With this iu extension, you get a different wallpapers on each new tab page! FEATURES: - Pick your f
Get this new tab themes & get different hd backgrounds of ios 15, every time you open a new tab.
This extension receives as input a list of public IP's and open each analyzed IP in separated taps.
Automatically load URLs from a list in same tab at a given interval. Steps: 1. Provide list of comma
Select text with your mouse and translate with just one click (Translatium desktop app required). Ex
Use the Basaas Extension to organize your apps, events and tasks. The Basaas Extension gives you qui
这是一个(2020年底开发,发布于2021年初的)高性能、易用的 Gmail 邮件检查工具
The easiest way to inspect and edit CSS. Features: 🔎 Get CSS Properties from any element by selectin
Udemy의 강의를 Google Chrome의 Translate로 번역하기 Udemy의 강의 자막을 한글로 번역해줍니다. 자막은 영어, 한글 동시 자막이 표시됩니다. 📢Udemy의
Enables MI-specific features in the Waze Map Editor Integrates publicly available data from the Stat
This extension includes a couple of visual tweaks to Jira dashboardsCurrently it works only for Clou
Note: The Pull Up Flash extension will not work unless you also have Pull Up Flash installed on your
Find your games match on cloud gaming platforms Features: * All supported Steam games list for "GEFO
When visiting a game's Steam store page, this extension looks for it in the Xbox Game Pass catalog.
Trasforma Stadia con i colori e il logo di Cyberpunk 2077! Grazie a dei CSS personalizzati, con ques
FUT 22 SBC solver web extension FUT 22 SBC solver is the unique tool to help Fifa players to solve S
Feel the wonderful virtuality of your favorite audio composition! Fast, easiest and stylish extensio
このChrome拡張は、IMEがオン(日本語入力)時に、テキスト入力欄の背景色を変更することによって、間違えて英文字モードでローマ字を打ってしまうのを防ぐために作られました ※動作のためには追加のアプ
5chを閲覧しやすくして、便利な機能を追加します ・見た目を変更 ・広告をブロック ・URLを直リン化 ・画面上部のメニューバーにimgurのリンク追加 ・画面右端にナビゲーションメニュー追加  ・レ
Tippe das Schlüsselwort „lx“, optional gefolgt von einem durch Leerzeichen abgetrennten Kürzel für e
A simple Chrome extension that allows you to filter words from the internet a la government redactio
以太坊浏览器插件 Monsta Wallet is an extension for accessing Monsta Network enabled distributed applications
Play Slope Unblocked Remastered by installing this extension! Take control of a ball rolling down a
Trackt bestimmte Spielerinformationen. Derzeit beinhaltet dies die Ergebnisse von Expeditionen, Kämp
Une extension pour améliorer l'interface de SignETS Features actuellement implentées : Interface not
Плагин по игре Хроники Хаоса для помощи игрокам Небольшое расширение для отображения основной информ
Simple addon for Axie Infinity Marketplace that makes price analysis of axies a little bit quicker.
The Facebook profile picture guard will keep your profile picture safe online. What does the profile
Extension for change your whatsapp wallpaper. With this extension you can change your whatsapp web w
Whatsapp Plus Atualizado 2020Uma extensão que torna mais fácil de entender e usar. WAPlus (WhatsApp
This extension visualize prayer times and embed them in the left side of the browser Visualization f
How To Sculpt Your Video Content and Optimization To Get More Traffic From YouTube Search And Sugges
Using this Youtube extension you can create collections that seamlessly fit into the layout. This is
The official ProxyBurst Chrome Browser Extension lets ProxyBurst customers conveniently manage and s
Hi Carats! I'm a nerd and I adore a certain 13-member k-pop group a little too much, so here I prese
You can now sort amazon items by their number of reviews Amazon once had an option called "Sort By N
Blocks "Honest respondent" technology - Anti document.isFocus() - Block timer limit per question - G
Once the Sort By Review Count extension is installed, a blue arrow icon will appear in the extension
[Guide] Periscope For PC is available in the chrome web Store, this is the Guide App, Just install a
Finally, a smarter way to organize and track your job search! The Smartr Job Search tool allows you
12 Minibattels Online is a fun two players game in which you and a friend can play against each othe
添加过滤器以删除观看的视频 Removes watched videos from the list. You can easily find new videos on your favorite
Organize and speed up your browsing experience. Transform your browsing experience with the Blixem e
Small utility tool that allows you to copy current video or stream timestamp with or without an offs
Editool makes it easier for teachers to provide feedback on student assignments using comments. Writ
Adds comments back to ROBLOX! Version 3.4: Fixed a bug created by the new item page layout on ROBLOX
Watch Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, Disney Plus and Hotstar in sync with friends Overview:- OTT Party enab
Prime Watch Party is a free tool that allows you to stream shows, and videos on Prime Video online i