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Greasemonkey-like mods, but quicker to tweak. Create and apply your own synced tweaks to web pages 油腻的像mods,但更快的调整。创建并将您自己的同步调整应用于网页

So you want to make a few tweaks to your favourite web page, but don’t want to build a full-blown extension? That’s what Control Freak is for.

Adjust CSS for just the web page you’re viewing, from the comfort of a toolbar button. Or make your CSS work across the whole domain. Or on every page.

Similarly, make JavaScript tweaks to just the current web page. Or the entire domain, or every page. You can also import your favourite external library, e.g. jQuery.

You can also see open a Management view to see all your Control Freak tweaks on the same page.
Extension is intended to be a simple replacement to Greasemonkey.

Original extension developer: Michael Mahemoff (http://mahemoff.com/)
Currently maintained by Dmitry Sorin (http://staypositive.ru/)
Source code on Github: https://github.com/1999/controlfreak




同样,对当前网页进行JavaScript调整。或者整个域,或者每一页。您还可以导入您喜爱的外部库,e、 g.jQuery.


原始扩展开发人员:Michael Mahemoff(http://Mahemoff.com/)
当前由Dmitry Sorin维护(http://staypositive.ru/)

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