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Get My Receipts




Get My Receipts 拿我的收据

Get My Receipts
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Get My Receipts
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Get My Receipts
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Digital receipts and invoices are flooding our inbox, and we often forget to include them in our tax returns or expense reports.

In order to organize them easily, this is the simplest tool to use. It will find all your emails that have receipts in them, with greater than 96% accuracy, and automatically add them into a spreadsheet for you. Our extraction is powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning.

All you need to do is simply click on “Get My Receipts” in your Gmail inbox, and let the tool do all the work for you. It’ll even organize your receipts by the following columns in a spreadsheet:

✅ Taxes
✅ Merchant
✅ Subject line
✅Email text
✅Email PDF of each receipt

This year, make your taxes easy.

cloudHQ. Helping your productivity, 1 click at a time.








Export Gmail™ emails and labels to PDF with one click 一键将Gmail™电子邮件和标签导出为PDF格式

Save Emails to PDF by cloudHQ
Save Emails to PDF by cloudHQ

Beautiful email templates accessible directly from Gmail. Import templates from Mailchimp, or make your own - with team sharing! 漂亮的电子邮件模板可直接从Gmail访问。从Mailchimp导入模板,或者自己制作-与团队共享!

Gmail™ Email Templates by cloudHQ
Gmail™ Email Templates by cloudHQ

Make your Gmail inbox smarter: email tracking, shared inbox, shared labels, automated sequences, CRM for Gmail, email notes, kanban… 让你的Gmail收件箱更智能:电子邮件跟踪,共享收件箱,共享标签,自动序列,Gmail CRM,电子邮件笔记,看板…

Shared Inbox & CRM for Gmail | Gmelius
Shared Inbox & CRM for Gmail | Gmelius

Add annotations on your emails to remember something, or to coach how to craft a good email. 在你的电子邮件中添加注释以记住一些东西,或者指导如何制作一封好的电子邮件。

Gmail Notes by cloudHQ
Gmail Notes by cloudHQ

Rename email subjects for Gmail. 重命名Gmail的电子邮件主题。

Rename Email Subject by cloudHQ
Rename Email Subject by cloudHQ

Anytime you open your emails, people could be tracking when you do it, and which links you click on. Protect your email privacy. 任何时候你打开你的电子邮件,人们都可以跟踪你何时打开,以及你点击了哪些链接。保护您的电子邮件隐私。

Email Privacy Protector: Is My Email Tracked?
Email Privacy Protector: Is My Email Tracked?

Share any email on Skype, Slack, chat, etc. 在Skype上共享任何电子邮件、Slack、聊天等。

Share emails via secure URL link by cloudHQ
Share emails via secure URL link by cloudHQ

Save websites, articles, etc. directy to Gmail 将网站、文章等直接保存到Gmail

Gmail Web Clipper
Gmail Web Clipper


Thad Rummey


Mark Daniels

It’s great that the extension doesn’t make me go find the receipts in my inbox, it does all the for me and organizes the info too. Really neat.

Mike Wiemelt

Keeping track of my LLC’s business expenses just got easier for me. No more ledgers.

CloudHQ Info

That’s so strange, it sounds like an error. Would you mind emailing us at Cheers, Molly

Dragan Nedregård Popovic

Would be great, but impossible to find the right receipt because he date format is like this: 43366.2924421296 What date is that?

Oliver Tolton

This extension is amazing!

Derrik Mosley

easy 2 use, even my grandma could

Koretta Warren

I’m a 1-woman show. This helps make my all encompassing job a lot easier. G R E A T T O O L. 我是个独角戏。这有助于我的全方位工作更容易。G R E A T O L公司。

Andrea Meyer




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