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Mindtickle helps world-class companies be ready to grow revenue by increasing knowledge, understanding ideal sales behaviors, and adapting to change.

Seamlessly find and share decks, datasheets, or any other assets from Mindtickle with current and prospective customers via Gmail in the flow of work. Track who has viewed the assets you’ve shared and how long they spent viewing them, on an asset, page, and slide level. Powered by Mindtickle’s flagship sales content solution Asset Hub–your reps’ smart library for on-demand access to all the content they need.

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Works perfectly and as advertised. Super easy to grab assets "in the flow of work" and get them out to prospects and customers simply and efficiently!


Love that I can quickly share my sales assets. Awesome!


What a wonderful way to meet the sellers where they are! Love this!!!!!!


Extremely user friendly. Love it!


Seamless asset sharing experience, all while staying in gmail! No need to open the mindtickle platform.


Excellent tool for sharing assets to client directly from Gmail itself. It saves my significant amount of time.


It works so effortlessly and saves me tons of time whenever I need to share some assets with my clients.


Great tool, it has helped me to seamlessly access and share assets with prospects directly from gmail


Saves my time while I share Assets with clients . Also very easy to use .


Integrates smoothly within within asset sharing workflow with the prospects from Gmail itself !


This quickly allows me to share relevant assets (directly from gmail) with my clients rather than toggle to another window or application. Eliminates multiple steps in my process!


Love this extension! Sharing key content with my clients is now seamless, straight from my Gmail. I can find what I need quickly and then track my client's engagement to understand what is having the most impact. A real time-saver!


This is an amazing extension! It allows me to stay within the flow of my work as well as gives me the ability organize & track assets with ease!


This is one feature I was waiting for so long. This makes it super easy to share the relevant assets quickly and allows me to track the engagement data, control access period and add download restrictions.