beGalileo eLearning Extension which helps to record the live class and upload.
This will give x-system text its proper hats! Ex. gx → ĝ. Note that this only works on existing web
NEW UPDATE PROBLEMS FIXED! The Discord Enhancement Project BetterDiscord extends the functionality o
Scrolller is a neat little website to browser media files from Reddit. This chrome extensions adds s
Handy little extension to search and/or filter videos from playlist. To search click the extension i
This extension was created due to my frustration with the high-rate of which I was matched with peop
Features • Compatible with any HTML5 video (e.g. YouTube, Facebook and Vimeo) • Works in pages with
Supercharge your Focusmate Dashboard by choosing from a number of features - Make the text large for
This Google Chrome extension for Ancestry.com highlights any of the 3 non-autosomal DNA inheritance
تساعدك هذه الاضافة للتواصل مع العملاء عبر واتساب ويب, حيث يمكنك من ارسال رسائل الواتساب لعملائك بكل
Autogram: Telegram Scraper, Send Bulk Message, Auto Invite Member for Telegram Main Features: Scrape
This Chrome extension adds some improvements to the Marvel Unlimited desktop experience. All the act
한양대학교 LMS를 업그레이드 시켜주는 어둠의 사자를 설치하세요 :) 1. 다크 모드 어둠의 사자들을 위한 다크 모드 테마입니다. 설치 후 한양대학교 LMS 페이지에 다크 모드가
For licensed auto dealersCarbly is a world-class vehicle appraisal toolWe have partnered with Black
Enhances user experience by injecting Rate My Professor rating into the LSA course guide. User is ab
Data Scraping Software from Justdial Business Website. We have highly experienced professionals in I
YouTubers want to preview their new upcomming video on amongst the other one on the YouTube Homepage
가끔 42 서브젝트 서버가 작동이 되지 않기 때, 미러를 통해 서브젝트를 볼 수 있습니다. when 42 subject server is not working you can ope
Extensión que permite importar contactos y empresas navegando directamente desde tu cuenta de Linked
Are you looking for an extension that let's you search for torrents and various famous torrent site
Automatically replaces insecure GET requests of search providers with secure/private POST requests.
By using this extension, you’ll be setting your default search engine to Goodsearch, making it that
Tired of endlessly looking for a place to meet that’s convenient for all your friends? Try Midpoint,
Free *Privacy friendly UnderlineMe is an in-browser notepad. With a simple shortcut, open the notepa
Con la extensión de conversor de letras podrás generar varios tipos de textos con fuentes y tipograf
Least privilege Cookies.txt Extension Download or view cookies from the granted websites as cookies.
▬▬▬▬▬▬ Features ▬▬▬▬▬▬ - Export chat logs from discord channel or DM conversations. - Supports Xlsx
Have you ever tried to use the z-index property, just to find out that, no matter how high you set i
If you are not able to buy your phone in flash sales of Amazon.in, this extension is for you. This e
Simply install the extension to Chrome and then visit your favorite website. Now, when you hover ove
Dataverse is your private space for curating multi-media NFTs. It is easier than ever to save and or
A wallet to experience Cardano to the fullest Nami is a browser based wallet extension to interact w
Owsome app that help people (specially students) who using Zoom to order their watchlist automatical
UPDATE 4th Jan 2021: Fixed a bug whereby the pot odds were incorrectly calculated. New calculation:
Features: - Javascript Execution Analysis, real-time, 24x7 - Correlation & Analysis of Javascrip
Help your auto like TikTok video comments. Save user's time
Random new tab page backgrounds with exciting nature images! By clicking "Add to chrome", I accept a
The platform can't decide what we watch. We had television for that. With consumers switching to Ove
Let's change your cursor to a custom cursor Custom BTS BT21 Cursor for Google Chrome. Choose your fa
What Cursorlux does: ★ Highlights your cursor and clicks ★ Allows you to customize the color, size,
Forget about doing it manually one by one and do it all instantly with a single click on a button! F
A free virtual assistant to help share your closet, grow your Poshmark closet, and increase your Pos
A brand new Google Chrome Extension for Poshmark! Posher Pro is the fastest, simplest, and most affo
Giải quyết nỗi lo về vấn đề vi phạm từ cấm khi chạy quảng cáo
・メルカリの商品ページに「出品日時」「更新日時」を表示 ・メルカリの売り切れの商品ページに「購入者」情報を表示 ・メルカリのユーザーページに「取引履歴」情報を表示 ____2021.02.15 アップ
The ultimate Chrome Extension for any fan of the Toronto Maple Leafs! Stay up-to-date with all thing
Resident Evil fans, you are probably aware of the new game of Resident Evil series which is Resident
League of Legends game is a popular in recent years. There are a lot of fan of the game. So we decid
A colorful and cute version of the classic snake game :) Versions 1.0.1Original