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A secure communication tool and instant messenger to protect your conversations or other private data with. Giving the ability to…

A secure communication tool and instant messenger to protect your conversations or other private data with. Giving the ability to encrypt text with unique ciphers. No one without the cipher will be able to decrypt your data.

***Government level encryption/decryption (U.S. FIPS). The same encryption is used by NSA and other governments around the world to secure classified data.***

##How to use :

The encrypt and decrypt functions can be used to encrypt/decrypt any text
from any language with the same encryption algorithm that the NSA and other
international government agencies use for classified documents.
To properly decrypt text though you must know the cipher.
Ciphers can be anything from any number of words or characters you choose.

To add additional security you can encrypt text more than once. For example :

1.*Hello World* encrypted with the cipher “anonymous” might be **U2FsdGVkX19Z49JQJyheu1ntXW+hD+fkd1iYF+EHEi4=**.
2.Then if you encrypt that again with “fights” it might be **U2FsdGVkX18HOIFWTyOhtkPgbiclGQmWieUAxCZmPfNESmvfV4AmIFdBC5CqWYo9Fpnd9kRjUahuvRZU2lwBtg==**.
3.Then if you encrypt that again with “injustice” it might be **U2FsdGVkX1+zRvybbZYmy7fJdvvY9ZKL4gtGUlGcXiPXQnKTqqv/zJPGdP1Eemx5bFS+6or68w52h+z8Tk5yckjaW8pGEPVwe3+EFbt2LgDaoKXPYcLYOPu3flpiZYYB/SIfNg1+KOddzLDdFGCbEQ==**.

To properly decrypt this one would need to decrypt the message in the reverse order, first using injustice as the cipher then using fights as the cipher, then finally getting the message after using anonymous as the cipher and decrypting.

####Instant Messaging

To maintain the most secure and anonymous communication, both you and the person you are
IMing must know each others handles, and must use the same cipher.
*Both handles and ciphers are case sensitive!*
All communications are automatically encrypted and decrypted for you using the cipher.

Handles are not password protected so anyone can use any handle, but the only
way to see the data is to have the correct cipher.

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