Bookmark the best of the web by adding items to a collaborative digital canvas. We are all hoarders.
Twitter Sidebar by BlackMagic.so to enhance your Twitter browsing experience! BlackMagic.so extensio
See which images include alt text or not on Twitter and TweetDeck. Get warned or prevented from post
Finally search all your Twitter Bookmarks! Let's you easily search all your twitter bookmarks. Made
Προειδοποιεί για ελληνικές πηγές ενημέρωσης που έχουν υπάρξει αναξιόπιστες. http://ellinikahoaxes.gr
Search comments, replies, chat replay, video transcript for the current video on YouTube by contents
The best manager to group Youtube playlists. Make YouTube folders and sort Youtube playlists Using t
Download videos from TikTok. This Add-On adds a simple Download Button to save TikTok videos. It doe
Improvements for RateYourMusic BetterRYM enhances RateYourMusic with many quality-of-life features!
Interface da Nimo.tv melhorada, com menos poluição visual e melhorias. Nimo.tv Plus não é operado, p
VRChatのWebサイトを少し便利にする機能を追加 VRChatのWebサイトを少し便利にする機能や使いやすくする改善を加える機能拡張です
Mirror Block은 트위터에서 나를 차단한 사용자를 발견하면 표시해주고, 자동으로 맞차단(차단반사)를 해주는 기능을 제공합니다. Mirror Block(미러블락)은 트위터에서
Automatically opens a proxy chat if you are banned in a Twitch channel.
Bring Fellow into Google Meet and Google Calendar Your meeting notes right where you work. Bring Fel
T-Rex游戏或Dino Runner游戏;通过按上下键避开障碍物,包括仙人掌和翼龙
Allows you to read NY Times articles for free without a subscription
No more seeing unwanted likes and comments by your connections. Block the feed or filter it using cu
Small extension that will force you to add alt text to images when tweeting
Play Flash anytime, even in 2021 and beyond, using an emulator.
Share files between devices in your local network. By default, this addon just displays a popup with
Permite ao administrador gerenciar o aplicativo Google Meet utilizando a sistemática de atendimento
De adeus as tarefas manuais no Segue10 e acumule moedas muito mais rápido com o Segue10+ Plus! Aumen
Extension to facilitate the interaction of the viewer with Webinar.ru The extension allows you to mo
Automatically opens every post and invites everyone to like the Facebook page. All in automatic! IMP
Useful automations for your Facebook groups! UPDATED FOR NEW FACEBOOK [2020] for some languages, if
The Australian Search Experience plugin assists research that will improve collective understandings
WhatsApp Web Bulk Sender on Steroids Add missing features to WhatsApp webPrivacy, reactions, Smart a
Scans all posts of all your Facebook pages with 1 click. It can: Full scan all or Real-Time scan new
Delete multiple Facebook messages in a single click!Delete multiple Facebook messages in a single cl
Extract Data from LinkedIn, Crunchbase, AngelList etc and Send them to AeroLeads Software About this
Stocks and crypto charts along with options flow Information right at your tooltip. Trady lens is a
With the Ringover extension | Click2Call, all phone numbers displayed on web pages become clickable!
A small extension to disable YT video titles autotranslation. This extension is a port of the Chrome
Allows you to view other players statuses within the Roblox website Earlier this year, Roblox has co
Hide duplicate posts on pre-redesign Reddit. When viewing a list of posts on reddit.com, the extensi
Web Telegram Online extension on popup window. Quick access to the Web Telegram messenger. The Aweso
Automatically collects channel points, even when in a different tab. Auto claims Twitch channel poin
Easily get everyone attending a Google Meet and compare them to a list, create groups and more Featu
Find out the total duration or length of the YouTube Playlist (lectures, tutorials, music, video cli
Resizer and aspect ratio changer for YouTube videos. Resizer and aspect ratio changer for YouTube vi
By using this Addon you don't need to worry about missing Twitch item drops ever again. Simply keep
Share url to desktop Telegram. Share url address to desktop Telegram application. You have to have i
네이버/다음 카페의 게시글 읽기 차단을 우회합니다. 네이버/다음 카페에는 비회원도 네이버/다음 검색을 통해 볼 수 있는 글이 많습니다. 그러한 글들은 네이버/다음 검색을 거쳐 접근
La manera más cool de ayudar y sin que te cueste un solo centavo. Con ThanksToYou Tabs, cada vez que
Collection of scripts to enhance the Shacknews Chatty (https://shacknews.com/chatty) Enhancements fo
Hides trends on Twitter Simple add-on for firefox that disables the trends section on Twitter. Suppo
Instantly upload pictures from your clipboard! This addon will not work until you set the pref dom.e
只需单击工具栏上的扩展程序图标,即可使用TinyURL.com URL缩短服务来缩短当前页面的URL
A Browser Extension that enhances 'Notion' Web App experience. 一款增强"Notion" Web App体验的附加组件