Mutes the browser when spotify puts advertisements.
Verzamel op een privacyvriendelijke manier documenten in je persoonlijke webomgeving. Verzamel op ee
An extension for YNAB that allows users to quickly add a transaction to their budget. Want to be abl
Extension for decentralized websites to resolve .eth addresses. Esteroids is an extension for decent
PaperTrail Advanced Plugin 2 The PaperTrail Advanced Plugin is a tool specifically designed to integ
Улучшает качество Preview картинок. Добавляет функцию скачивания изображений по одной кнопке. Улучша
A most simple PayPal Fee calculator
Статистика продаж ваших конкуренов в одном сервисе Плагин от сервиса inside4you.ru добавляет на стра
Easy navigation to all of Zoho's services in a single dropdown panel.
This extension creates a new Create a Google Slides™ Deck when the user is logged into their Google
QQMail may redirect you to their warning page instead of the target url when you click a link. This
Встраивает UchiHack v2.3.0 Это не "взлом"это client-side плагин. Он использует функции самого Uchi.r
Does pink appeal to you or is it your favourite colour? Perhaps you should have a look at Pink Googl
Verbeteringen voor WME, op maat gemaakt voor de Nederlandse Waze community. Dutch Waze Kit voegt han
Proudly display your feline companions in "Fallen London"! This extension adds a separate section na
This addon is designed to remove messages from Disney+ before your movie starts. It currently blocks
Расширение позволяет отправлять сотрудников из платформы для рекрутмента Potok напрямую в сервис ада
SEOSITE.WEBSITEРеклама и заработок. Установите наше расширение и зарабатывайте деньги во время просм
Extension to add kudos-per-hits ratio to ArchiveOfOurOwn.org Adds kudos-per-hits ratio to stats when
Time Tracking for different Projects in the Sidebar. Powered by Clock.wtf Awesome Time Tracker for t
A browser extension that lets you scan (via a smartphone) a dynamically generated QR code for a webp
Kong Add-on adds some features to Kongregate, including a blocker of bot messages, a dark mode, a br
Addon to give easy access to sites relevant to students at Arcada UAES, Show food at the Restaurant
Creates links to Hudu customer's pages on Syncro Ticket and Customer pages. Be sure to see the optio
On any eBird checklist that has a map, eBird GPS track downloader provides a link by which you can d
Removes the Sci-Hub left sidebar to make PDF take up whole window. This is an extension for the Mozi
An extension to copy the last part of URL of the page. 右クリックメニューから、URLの最終部をクリップボードにコピーできるようになる拡張機能です
Unofficial donation companion for Kinstone Events. Track donations, view tiers, set budgets The Kins
Extensão do aplicativo NefroLog permitindo sincronização dos dados em ambientes desktop Sincronize a
Copies the checklist URLs in an eBird trip report to the clipboard On an eBird trip report, this bro
Seamless for Mac的浏览器扩展,轻松保存网页链接和图片
The Launcher Firefox Extension allows for basic integration between Remedy ticket system, Sharepoint
Add midi control throw Web-Midi-API. Add keys to change volume level for selecting channel, to tap t
Supports local printing functionality while working in Applied CSR24 Applied CSR24 is the most techn
Adds a badge that shows which CDN and CDN POP the current page is being loaded from. Currently detec
Change between environments. We got 2 production environments and we are switching it with this smal
This extension will automatically upload multiple NFTs into opensea collections from a .csv or patte
Add a seek to next caption, time bookmark and other time-seek related feature to Udemy course page.
KAIST AutoOTP generates OTP passwords in your browser. KAIST AutoOTP generates OTP passwords in your
Blocks reddit and redirects to technical blogs.
Firefox WebExtension which utilizes trained AI models to predict captcha from image and automaticall
IRIAM で使用した JASRAC の楽曲申請を KANTAN にするやつです IRIAMの使用楽曲申請めっちゃめんどくないですか
Affiche les articles de la Dépêche du Midi réservés aux abonnés. Cette extension affiche les article
Copy the page url directly from the address bar Copy the current page url directly from the address
2-Factor Authenticator Tool in your Browser Sidebar 2-Factor Authenticator Tool in your Browser Side
This extension allows users of the Blue Prism software to automate and interact with websites using