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Salesforce Data Exporter




One click export of salesforce data lists to csv file 一键将salesforce数据列表导出到csv文件

Salesforce Data Exporter
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With Salesforce Data Exporter you can export any list of data in Salesforce to CSV file.

This extension creates a button ‘Export to CSV’ in salesforce list view for all objects, standard or custom. The list data can be exported to CSV file by simply clicking this button.

Salesforce Data Exporter is the easiest way to export data of Leads, Accounts, Opportunities or any other object from Salesforce. All the fields available in the list view are exported to CSV in the same order.



Salesforce data Exporter是从Salesforce导出Lead、Accounts、Opportunity或任何其他对象数据的最简单方法。列表视图中可用的所有字段都以相同的顺序导出到CSV


Extension shows the API field names on detail pages 扩展名在详细信息页上显示API字段名

Salesforce API Fieldnames
Salesforce API Fieldnames

This extension helps you get to any salesforce page quickly. Just type in what you need to do. * 0.8.3 * various little bug fixes… 此扩展帮助您快速访问任何salesforce页面。只要输入你需要做的事情。*0.8.3*各种小错误修复…

Salesforce Navigator
Salesforce Navigator

Overrides the standard salesforce favicon with one colored based on the org. Also, displays a separate icon for sandbox instances. 使用基于组织的一种颜色覆盖标准salesforce favicon。同时,为沙盒实例显示单独的图标。

Salesforce Colored Favicons
Salesforce Colored Favicons

This extension provides 'check all' checkboxes on admin pages. 此扩展在管理页上提供“全部选中”复选框。

Salesforce Admin Check All
Salesforce Admin Check All

Makes it easy to login as another user. Maintains the page currently being viewed. 使以其他用户身份登录变得容易。维护当前正在查看的页面。 Quick Login As Quick Login As

Compare Record data values and object metadata in Salesforce 比较Salesforce中的记录数据值和对象元数据

Record and Metadata Comparator for Salesforce
Record and Metadata Comparator for Salesforce

Export all Custom Settings from Salesforce To Excel in three clicks 三次单击即可将所有自定义设置从Salesforce导出到Excel

Custom Settings Exporter for Salesforce
Custom Settings Exporter for Salesforce

SmartCloud Connect brings the power of Salesforce and Chatter to your mailbox. SmartCloud Connect为您的邮箱带来了Salesforce和Chatter的强大功能。

SmartCloud Connect for Salesforce and Gmail
SmartCloud Connect for Salesforce and Gmail


Gabriel Nasayao

This is great, and hopefully this becomes available on lightning as well.

Bertrand THIBAUT

Dommage, ne fonctionne plus avec la nouvelle version de SalesForce

Kirstin Teall

Super easy to use, installed in a second, downloaded very quickly. Heads up- you have to be in SF Classic, as it doesn’t work in Lightning. 超级简单易用,安装一秒钟,下载速度非常快。抬头看-你必须在科幻经典,因为它不工作在闪电。

Denise M. Crosby

It just sits there forever and says “Exporting”. That’s not good. Need help.

John Wisener

Does not work for Lightning UI and no response to any questions addressed to the vendor.

Jesus Ortega

funciona perfecto para exportar las listas. Lo recomiendo.

Damian Blackley

Does what it says on the tin! It would be great to be able to include record IDs in the export.

Dru K

Honestly, this just sat there and said “Exporting” for over 15 minutes and all I had was 250ish records.

Oleksiy Nazarenko




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