Filters Google results in Russian. The extensions that adds the &lr=-lang_ru parameter to all Go
A simple extension to mass unsubscribe from all YouTube channels If your YouTube subscription list i
A super simple new tab home that lets you get to where you need to fast and looks good doing it. Rep
Easy broadcast and automation for Official Account This extension will help you broadcast your messa
Simple yet powerful Cookie Editor that allow you to quickly create, edit and delete cookies without
Run Wirify on this site Like Wirify's tool but don't like a bookmark bar? this is the extension for
Hier finden Sie die schönsten und aussagekräftigsten Sprüche, die die Herzen Ihrer Freunde und Liebs
Protect your mail from spam and annoying advertising mailings. Ensure complete anonymity on the Inte
A smart business lead tool, Scrape data (emails, phone numbers, etc.) from Google Maps and export as
Disable service workers on all websites (and whitelist desired domains). No Service Worker is an ext
Pretty-prints the object in a kibana log message Pretty prints the Kibana/Elastic log messages that
Type 'uw ' and your search term to instantly search the Epic UserWeb. 'uw sherlock ' searches Sherlo
Freewp regularly updates Plugins, Themes from premium sources completely free and safe. Share free T
Create custom emotes and make them available in your Youtube comments and live chat today! You can f
Change the color of the Qiita article headers. This extension does not send the user's data anywhere
Colour scheme manager for Tumblr Features: • Create your own palette, or choose from the built-in op
Change the background color pf current page Change the page's background color to any color and you
Zeenyx Edge Extension Enable automated testing support for the Edge browser and its elements
Ultra Design Helps you out to create your own Unique Design. Ultra Design Support 75+ shirts, CREATE
DeleteBin:使用加密的临时消息保护您的隐私 请通过在 https://deletebin.org/zh/translate/ 报告翻译错误来帮助我们和其他人 DeleteBin 是一种隐私工具
Displays the live log with the http requests headers Monitor all HTTP/HTTPs traffic from your browse
Qualibrate Recording & Playback Extension Qualibrate is a 3-in-1 solution that empowers teams to
An extension change style for facebook
Record exploratory testing sessions and integrates with Spira SpiraCapture by Inflectra is an extens
Persistent local storage for each URL Visit. Keep your browsing history forever. A digital journal f
A browser extension that fights internet pollution in search and websites Say Goodbye to Internet Po
get meaning by selecting a word on any webpage The extension DynamicDictionary works as a dictionary
Évitez de rester immobile trop longtemps devant votre écran d'ordinateur. Programmez une pause activ
An Extension to add the tasks and delete them
DMM Etsy Helper This tool show all hidden properties of listing such as views, favorites, shop sales
Show attend time and leave time and live show who is muted, who's video off, absent members # Meetin
Convert cad files from sldprt to stl format. Simply leave the voucher field empty. You can convert o
Fill your candidate database from job boards in 1 click! Заполните свою базу данных кандидатов с дос
Quick launch Birdfeederist We are bird feeder expert. We help bird lovers save time and money by Res
This extension will add Download button on Inbound/Outbound Change Set page allowing you to download
Viking Escapeaction game. Control a viking flying on a dragon. Get him out of a forest with goblins
Decentralized messenger app for Solid POD´s Reclaim your privacy by using this decentralized messeng
This extension allows you to manage your app's dpHelper NPM. Manager system and dev tools by Dario P
MaxTAF Recorder based on Selenium IDE. This recorder is a browser extension that, when running, will
Effective screenshot tool with screen recorder. Take a full page. Edit it, add text and share instan
集Re:0高清壁纸为主页背景、增添了新标签页自定义设置、是美化浏览器主页的好工具 安装步骤:1.获取==>2.添加扩展==>3.启用==>4.保留更改 Re:0主题 可以修改和替换浏
changeSearchEngine for cppreference.com using cppreference integrated search results rather than duc
A simple note taking cum To-Do list add-on that will keep you productive throughout the day! A simpl
Select links on a page and download them easily. Through this extension, you can download media, pic
转换swagger成markdown This is a simple program for converting swagger documents to markdown documents
A Simple Azure Netowrk CIDR calculator based on work by https://github.com/jeffreydivi/cirdCalc A Si