Lean project management for you and your agile team.

Why Sandglaz? Because other project management solutions either offer no way of agile planning… or are way too complex!

Sandglaz combines ease of use with powerful agile management. With Sandglaz, it is super easy to respond to change.

Sandglaz is for teams who want to:

– have clarity on their progress in each sprint, and visibility on upcoming sprints
– collaborate on tasks without email and long meetings
– continuously deliver more value to their customers by eliminating waste
– adapt Scrum, Kanban, and Scrumban methodologies to their own workflow

Work together with clear objectives and transparency on progress

– Add and assign tasks as fast as you can type
– Use @username and #category tags to assign and categorize tasks
– Filter on tasks to see who is working on what, when
– Discuss tasks and add notes in the expanded task view
– Attach shared documents, designs, and prototypes from Dropbox and Google Drive

Simple, elegant and intuitive interface to plan quickly and adapt as you go

– Visually manage tasks using sprints
– Need more time on a sprint? No problem. Extend, shorten, and split sprints any way you like
– Drag and drop tasks to different sprints
– Task auto-management: do nothing at the end of a sprint and Sandglaz will automatically move your tasks for you!

What our customers are saying:

★ “Sandglaz is the only tool I could find that allowed doing both: set long term objectives/goals, and also dynamically adjust what you’re working on each individual day. Plus, I no longer have to worry about dealing with a backlog of uncompleted tasks — they’re automatically moved to the next day if I don’t complete them!” — Mike Rossi CEO & Co-Founder of Sweet Tooth

★ “I’m done searching for a collaborative application to remotely work with my team, Sandglaz is what I’ve been looking for. It helps me follow up what my team is doing on a weekly basis. We absolutely love Sandglaz.” — Yoan Anguilet MBA at Yale School of Management

★ “Sandglaz manages to be powerful and customizable without being difficult to use.” — Lifehacker.com

★ “(I) had never been enlightened to the possibilities of intuitiveness and simplicity that an app could offer.” — ADDitude Magazine

★ “The Best Web Apps of 2013” List — PCMag.com

Sandglaz is the simplest way to collaborate with your agile team. Start your 21-day free trial today!

Learn more at: www.sandglaz.com


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