A simple extension to render HTML (with CSS and JS), SVG, and Markdown code generated by ChatGPT directly on the page.
A simple extension to render HTML or SVG code generated by ChatGPT directly on the page. When you ask ChatGPT coding questions, it outputs the raw code for you. Then you need to co..
Makes Scoro's Planner prettier and easier to navigate
The extension improves the navigation of tasks in your planner by enabling the following features: - FIXED TASKS HEIGHT: All task will have the same height so you won't need to mou..
Useful helper features for MangaDex. More features coming in the future if I have time.
I got annoyed at the lack of search features in MangaDex, especially when trying to find something with lots of chapters for binge-reading so I went ahead and made this extension. ..
A WebPPL.org extension that lets the user import/export .md files or workspaces and convert datasets into variables.
Adds importing and exporting functions to the online editor for portability. It allows importing CSV or JSON datasets into WebPPL as well.
Plan which artifacts you want to get for your Genshin Impact character via this extension for Genshin Center's Ascension Planner.
An artifact planner makes it easier for players to plan, manage, and track which artifacts to get for their Genshin Impact characters. This addon creates slots for artifacts to the..
Adds V4Fire debugging tools to the Chrome Developer Tools.
Browser DevTools extension for debugging V4Fire applications. This extension supports only 4th version of the V4Fire framework. V4Fire is a meta-framework which uses Vue.js as rend..
Text to speech Extension
Text to speech app. Reads text using Google voices, or default system voice when offline. Features - Ability to replace any word so you are not stuck with default pronunciations or..
WeSync 微信读书笔记同步是一款方便的谷歌浏览器插件,旨在帮助微信读书用户将笔记无缝同步到 Notion 笔记应用程序。通过安装该插件,用户可以方便地保存、管理和访问他们在微信读书中做出的笔记。 用户为何应该安装该插件: 简化笔记管理:通过 WeSync,用户可以一键将微信读书中的重要笔记保存到 Notion 中,避免了手动复制粘贴的繁琐过程。这大大节省..
GPTs Menu is a third-party GPTs store. Support chat search, one click collection of your favorite gpt.
English GPTs Menu is a third-party GPTs store. Support chat search, one click to collect your favorite GPT. GPTs Menu is an innovative Chrome extension designed to display third-pa..
Your personalized filter for the internet. Join us as we validate new models for how creators can work together to distribute and monetize specialized knowledge at scale. Overview ..
Opens all Terraform checks in the current github page
Opens all checks in the current Github page
在侧边栏(Side panel)里打开 AI(ChatGPT/Google Gemini/百度文心一言/微软 Copilot),让你可以随时在 sidebar 使用 AI 服务。。
在浏览器侧面板(Side Panel)打开AI,包括ChatGPT/百度AI/Microsoft Copilot,让您在浏览任何网页时使用AI。 ⭐ 功能 ⭐ 1. 在浏览网页的同时,可以在 Sidebar (Chrome Side Panel/Edge Sidebar) 里打开使用 Microsoft Copilot、ChatGPT、 Baidu AI. ..
Solution Suite for YouTube Creators and Brands
Guide your future actions by uncovering key insights from the thousands of unfiltered thoughts, feelings, and opinions stored in your channel comments.
Connect your files to the web. Anchorpoint is a file manager designed for collaboration.
This extension allows you to open files and folders directly in Anchorpoint projects by clicking on a web link. No more file attachments, no more downloads, no more unzipping. Anch..
a solution to flatten all Jira tickets and allow a Gantt chart to plan and monitor the progress
Jira Gantt supports to fetch and flatten all Jira cloud tickets (of Sprints or JQL) via read-only API access and allow users to manually create a gantt chart to plan the tickets lo..
Expand GPTs' knowledge: Add webpages, PDFs etc to GPTs' memories anywhere, anytime.
The Wisebase Knowledge Collector is an essential Chrome extension for ChatGPT and GPTs developers, streamlining the process of enhancing GPTs' intelligence. It provides a seamless ..
19 世纪 60 年代,互联网先驱 Ted·Nilson 提出了上都计划(Xanadu),他认为新一代互联网应该: 1. 我们必须能够标记任何东西; 2. 在任何东西上加笔记; 3. 在任何东西上加注释或加边注; 4. 用可视化的方式显示相关联的内容; 新枝正在朝着这个方向努力,现在你可以使用新枝插件: 1.保存任何网页到新枝APP; 2.在网页上标记内容;..
Quality of life features for the blue websight.
This extension adds extra quality of life features to make browsing and posting easier. Features include: Dramalinks ticker Markdown buttons User ignorator User highlighter Marking..
Split the active tab and all tabs to it's right into a new window.
Handy offline tool to split tabs. No sensitive permissions needed. It's a part of SessionPaw's FreeApps, for more info or apps, please check https://sessionpaw.com. 🐈🐾🐾🐾
Return to old logo of Twitter
This extension lets you revert to the old Twitter logo, before it becomes X. It modifies the site's HTML page to change the logo. In collaboration with Yuuto Github: https://github..
Flough is a git manager used to effectively create commit messages and git branch names all at the click of a button.
Flow manager at the click of a button. Simple and effective 🚀 Features ⭐️ Additional options for granular controls ⭐️ Automatic Clipboard Copy ⭐️ Current support Azure Dev Ops, Git..
汇集了将语言翻译器用于商业和教育目的的最佳实践。 此扩展程序提出的语言翻译工具可以帮助用户克服语言障碍并更有效地跨不同语言进行交流。基于新的 Manifest V3 (MV3)。 模式: • Pop-up translation: 翻译文本的弹出窗口。 • Split screen: 浏览器和语言翻译器之间的分屏。 • One tab: 语言翻译器的一个选项..
Your AI assistant that helps you create Pin title effortlessly
Struggling to find the perfect title for your Pins? Introducing our AI assistant, designed to effortlessly generate captivating titles for you! With its advanced understanding of y..
将网页制作成 epub 电子书,支持微信读书等
将网页制作成 epub 电子书,支持微信读书等。 配合“沉浸式翻译”插件,可以制作双语电子书。
一款高效的标签管理插件,节省高达 95% 的内存,并减轻标签页混乱现象。 👉 主要功能: 一:我的收纳 当您发现自己有太多的标签页时,单击 AnyTab一键收纳按钮,将所有标签页转换成一个列表。当您需要再次访问这些标签页时,可以单独或全部恢复它们。 单页收纳:在任意页面右击弹出菜单,点击菜单项的「收纳至 AnyTab」 当您的标签页位于 AnyTab 列表时..
Context menu to translate Mediawiki-style links (as at Wikipedia) into corresponding edit links. Also open ISBN links into Amazon.
Context menu to translate Mediawiki-style links (as at Wikipedia) into corresponding edit links. Also open ISBN links into Amazon. A webextensions add-on to allow right-clicking on..
Social bookmarking app for saving, sharing, and discovering content on the web.
rubra is the social bookmarking app for saving, sharing and discovering content on the web. Save the best articles and stories from the web to read them later and to share them wit..
ChatGPT Text to Speech Reader
ChatGPT Reader is a text to speech application that allows you to easily convert written replies into spoken words. With a simple click of the "Auto Read" button, you can effortles..
Maximize your Webflow workflow and optimize your UX with our comprehensive extension organizer
Optiflow is a Chrome extension for Webflow that simplifies your browsing experience by organizing all your extensions in one place. With just a single click, Optiflow helps you man..
Hide sponsored content on web pages.
Enjoy an ad-reduced browsing experience as UnSponsored hides sponsored results, providing a cleaner and distraction-free view. Customise your web search by toggling the extension o..
A chrome extension that translates helpshift messages using KantanAI
This chrome extension is use to translate Helpshift chat messages. This extension is very intuitive and will help users translate the Helpshift chat messages to/from the client tha..
Extension to make it easy to visit Lemmy communities from kbin.social
Find it annoying to copy paste `[email protected]` to look at a Lemmy community? This extension is for you. This extension looks for Lemmy style communities and replaces them to d..
A popup dictionary for quick dictionary lookups in various languages.
26/10/2020 As of now the development of the app has stalled. Please send me emails about ideas how to improve the app, until then, I will focus my efforts on other projects. 02/10/..
Auto web scraper powered by AI or template, and exports it as Excel or CSV files
Target Audience Supinfor Scraper is suitable for all users who need to collect web data, especially those who lack programming skills and for various scenarios such as market resea..
Download your translations as a text file.
Effortlessly download all of your translations produced by nicetranslator.com. 1. After installation, open the Polyglot Translator extension and click 'Launch.' This will open the ..
Providing the best GPT extension experience, empowering your productivity with your own prompts
Powerful plugin that reside in your browser's sidepanel. Answers questions, analysis product, summarize articles, polish emailsYou can do anything within one click. 🥳Quick Start 1️..
This is a Chrome extension that allows you to easily call the chatGPT API and start a conversation through drag and drop. You can set your desired prompts in advance and replace th..
Elevate sales outreach with AI-powered personalization and streamline customer engagement and sales success.
Introducing "PotionPitch AI," a special tool for your sales team that works right in your Chrome browser. It's like magic for making your sales messages super personal and organize..
从台湾华文电子书库下载 PDF 电子书
支持华文电子书库(https://taiwanebook.ncl.edu.tw). 扩展安装后书库页面将自动显示电子书下载按钮, 点击即可下载.
Quick access to any productivity tools for every digital worker.
Introducing Nugget by automix.ai: 🚀 Your Ultimate Productivity Companion! 📝🔗🎉 Tired of juggling multiple apps and tabs for your productivity needs? Look no further! With Nugget, th..
A universal reading assistant for research papers
Pare is a universal reading assistant for research papers. This Chrome Extension brings interactive AI to any publicly available PDF, without interrupting your flow. No uploads req..
Adjust HTTP Referrer (Referer) Headers to eg. assist debugging
Allows you to set the HTTP Referer. Filters are provided to operate on a per-site basis. A very useful tool for debugging.
Block most activity on YouTube apart from the channels and videos you are happy for your kids to watch
YouTube Kids Safe makes YouTube a safe place for kids! This extension allows parents to pre-approve individual YouTube channels that they are happy for their kids to have access to..
Adds hotkeys for Webflow.
Enhance your Webflow experience and boost your productivity with 'Hotkeys for Webflow'. Our extension integrates seamlessly into your Webflow workflow, providing useful keyboard sh..
Save, Organize & Share Your Favorite Bookmarks
TabWise is a versatile application that helps you effortlessly manage your bookmarks, enabling you to save and access all your web links faster. With a clean and intuitive user int..
Bring your peso Workspace into Chrome
Unlock the power of PesoX, the Chrome extension designed to seamlessly connect you to your Peso workspace across the web, from Zoho Books to QuickBooks and beyond. Here's a simple ..
v2.5.1 特性: 1. 优化木鱼的默认位置 2. 优化工具条的默认位置 v2.5.0 特性: 1. 支持敲木鱼(默认),支持全局卡通形象 2. 卡通形象:shit+click 卡通形象进入配置页面 3. 全屏阅读:CTL+click 卡通形象 4. 部分网站调整为新代码架构 5. 优化配置页的显示 v2.4.6 特性: 1. 优化打印效果,默认保留代码背..
Download ChatGPT conversations as text files.
Introducing Scribe GPT, a convenient Chrome extension that makes saving, sharing, and exporting your ChatGPT conversations a breeze! With Scribe GPT, you can easily download your A..
You can use New Page shortcut of Notion in web browser.
This chrome extension makes it possible to use new-page shortcut for Notion in web browser. ## Feature ### Open Source Software The source code is publicly available and MIT licens..