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LastPass puts you in control of your online life – making it easy to keep your critical information safe and secure so you can access it whenever you want, wherever you are. Save all your passwords, addresses, credit cards and more in your secure vault and LastPass will automatically fill in your information when you need it.

Stop wasting time  getting locked out of accounts or filling  passwords and  forms online – LastPass  simplifies your daily online tasks  while keeping you  and your family  secure.  

All your data, where you need it:
– Store usernames and passwords and LastPass will log you in automatically
– Fill forms quickly by saving your addresses, credit card numbers and more
– Save passports, insurance cards and anything else you want to keep safe
– All your data is available on any device for free
– Anything you save on one device is instantly synced on all your other devices

Protect yourself from breaches:
– LastPass Security Dashboard provides and overview of your weak and reused passwords and how to improve them
– LastPass dark web monitoring alerts you if your information is at risk
– Generate secure passwords to replace weak ones
– Protect your LastPass account with multifactor authentication

Simplify your life:
– Never forget another password
– Passwords are autofilled for you as you go to your sites – less typing!
– Securely share your passwords with friends and family
– Only worry about one master password

Only you know your master password, and only you can access your vault. Your master password is never shared with LastPass. That’s why millions of people and businesses trust LastPass to keep their information safe. We protect your data at every step.

Learn about more features and get LastPass Password Manager for Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Edge, and Opera from www.LastPass.com


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All passwords cannot be opened, and the edit detailed editing page cannot be opened after entering the Vault interface, and my password can no longer be seen, nor can it be used. The most disgusting extension ever.




I have successfully logged into the website, but it keeps popping up strange characters and prompting me to add strange account passwords. I can't close the reminder window, and this happens on all versions of Google Chrome 110.112. I clicked on [Never save this site to LastPass] " => "It still keeps reminding. It keeps prompting me to add account passwords, and I'm going crazy!




chrome 插件版本 4.102.0 更新到这个版本以后,密码不能自动填充,快捷键打开密码生成器也不能使用!
















Extremely slow on Chrome.


这段时间总是提示要修复!无法使用,什么情况? 重新添加也不行,清除缓存也不行,firefox里面都是正常的,chrome这边怎么回事? 2021.11.26




网站使用钉钉扫码跳转的,lastpass 会影响网站登录,需要关闭插件后才行,不知道是什么原因导致的。


Have to purchase the membership to use both web and phone, there are lots of good similar tools, like Bitwarden.


I don't know how a developer can make it so slow, but you did it. Please improve the performance!