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For $39, you gain access to a comprehensive suite of analytics features and productivity tools, coupled with 5-star support, to make your daily operations exceptionally smooth and significantly boost engagement on your page.

BuddyX is more than just a tool; it’s a mission to provide the ultimate management experience. We’re constantly evolving and look forward to incorporating your valuable feedback.

For feature requests, bug reports, or any inquiries:
📩 Email us at [email protected]
🔗 Message on Telegram: https://t.me/lana_secret

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Probably the best add-on you can find right now for your OnlyFans ! Highly recommend it


Absolutely brilliant extension. I wouldn't be doing so well on OF without it. Can highly recommend.


Very Helpfull , there is an profesional team behind this , if you have a problem customer support will answer you in 5 minutes even if is 4 AM


Makes my life 10x easier and makes me 10x the amount of money as before. OF Buddy always is releasing new features that help the day to day slow grind of OF. Recommend this product to anyone wanting to test out a full OF page manager. This thing is great! Customer service has been excellent as well.


They arent asking for your password, but this pluing requires to "Relog" into your account it's like installing a relogger (they'll get all of your passwords)


It's veeeery useful and saves tons of time! Lana is constantly working on the extension and adding new features. Whenever I had interesting ideas - OF Buddy team would always implement them. But what is worth a million is the customer service! Literally! Every time I have questions - Lana is there to help. If there would be a new, better and cheaper product made by someone else - I would still stay with OF Buddy purely due to their amazing customer service!


10/10! This is literally completely changing the OF game for creators!! I have no idea how I spent all day online without it lol. If you wanna maximize ur profits + spend less time copy/pasting over from your notes app that u use to batch responses, thats just one of the amazing features this extension has. I found it when I was re-starting my account full time, and it has kept me more organized thanks to its task lists, keeps me aware of who is currently online/ how much theyve spent/ what content they bought/ notes and more (so i dont waste time with freeloaders) and they even have a "follow expired users" feature which saves sooo much time! They're constantly adding new features and fixing bugs, and their telegram team is super supportive + helpful. Can't wait to see what else they add!


Finally a tool for us creators! Love the quick reply feature and that I can filter out users based on online and spend value. One question: Could you please implement an upload to Vault feature and also, it would be very helpful if I could see to which post the comment belongs! But thaaaank you for this awesome tool, looking forward to your new updates!


Overall good, but I wish some were some more features. Good job so far