PageAuditor for Technical SEO is a project created by Franco Folini to analyze tracking codes, Struc
See All the Internet on the new tab. Enrich your new tab experience with the All the Internet homepa
Maximizes images, videos, and games. Fullscreen Anything makes anything fill up your browser window
Download AliExpress and AliBaba Product Images and Videos. Download AliExpress Product Images &
Record the audio of all your video meetings with one click. Generate automatic transcriptions. ✜ Rec
Record your screen with multiple options.
Data Analytics and Gig Rank Checking Services for Freelancers. FivData is an assistant tool for free
Open a new tab and trap your best thoughts. Got something on your mind? Did you know that the averag
Efficient WebChat conversation assistant, responding to keywords, bulk send to all contacts The WebC
Highlight Your Website in Google Search and Keep an Eye on Competitors. Focused for Bloggers / Websi
Full page website screenshots finally done right. ⏬ Scrolling Screenshots Scrollshot is a browser ex
一键保存网站的快照(截图网页)到云服务器上 使用说明: 只需要在当前网页上右键菜单,然后点击“保存快照”,就能把当前网页的截图(.jpeg)和代码(.mhtml)免费保存到云服务器上,可以用于稍后阅读
批量下载图片,自动解析高清图片,智能提取主要图片 一键提取并下载页面上的所有图片,你也可以一键下载所有页面的图片
one extension for fun game :) fun game for all of people :) In this mind game, you are supposed to p
All in one meta search engine collecting all search engines on a single page AIO Search is a handy C
Plumber is a logic puzzle game. The goal is to connect all the water pipes in a short time to drain
Get Pusheen new tab theme and enjoy cool HD wallpapers of the cute female cartoon cat. ★ What is inc
Auto scrape tons of WhatsApp group links to get WhatsApp group member's phone numbers. You can save
Github Stars Manager An awesome Github stars management extension to manage the stars. 一个用于管理Github
🔉 Powerful Volume Booster 🔊 🔥 Up to 600% volume boost The easy and reliable volume booster 🚩 Feature
See 100 Search Engines on the new tab. Enrich your new tab experience with 100 Search Engines. Stay
JSON Editor Extension for Chromium Browsers.
Handy close tab button when in vertical tabs mode It's as simple as it sounds. When using Microsoft
Air Warfare is a fun war game. Destroy enemy warplanes, gather ammo, aid kits and fuel in an endless
Simple, Secure and Most Reliable Automation Tool 🥇 Linkhelp is the most powerful workplace automatio
View your IP address This add-on allows you to view your IP address from your browser without having
London City is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world! Enjoy fascinating HD wallp
Adds a repeat button to the HTML5 player to loop over a single track after 1 second delay This exten
Use Price Checker to compare the different store prices before you buy and save up to 60%! Use ASOS
一键上传图片并生成链接,支持国内各大CDN图床 一键上传本地图片并且生成图片链接,支持头条,京东,搜狗,网易等图床 部分代码由:xkx提供
Automatically mute and unmute sites. Sites not on the exclusion list will be muted.
Create branded links (short URLs with a custom domain name) directly from the page you are visiting
PDF to JSON with 100% privacy. No uploads required, works offline. Extract PDF To JSON with 100% pri
APPRADIO.PROAndroid, Apple, Windows, Smart Watch, SmartTV e Carros conectados com conteúdos criativo
One place for all your links Save, sync, or share sets of links between all your browsers, devices,
A simple UI controller for YouTube focused on displaying the video you want.
Perform Web Vitals & TTFB Test on Multiple Locations & Devices SpeedVitals Extension helps y
苏维地图找客户 苏维GMAP可以方便用户在访问Google地图网站的时候,将搜索到的数据集中显示在插件结果面中,用户可以通过搜索出的商户信息的网址,自动去该网址找到网站上的联系人邮箱,然后可以有选择的
Create guidelines on websites to check alignment for example. Edge browser extension to create guide
CFCA Security Application Development Kit 该插件为南方电网互联网服务有限公司定制的使用于Chrome最新机制的用于CFCA证书应用扩展程序
Extension which adds dual subtitles to videos on language you are learning and your native language.
Builds a list with the images present on the current page and exports it as text, mosaic or carousel
AliExpress Price Tracking, Seller rating,images and video downloading & Order listing for Dropsh
Eagle apk is a modded apps website that provides free android modified apps and games. Eagle Apk is
Change Instagram Post from carousel to gallery. Instagram Carousel Posts designed to replace Instagr