RotoGrinders projections and player props on Underdog Fantasy This extension displays RotoGrinders p
Replace new tab page with a personal dashboard featuring to-do, weather, news, search Replace new ta
Interactive digital templates trustkey – the template-cloud that enables SOVEREIGNTY in collaboratio
Batch Edit Bookmarks URL This extension can help you batch edit bookmarks' URL by finding and replac
This augmentation makes it simple to briefly impair power the board on Browsers. It adds an icon in
重拾收藏时的怦然心动 每次打开新标签页时,都会从你的珍藏的书签中撷取数个展示,你可以选择打开重温收藏时的怦然心动,也可移除告别过去
Browser extension for Ivanti Clients This extension helps users connect to Ivanti (Pulse Secure) ѴРИ
Change per-script font settings you want. Tecch FontSetting provides extra customization of pre-scri
A new tab page for Microsoft Edge (and all Chromium Browsers) made using Blazor Web Assembly A new t
A smart business lead tool, Extracts emails from Instagram followers, following, hashtag, liker, com
Saves a link to the current active tab with its title, keywords and a long and short description as
CFCA Security Application Development Kit 为湖南财信金融科技服务有限公司定制的适用于Edge最新机制的用于CFCA证书应用扩展程序
fixDiscordRevert the Discord "rebrand". An extension made by Krel, with CSS from GooseNest. https://
Awesome Tools to Quickly Take Notes when browsing webpages. Takes notes when browsing webpages easil
Demonstrates usage and features of the event page by reminding user to drink water
Extension to save your link meeting links so they can be easily managed and accessed in your browser
Countdown : 45 minutes WHAT'S SO SPECIAL? If the time remaining is less than 10 seconds, it beeps. W
Do you have a universal remote and you need the code to program it to a device or gadget in your hom
All-in-one bookmark manager Pinalist is a could-based all-in-one bookmark manager that helps with ma
Now you can Change the current page color Change the page's background color to blue, green and yell
No more searching through emails and docs. Store all your responses and guides. Keep your company's
Smartiez, Academic Study and SearchBy HBM Edison, Ltd Smartiez, Academic Study and Search Smartiez i
Applying this extension, you will go to AmazonSmile automatically when you open any Amazon links. Sm
Replaces all Images with better looking random ones Are you easily distracted by all the images and
Remove cuss words and profanity from sites Are you looking for a way to censor bad content from web
Helps You Get Links For Files already available on Internet Find Shows And Movies To Watch Right Now
Recruit and schedule users for B2B customer discovery, user research and startup sales with the Open
Shows the top sites in a browser action Take a quick glance at your favorite top websites. Perfect T
A basic extension to customize what is shown on the sidebar on linustechtips.com This extension allo
Sample extension which demonstrates how to access a preference. Sample extension which demonstrates
Puts new opened tabs always last. This extension tries to place newly opened tabs at the end.
Tracks ongoing & upcoming programming events CE SPY, tracks ongoing and upcoming programming eve
Demonstrate screenshot functionality in the browser tab Embroidery Screenshot is a tool allowing you
Crypto currencies price and volume monitoring tool. Get the latest data from Binance, Uniswap, Panca
Get a cute 🍳 wallpaper Tired of the default browser look? Well this is the browser extension for you
Webcomic archival reading assistant A browser plugin that assists with reading webcomics by improvin
Creates a keyboard shortcut (AltShiftP) to toggle the pinned state of the currently selected tab BTC
Preview links in nested tooltips without leaving your tab. Hover over any link to view it. The faste
To Automate your Business Processes Like The Fortune 500 Overview Botpath Chrome extension is a web-
Hide Ads from Pixlr applications
Simple customizable QOL CSS changes to Aeries.net Student SIS sites Simplify Aeries gives you a easy
Select links on a page and download them. Through this extension, you can download media, pictures,
FLOLiO offers Metaverse and NFT Analytics. Only NFT Extension to offer Trait Floors of the best NFTs
Teaful DevTools is for debugging application's state changes using Teaful as React state management
A privacy manager that helps users opt-in to better privacy and security settings. The Priiv extensi
Celebrate with friends on Google Meet Meet Party adds an element of fun and celebration for Meet cal