Lead411 Chrome Extension

Lead411 Chrome Extension


Find email addresses from anywhere on the web, with just one click. 只需点击一下,就可以从网上任何地方找到电子邮件地址。

Hunter: Find email addresses in seconds
Hunter: Find email addresses in seconds

Engage with Sales Navigator insights where you’re already communicating with prospects and customers. 在您已经与潜在客户和客户沟通的情况下,与Sales Navigator insights接洽。

LinkedIn Sales Navigator
LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Work with Salesforce records directly in your email application with the Gmail integration. 使用Gmail集成,直接在电子邮件应用程序中使用Salesforce记录。


The best & most accurate email finding tool, used by 30% of FORTUNE500 companies 最佳和最准确的电子邮件查找工具,30%的财富500强公司使用

Find anyone’s email – Contact Out
Find anyone’s email – Contact Out

Find emails on Linkedin. Build targeted leads directory. 在Linkedin上查找电子邮件。建立目标销售线索目录。


One tool to research accounts, build prospect lists and find email addresses. Integrates with CRM and sales communication platforms. 一个用来研究客户、建立潜在客户列表和查找电子邮件地址的工具。与CRM和销售沟通平台集成。

Sales Prospecting – Datanyze Insider
Sales Prospecting – Datanyze Insider

Find email addresses of anyone for free 免费查找任何人的电子邮件地址

Find email for free
Find email for free

LinkedIn Email Finder - Find Email from any LinkedIn profile and Website LinkedIn电子邮件查找器-从任何LinkedIn个人资料和网站查找电子邮件

LinkedIn Email Finder – Adapt Prospector
LinkedIn Email Finder – Adapt Prospector


Bruce Browning

Very buggy, very unstable, constant crashes and issues in Chrome. Otherwise works great.

Joseph John

Such a waste of time! They can’t even offer at least 10 credits for trial account just to see how things are working. I want to test the quality of email IDs before buy it. Uninstalled the extension within 5 minutes. There are better tools out there for cheaper price.

The Ali Hub

IT show me this message Forbidden You don’t have permission to access / on this server. How it will be solve?

Mark Valles

Well done! Very useful

Matthew DeBusk

Massive love for Lead 411 and their Chrome extension. Simple to use and delivers the info we need to get tee up new leads and get deals closed.


This tool is so helpful. Easy to use, available when I need it. It’s a great companion tool and it integrates at the click of a button to my CRM. Awesome!

Jeremy Unruh

Perfect Extension to save time researching and finding contact information. Another great tool from Lead411!

Jeff Kaplan

Convenient and all the data in one place.

David Smith

This is the most useful marketing tool I’ve come across in years. It integrates my CRM system with LinkedIn, Gmail and a bunch of services that we all use for marketing today. Super valuable.

Jeff Stevenson

This is a great companion for looking up contact info on people I find on LinkedIn. Even those not in my network. Reduces research time dramatically.

Kathryn Odell

Helpful tool. Especially if you subscribe to the high value, cost-effective Lead411 list building tool so you can just hit a button and it instantly pops the contact info into your CRM of choice.

David Dickey

Lead 411 gets better and better. Love the Google Chrome extension.

Mehfuza Islam


Pam Perry

This is such a helpful tool to quickly locate contact information. It is easy to use and works consistently for me.

phanidhar gajawada

hi am trying to explore this lead411. as i’m a fresher into this am unable to get what i exactly want can someone help me how to get leads?

Shafin Pial

work good really

Ori Manor

Not bad.

John Cogan

I wass really enjoying Lead411 last week but for some reason today I’m having so many problems accessing the linkedIn aspect of Lead411.

Nasirul Islam

Good app

Thomas Blue

You have to get a free trial in order to see any of the data.

Djerk Geurts

No explanation on how it works. Doesn’t seem to provide any integration between LinkedIn and vtigerCRM. Seems useless or at least very badly documented.

Mathew Estrada

It doesn’t do anything! It just pulls up a pop-up when you want to see and asks if you want to BUY the information…

Rodgen Villahermosa

This would be great! I’ll try to use this one.



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