Simply Download & Save stories from Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. It's simpler than its nam
A theme for Chrome and Edge DevTools taken from the Atom One Dark theme. **HOW TO USE** Install this
Direct Message for Instagram allows you sending Instagram direct messages from your desktop PC. How
Vidline 是一款功能强大的屏幕录像工具,录完就可以产生一个分享链接,快速和同事,团队基于视频进行高效沟通
Use your voice to type across many different websites Voice In enables voice typingit makes it easy
一键发送灵感时刻,珍藏你的记忆 通过浏览器插件发送哔哔
Discover JDK's from different distributions DiscoEdge enables the user to discover and download a Ja
Scoreboard Tab Scoreboard brings you scores from NFL Football, NBA Basketball, NCAA Basketball, MLB
A replacement new tab page which is faster and more streamlined. Start Tab is a Chromium browser ext
Automatically claims 'Channel Points' on Twitch for the channel you are watching. Also available for
This tool detects theme and plugins used on WordPress sites and displays information about them. Plu
Show your colors and personalize Microsoft Edge with the new Pride themes inspired by the many flags
The MetaMask Scatter TronLink PolkadotJS Alternative All-in-One Crypto Wallet Math Wallet is a multi
Improve your English communication with Ginger's spelling and grammar checker! Write with confidence
Fancy cool and stylish text generator, easily copy and paste to share anywhere you want. Fancy text
A smart tool for Instagram, one click to export Instagram posts to csv. A chrome extension made for
Automatically block anyone with specific keywords in their Twitter bio. DoucheBlock is like an ad bl
Browser extension for ABUKAI Services including ABUKAI Presentations, ABUKAI Expenses, ABUKAI ToDo a
FreeTON network wallet and dapps connectivity provider Features • Darkmode support • Multilanguage (
Install Tokyo Ghoul New Tab Theme and get HD wallpapers of Tokyo Ghoul. Made for fans who love Japan
Download videos from Facebook easily This extension allows downloading Videos from Facebook.com. On
每分钟检测syf有没有开播 This extension check the live stream status of a specific game channel hoster in bilib
Work & Life Happens Online. Now, it's All in One Place! You use web applications like Google Dri
Cook 插件可罗列当前浏览器的所有Cookie数据,并由用户选择将指定的Cookie导入至花漾指纹,从而完成Cookie数据在不同浏览器之间的无缝迁移 将浏览器Cookie信息同步到云端,完美克隆浏
AniWatcher remembers the series, anime and manga on which you stopped, and also reminds you of the r
Customize your Web with stunning animations and effects. Desktop Lux: Effects is a one-of-a-kind bro
Lightweight New Tab page containing only a simple repeating pattern image. Meant for use with dark m
Cookie Consent Remover A small plugin that you only enter once and can be used for sites that ask yo
Click every reactions on the hashnode blog It will helps you react your favorite hashnode article in
辅助抓取网站登陆后有效Cookies和UserAgent 右键复制当前页Cookies(原值, json)和UserAgent 右键将Cookies和UserAgent发送到主页面 插件弹框查看Coo
轻量级Ajax代理 数据劫持并修改响应 & 重定向 URL You can modify the response to the Ajax request, and you can also
休眠處於3分鐘非活動狀態的選項卡可釋放記憶體, 同時在再次按一下選項卡時仍恢復這些選項卡狀態
Shows you the best deals and discount coupons available while you're surfing on the web Shows you th
Analyse Internet Usage Carbon Footprint WeDeex plug-in enables you to follow the CO2 impact of your
Bookmarks to Adobe Experience Cloud: Analytics, AEP Launch, Target, Campaign, AEM, DTM and other sol
SAY GOODBYE! Rick rolls are now a thing of the past. Baiters would hide a link to Rick Rolling insid
rikaikun shows the reading and English definition of Japanese words when you hover over Japanese tex
Intercept downloads for Internet Download Accelerator, download a file or a group of files from the
Make your new tab page display a crafty scene based on the weather! ⛅Customize your new tabs with a
By Nithin S A bot to attend your Google Meet meetings/classes - Free to use by anyone Instructions :
Replace your usual search engine with Surf Clear and for every 10 searches we will remove one plasti
Creates clickable markers next to the scrollbar.
Get the authentication bearer token from a configurable Keycloak instance Get the authentication bea
Opens multiple URLs at once Open multiple links at once with the Multi Opener. Paste the list of lin
This extension blocks inappropriate contents. Nowadays, inappropriateness has been spread the whole
Force scrollbarsForcibly enable scrollbar on sites that prevent content scroll Force scrollbars inst
My Hero Academia Wallpaper change new tab to custom My Hero Academia background. Custom My Hero Acad