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This is an import tool that will help you move your StreamLabs data to StreamElements. We are trying to make the process of switching to StreamElements as easy as it can be. Please ping us if you have any problems with it.

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Doesn't really work, doesn't import graphics, spams all your donations/alerts that you've had from years ago from SL too, waste of time. I'd have to spend hours moving everything over manually, this doesn't do its job to remove this effort. I want to switch, but this is holding me back.


Doesn't work i tried many times in a lot of ways and i keep getting a error


worked great for me once i learn i had to go to click on my extension. in the top right of google next to my profile and stop trying to click on the web store page that opened.


An error occurred siempre sale lo mismo


Worked well! Some font settings didn't transfer over right but overall it did it!


Doesn't work. Don't bother. Streamlabs is overheating my laptop so I thought 'Oh so I can import!" NOPE. It doesn't import at ALL. It imports a "alert box" so all of your layout? Useless and gone and you have to remake everything and reorganize everything in a program that's already so stupid and confusing. It's not worth it...


It worked.... sort of. but it decided to show EVERY DONATION I'VE EVER RECEIVED ALL IN A ROW- so unfortunately it was unusable since the notifications were nonstop (I've been using streamlabs for a few years now.) I tried resetting it, uninstalling then reinstalling, etc. Nothing worked :(


Had to uninstall and reinstall but now it works perfectly.


OK Editing this because I'm an idiot. It's not a blank overlay-- go into it and go into each setting, like for Follow, Subscribe, etc. The animation is there. Would like to see this import more than a single alert box, though.


It works but it didn't import my tip alerts settings neither it uploaded the mp3 and gifs I used for multiple varations of tip alerts on specific tip amount


I want to transfer Streamlabs chatbot (cloud version) commands to the StreamElements chatbot. I know this extension doesn't do that, but it should.


TUTORIAL simples: Vcs olham no navegador no canto em cima a direita, tem um ícone com símbolo de quebra cabeça, vc clica nele, acha a extensão e clica em fixar a extensão, ai ela vai aparecer no seu navegador ali junto do lado, dps vcs abrem o site StreamLabs, cliquem na Extensão e importar e pronto, só vc ir la na galeria do Elements e vai está lá.


stream lab's work's you just have too Beleave.


Работает странно, пока не понял взаимосвязи. Иногда копирует данные, которых не было в streamlabs. Но хуже всего, когда копирует и не позволяет в итоге изменить какие-либо настройки относительно размера текста или чего-то подобного, важного. В итоге текст перемещается на другую строку. Еще проблема в том, что по умолчанию создает рабочее пространство маленького размера, хоть в настройках по умолчанию написано 1080p, на деле пространство не больше 800х600, после чего блок уведомлениями(в моём случае) расположен ближе к правому краю и часть текста/анимации просто уходят за борт. Окей, выставил другое разрешение рабочей области, окей, расширил бокс с уведомлениями, но какая-то странная привязка к правому краю остается. В общем, очень странный плагин, его бы по-хорошему счёту дорабатывать нужно. С другой стороны я не знаю точно откуда растут ноги, мб это баги со стороны стримлабс. Но факт в том, что данный плагин не копирует идентично, где-то да вылезут сбои.


Ничего не работает и не понятно как пользоваться


How do i import. If i click import, i get a screen with download extension but i already downloaded it.


TO ALL WHO ARE SWITCHING: -Open New Tab, sign in to StreamLABS -Open New Tab, sign in to StreamELEMENTS -Activate Extension I see most of you in the comments saying "It doesn't work", "An error occurred" The description for this extension isn't clear cut as you would expect Follow the steps above, you'll be good, things will work


It only imports a few things, and not very well. Doesn't import any commands. StreamElements, this is stopping me (and I'm sure many others) from jumping to you.


Doesn't work even after trying everything in the comments.


I tried to get this to work multiple times. I made sure both were open, but nothing happened. Also tried to uninstall and reinstall multiple times, but have nothing to show for it.