A code editor for HTML, CSS and JavaScript HTML、CSS和JavaScript的代码编辑器

Welcome to Quickfire for Google Chrome – a port of Adobe ‘Brackets’ to ChromeOS.

Quickfire is a code editor for HTML, CSS, and JavaScript that runs as a Chrome packaged app. It’s based on Adobe’s “Brackets” project, and includes support for ‘Live Development’ with the help of a Chrome extension. Quickfire also has a built-in web server and can run offline.

– Local directory support

Coding in the cloud is awesome, but sometimes you want to work locally. Quickfire uses Chrome’s fileSystem API to load your existing file system directories as projects, just as you’d expect with a normal code editor. That means you can quickly install Quickfire through the Chrome store, and try it out on a project that’s already on your computer.

– Built-in web server

You might already have a web server on your machine. If you don’t, Quickfire comes bundled with one that will automatically work out of the box with the projects you load. It will serve your files using an http://localhost url. It starts on port 8081 by default, so if you use that port then please change it in the settings.

– Live Development

To use Brackets’ Live Development, you need an additional extension. That’s because Chrome’s packaged apps aren’t given all the same permissions as extensions; in particular they don’t have access to Chrome’s debugger API. The extension is a quick install, and will only run on localhost. If you try to start Live Development without it, you’ll be prompted to install the extension so Quickfire can talk to the Chrome debugger.

*** Please read before you leave a negative review ***

Several people have left negative reviews because the project is a ‘rip off’ of Adobe Brackets. It’s stated in the description that the project is a port of Brackets. Brackets is an open source project that doesn’t run on ChromeOS. I have ported Brackets to run on ChromeOS, on my own time, and at no cost to anyone, and it was announced on the Brackets mailing list at the time, with a link to the source code! I gave the project it’s own name and icon since I can’t use Adobe’s name and icon.


欢迎使用Quickfire for Google Chrome-一个Adobe“括号”到ChromeOS的端口。





您的计算机上可能已经有web服务器。如果没有,Quickfire将与一个可以自动与加载的项目一起工作的包捆绑在一起。它将使用http://localhost url为您的文件提供服务。默认情况下,它从端口8081开始,因此如果您使用该端口,请在设置中更改它。

-Live Development

要使用括号“Live Development”,您需要一个附加扩展名。这是因为Chrome打包的应用程序并没有获得与扩展程序相同的权限;特别是它们没有访问Chrome调试器API的权限。扩展是一个快速安装,只在本地主机上运行。如果您尝试在没有它的情况下启动实时开发,系统将提示您安装扩展,以便Quickfire可以与Chrome调试器对话。




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