Host watch parties with your friends, or go live for up to a million guests, while your show is automatically synced for everyone.

Discover what to watch next, see what friends are watching, and expand your community with the Scener homepage that puts you at the center of the watch party action.

With support for Netflix, Disney+, HBO Max, Hulu, Youtube, and more, Scener is the one-stop destination for streaming anything with anyone. Whether you’re leading your legion of fans in a huge, interactive watch party, or having a virtual movie night with friends, Scener is social viewing where you’re in control.

Laptop or desktop computer and internet access required. Webcam, microphone, and headphones recommended. A subscription or access to the streaming service being viewed is required.

Scener is made with love in Seattle, USA.


观看派对在流媒体内容上同步播放。 观看你的最爱,和你最喜欢的人一起。 阅读下面,看看如何使用,有用的链接 & 更多! : : LINKS 了解如何开始在https://..
观看派对在流媒体内容上同步播放。 观看你的最爱,和你最喜欢的人一起。 阅读下面,看看如何使用,有用的链接 & 更多! : : LINKS 了解如何开始在https://www.chromewatchparty.com/welcome 请参阅https://www.chromewatchparty.com/welcome#tips的tips和faq 查..
An extension that synchronizes video..
An extension that synchronizes video playback! What's new? [Version 1.2.4 — 11.05.20] - Fixed bug where user avatar & name would not be saved - Made chat button draggable only ..
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Watch streaming media with friends.
Allows Metastream to control media for synchronizing in a session. # EXTENSION PERMISSIONS Metastream Remote requires permissions to "Read and change all your data on the websites ..
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Install Netflix Party Plus Chrome extension to watch along with your friends How to Start Netflix Party >>Install Netflix Party chrome extension. >>Open any Netflix vid..
与朋友一起观看YouTube视频。 YouTube Party是一个Chrome扩展程序,用于观看与朋友同步的YouTube视频。 通过在您的观看聚会上同步您的YouTube播放体验,YouTube聚会提供了一种新的方式来与世界各地的朋友和家人一起观看您喜欢的视频! 观看时,您可以聊天并交流您最喜欢的时刻! 要使用此扩展名: 1)确保所有人都下载了此扩展程序..
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Teleparty is a browser extension for watching TV remotely with friends, e.g., for movie nights with that long-distance special someone. It synchronizes video playback and adds grou..
Dodatek pozwalający na weryfikację k..
Dodatek pozwalający na weryfikację kliknięć w serwisie LikePlus.eu Dodatek pozwalający na weryfikację kliknięć w serwisie LikePlus.eu. Jak to działa? To proste! 1) Kasia i Tomek ma..
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Free Kindle UK Books are directly in your browser 'Free Kindle UK Books Deluxe' brings you daily updates on the best new free kindle UK books. Plus it's FREE! Please Note: This is ..
SnapTikadd-ons to download HD videos..
SnapTikadd-ons to download HD videos from your TikTok without a watermark! It's super fast and free. How to Use: - Step 1. Open TikTok and select the video you want to download. - ..
提供下载和保存视频的能力Twitter.com 该扩展允许您从流行的社交网络下载媒体文件Twitter.com -我们正在谈论包含视频内容的推文。 该产品适用于在俄罗斯,中国,..
提供下载和保存视频的能力Twitter.com 该扩展允许您从流行的社交网络下载媒体文件Twitter.com -我们正在谈论包含视频内容的推文。 该产品适用于在俄罗斯,中国,伊朗和朝鲜等国家由于审查而导致服务运行不稳定或其阻塞的情况下使用。 要运行脚本,请使用视频播放器所在的推文打开页面,点击图标并等待结果发出-它们将包含MPEG-4格式的下载链接以及所有..
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音乐,信息,提供服务。 你喜欢的收音机
音乐,信息,提供服务。 你喜欢的收音机
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Hi Everyone, We are aware of issues with scener being down today 8/25/23. When we have resolved these issues, we will let everyone know. Thank you for your patience. Sincerely, Scener Support


i used to love this and used it all the time with my friends, but ever since they introduced the premium option, it has become nearly unusable. most of the websites that are available simply won't sync, and there are way too many bugs and issues. instead of making me want to pay for the subscription, it just pushes me to stop using this altogether


After they let you pay for premium, you can't let your friends watch with you even if they say only the host has to have premium to have everyone use audio and mic. When I want to cancel, they removed the option to cancel your subscription avoid this they are greedy


It was great when it first came out. However, the tool became totally useless when the video chat function became unavailable for free. A lot of those I know have migrated away from it, because there are other options that are available for free.


I loved scener because it was the only extension to have the camera option. Now that you need pay for it, I don't use it anymore, i'd rather use netflixparty.


Liked until they added a premium version that costs money, which took away features that we had been able to use for years


Glitched and lagged the whole time. It will work better if you and your friends just watch on your own separate devices and just count down from 3 when to start it. Even the pause function didn't work. Again if you want to watch it, just sync up on your own devices and just communicate rather than installing this .


Works great...until now. I've been using this for 2-3 years but now I can't video call anymore while watching. It requires you to pay for the video call now. So it's basically like netflix party where you can just chat.


Used to work really well. Now the video syncing constantly breaks and glitches.


perf for long distance relationships. no bugs for me at least!


Was free one star!


Ya no puedo hablar con mis amigos mientras vemos series, meh fue bueno mientras duró


It used to be good. You used to be able to watch shows and movies almost flawlessly while talking to your friends about it using voice and video chat. Now it shows a black screen for viewers at times, syncing does not work, and now you have to pay a monthly subscription to use your microphone and video. I'm switching to watch party.


the windows keeps glitching (flashing white), I cannot sign in.


to be honest the app is super glitchy in terms of joining a lobby, videocalls, lagging, as well as logging in.


Doesn't work anymore. Can't do anything without Premium. Any options?


Breaks the second the event goes live. Absolute garbage


Useless and poorly built website. Continuously getting "Invalid Request" or "Error" messages when trying to login (yes my firewall was turned off and my cache cleared). There is no password reset option, no customer service chat or number to call. When you sign up, you only type your password and email 1 time so there is no verification that you did not have a typo in your login information. There is no confirmation email that you did sign up (not even in spam). Since there was no help signing in I attempted to create a new account and that failed too with no given reason. I guess Scener was not prepared for the mass of viewers ready to watch Stranger Things tonight.


Wasted an hour trying to get this to work. Would never even load a viewing screen. FAQ/help totally unhelpful. Useless and frustrating.