This extension allow you to use Android Emulator for free If you are looking to use a smartphone on
Best Android Emulator Online What is an emulator? The emulator is a program that allows you to run e
Save Trendyol images in one click. Easily save Trendyol images to your computer. Save hundred of hou
ZED Run more intelligently using KYH data! Tired of flipping back and forth between knowyourhorses.c
A cross-platform extension that synchronizes videos on major anime websites. This extension allows y
Live Ethereum gas prices based on the mempool. TxStreet simulates blocks to give the most accurate g
Fiverr Toolkit makes it easier to use Fiverr. Hides your balance and shows user details on Buyer Req
Draw and sketch offline on edge Draw simple drawings with your mouse - RGB color picker - Eye droppe
this extension is remove ads from starblast
「眺览」:一目十行的阅读模式 是否想静下心来好好读一读文章
3D View TF2 Warpaints in the steam community market Inspect Team Fortress 2 warpaints within your br
Replace new tab page with a personal dashboard having multiclocks and search Titan Mediaworks presen
Go to previous page when clicking backspace button this extension reactivates the backspace on your
Uzyskaj wygodny dostęp do wszystkich stron i portali WZR dzięki WZR Plus. WZR Plus to aplikacja umoż
A simple browser extension that puts BBC World News straight into your address bar. DISCLAIMER I am
Intra365Access you Intranet from everywhere Intra365Access you Intranet from everywhere by getting y
定期更新有关奖金,促销,抽奖活动的信息;链接到网站镜像 不受阻碍地访问世界领先公司网站的服务(不使用ѴРИ和代理),以及玩家的详细信息-欢迎存款的可用性,奖金系统,忠诚度计划,对加密货币和支付系统的支
Download Manager | Video Downloader | Bulk Image Downloader Chrono Download Manager is the first and
Capture a screenshot of your current page in entirety and reliably—without requesting any extra perm
Enable picture in picture mode in your browser. 在浏览器中的图像模式下的扩展将显示的图片
Quick launch An extension which redirects you to your favourite sites from the toolbar.
Ensures that GUID-based Microsoft Support pages list the technical KBIDs. Historically, Microsoft in
Upload post on Instagram from PC. Post photos and videos using web Instagram. How to post Instagram
Play with little shimejis while browsing the web. Shimejis are little characters or desktop buddies
Downgrade and download Oculus Quest, Rift, Go and GearVR apps. Downgrade and download Oculus Quest,
Instant URL Shortner. Quick Short: One click Instant URL shortener. Once you click extension icon it
Uma extensão incrível do Edge para buscar e baixar todas as imagens de qualquer site. An Amazing Edg
Avoid distractions on Youtube and stay focused by blurring off video suggestions and recommendations
Attack On Titan Wallpaper turn new tab to HD Attack On Titan anime background. Custom Attack On Tita
Flash Player是一种广泛使用、专有的多媒体播放器
「香港邮政电子证书(个人)续期扩展功能」是为在Micosoft Edge 及Microsoft Windows上香港邮政电子证书(个人)进行网上续期
【专业推荐】视频下载神器助手,支持99.9%的视频网站,支持MP4、TS等格式视频网站视频下载功能 【推荐】视频下载是一款视频的抓取、解析下载的扩展工具
Opens new tab after the active tab, instead of last position. With this extension a new tab opened w
Save links from your tabs and refer to them anytime to improve productivity.
Block the homepage feed, sidebar suggestions, and end screen feed on YouTube. Remove YouTube feeds.
Paced Email extension for managing aliases Decide when emails land in your inbox. Control when you r
Screenshot capture used for Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations task recorder. When using the Ta
控管您的隱私 與密碼管理器相比,Lenovo Smart Privacy Services 的保存庫功能和瀏覽器擴充功能可以發揮更大的作用
The Fast and Secure Way to Share Network Debugging Logs Never Again Miss a Detail When Troubleshooti
Extensão Links para Serviços Públicos em Portugal Links para Serviços Públicos em Portugal
This extension replaces text and images in web pages to remove PII for screenshots. The Screenshot S
Wikipedia夜间模式使您可以在黑暗或低光下在Wikipedia网站上更舒适地工作 深色的Wikipedia主题或Wikipedia Night模式将Wikipedia网站的背景更改为深色,将字体