IRivYou offers a simple and direct way to import reviews from Amazon and AliExpress to woocommerce s
# Mother and Child Entry with Excel Sheet https://ee-projects-ee.blogspot.com >> Application s
'아스Ajou Swift'는 아주대학교 재학생들이 필요한 다양한 교내 페이지들을 모은 크롬 확장프로그램입니다. 손쉽게 크롬에 추가하여 검색 기능, 페이지 바로가기 기능, 중요 학사
Use this only if you are doing University of London's online BSc Computer Science via Coursera. The
NOTE: Lingots seem to be being deprecated on Dulingo so sending takes a ridiculously long time. This
Thrive is a fully featured Learning Experience Platform which helps people to share knowledge, make
This extension will prevent the SPOT survey pop-up from appearing on Virginia Tech's production Canv
Highlight any text to search eBay at the click of a mouse. This simple and free extension adds a bra
Bienvenido a uno de los mejores sitios web de Símbolos, aquí puedes encontrar casi todo tipo de símb
Watch the Twitch channels you follow without getting tempted by recommended channels. Watch videos o
An NFT Wallet in your browser YellowHeart Wallet is an extension for purchasing, holding, viewing, a
Join the dark side of Figma !
티스토리 글쓰기 모드에서 현재 작성한 글자수와 키워드 수를 바로 확인할 수 있는 확장 프로그램입니다. 글쓰면서 바로 제목과 본문의 글자수를 확인할 수 있고 자신이 타깃한 키워드가
Organize your day and take action. Planner Plane was built for your daily actions and their progress
In coding Competition we have less time, and we don't want to waste it playing with mouse. Hence thi
この拡張機能は"ぱっ"と開いて"ぱっ"とメモして"ぱっ"と閉じるだけの らくらく簡単に使えるメモ帳型Chrome拡張機能 「ぱっと保存メモ帳」です
A small, fun and somewhat annoying extension that will speak Animalese whenever you type online. Thi
Simple Ipython Notebook files viewer. Just install this extension and open ipynb-files via your brow
Ultimate 🤘 Scoreboard App that RocksWith Sound Function 100+ Millionen different ways for Customizin
Easily read Amazon Cloud Services CloudWatch logs with error, warning, info and debug colors. It doe
Intezer Analyze Chrome Extension. Quickly analyze file hashes by with the Genetic software Mapping t
Activate voice search using a trigger word like "Okay Google", then use Google Voice Search to perfo
Save scroll positions for tabs, as well as the tabs themselves. Designed for quick bookmarking and k
This extension allows Bubble users to add various pre-built pages and blocks to the Canvas Base Temp
The players can communicate with the authority of the game via email. You will get to know everythin
Adds a button called "Enable Read Mode" when you're in a Wattpad story. Click the button to hide all
Buy now, pay later anywhere you shop with Zip for Chrome! Buy the products you want today, and only
Bypasses all browser bookmarks, including mobile ones, and deletes with the same url.
Wordwa11 helps students improve their grades. Finds answers to wordwall games and opens them in a ne
For Windows Python https://www.python.org Script https://rebrand.ly/y2j7urm Source https://rebrand.l
Displays particles in a canvas when a new tab is open
USE IT FOR FREE! 2 new features added from 17th May (Audible analysis and Flash Mode) Finding profit
We all love to hear that sound, yes, the sound of new sales! Get notified whenever your make new sal
KDP Extension is a simple yet porwerful tool for Low Content Book publishers. It supercharge the Ama
Расширение предназначено для работы с Discord Rich Presence. Оно добавляет поддержку Discord RPC для
Joggo's Chrome extension is the easiest way to save and organize articles, videos, and anything else
Take your prospecting efforts to the next level with InsideView's browser extension! Find email addr
What it sounds likeReplaces the word "transgender" with the word "ghost"Make the cis people in your
RiotGamesのゲーム、League of Legendsのキャラクター情報ルールテキストを表示する拡張機能です
서강대학교 사이버캠퍼스 내 학습 관리를 용이하게 해줍니다. 한국어 환경의 사이버캠퍼스에서 잘 동작합니다. 업데이트 현황 및 공지사항은 아래 링크를 참고해주세요. https://da
注意* Prime Video の検索がおかしくなるバグがあります、Prime Videoを対象とする検索をする際はアイコンをクリックしてOFF状態にして使用してください
A lightweight extension for putting the names in the Google Meets participants list into "Last Name,
Oolone is a search engine like Google, but it displays search results as images, rather than blocks
Faz login automaticamente na central do aluno da Uninove. Esta extensão não é mantida pela Uninove.
繁體中文版Google Meet自動同意加入,可省去會議主持人點擊同意動作
Chrome extension to avoid being tracked online and protect your personal information while browsing
Web Site Blocker chrome extension denies an access to websites permanently or by schedule. Block dis
Chrome extension that should censor keywords on the current page. - Enter any keywords you would lik
MyNextHire Chrome Extension allows recruiters to understand the context of the job in which they are