未来 HD高清壁纸主页,可以修改和替换浏览器主页,让浏览器更自定义化
Roblox Wallpaper change new tab to custom HD Roblox background for Free. Cool Roblox wallpaper backg
治愈系_宫崎骏动漫主题1080P高清壁纸,此主题更改并且重新定义浏览器的外观和新标签页! 修改替换默认新标签页
支持自定义新标签页的 Chrome 扩展,几枝将在新标签页上展示中国传统色的层叠波浪动画效果搭配经典诗词
Translate Japanese by hovering over words. Quickly look up Japanese words on any text page by activa
The only tool you will ever need for all you API Design, Documentation and Testing needs. APIC provi
One click clears your browser's cache and other configurable items Easily clear browser cache, as we
BookmarkHub,在不同浏览器之间同步你的书签 BookmarkHub 是一款浏览器插件,可以在不同浏览器之间同步你的书签
Tor for browsers, one click start. Quickly use the internet, while connected to the TOR secure netwo
BdTab(Browser Desktop浏览器桌面)是一款实用的工具类浏览器插件(new tab,新标签页)
Btn Refreshis a single button add-on that refreshes all tabs instantly. The add-on disables cache vi
pick新标签页扩展插件,提供高质量1080P高清壁纸,重新定义浏览器新标签页! 修改替换默认新标签页